Top 33 Different Types Of Skin Infections In Children

skin infections in children

Skin is a sensitive part of the body and it is hard to stand if any problem occurs, especially in children. They are little and their strength is still weak. Sometimes, they cannot use drugs, pills, or creams to treat the issues, which can get worse. If you wondering how to cure common skin problems in children, you should visit our writing released by about 33 different types of skin infections in children. Through this article, the writer hopes that you will have some basic information about skin problems and grow your children easier.

Top 33 Common & Different Types Of Skin Infections In children

1. Ringworm

types of skin infections

Ringworm is one of the most common types of skin infections in children. It is caused by fungus, which lives in nail tissue, hair, and dead skin. The usual symptoms of this problem are bump, scaly patch, and red. As the name of the skin condition, it causes rings and you may be contagious from person to person or from animal. Kids may get this issue from sharing sport gear, towels, or other things.

2. Fifth Disease 

types of skin infections

The symptom of this condition is like flu features. Through sneezing and coughing it can be contagious to other people before appearing rash. This problem can be cured by reliever, fluids, and rest. Call the doctor if your child gets it.

3. Chickenpox 



Chickenpox is another kind of skin infection in children. Luckily, this problem can be prevented by vaccine. It is a contagious skin problem with red blisters or spots. Chickenpox may lead to the serious defects. The suggestion is that almost of kids should have vaccine of chickenpox. By the way, they will have more chances to go far away from common skin problem.

4. Warts 

types of skin infections

Warts can expand from person to person through daily communication. A virus causes the problem can live in hands and finger. If you want to limit the spread of warts, have your child do not bite nails or pick them. You can use bandages to cover warts.

5. Heat Rash

types of skin infections

Heat rash looks like pink pimples or small red. It usually occurs on shoulders, neck, and head and it often occurs when you dress your child too warm or it may appear when the weather is too hot. So you should not wear too many clothes for baby to prevent the problem.

6. Dermatitis 

types of skin infections

Dermatitis is one of the most conventional types of skin infections in babies. After touching plants, soaps, or foods about 48 hours, some kids may get this problem with some features are rash, redness, larger blisters, and swelling. Stop contacting those factors immediately and the problem will be gone.

7. Hand-Foot-Mouth Condition 

types of skin infections

This is a childhood illness with some indications are painful sores, non-itchy rash, rash blisters on feet, legs, buttocks, and hands. Through using diapers sneezing, and coughing, this skin condition may spread quickly. One of the best methods to prevent this problem is to wash your hands and your children’s hands every day.

8. Eczema 

types of skin infections

Some symptoms of eczema in children are asthma and allergies. It is not clear about the reason that causes this skin problem, but kids have sensitive immune system and this skin condition will increase skin rash and itching.

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9. Hives 

types of skin infections

Many factors can activate hives and cause burning welts or itchy welt. Some foods like shellfish, nuts, eggs, and medicines including penicillin and aspirin can cause hives. In addition, cold, heat, or strep throat can lead to hives. When children get hives, they may have swelling on face or have difficulty breathing.

10. Scarlet Fever 

types of skin infections

Scarlet fever is also customary types of skin infections that children have. If you see your child getting swollen neck glands, belly pain, headache fever, and sore throat, you should take him to the doctor. Be sure washing hands to assure it is not contagious to other people. This problem can be treated with antibiotics. It is usually appear in children from 5-12 years old.

11. Roseola 

types of skin infections

Another rash visiting kids is roseola. It occurs in children from 6 months to 2 years old. The symptoms of this disease are high fever and cold. After ending fevers, they may get flat, pink, and small bumps. They will live on feet, hands, back, and chest. The indicators of roseola are cough, mild diarrhea runny nose, and high fever. When getting this skin disease, your baby will lose irritability, listlessness, and appetite. After a few days, fever may disappear but the spotty rash will be visible. It will begin on neck, tummy, chest, and other parts of the body. .

12. Impetigo 

types of skin infections

Among general types of skin infections that caused by bacteria, impetigo is a leading disease. The lesions are usually red like honey color. Impetigo is a contagious condition and it can spread through the house and infect to the family members. This skin condition can occur on limbs, arms, neck, and face and the lesions include different shapes and sizes.

13. Cellulitis

types of skin infections

Cellulitis often arises on legs, arms, and face. Some common symptoms of cellulitis are pain, warm skin, tenderness, swelling, weakness, chills, headache, fever, blister, and bruising. When parents see these features, they should call the doctor for helpful consultation.

14. Folliculitis, Boils, And Carbuncles 

types of skin infections

Due to irritation, injury, and infection, your child may suffer from folliculitis. It usually occurs on face, buttocks, breasts, and neck. Meanwhile, boils are lesions that are usual firm and painful and they often live on arm, buttocks, groin, and waist. Carbuncles are boil clusters and you can find them on thighs, neck, and back. Symptoms of folliculitis are damaged hair, red follicles, and pus in hair follicle. If you see the pus in the boil center and the whitish discharge from boil, your children may get boil condition. Besides, if your children get fever, fatigue, and bloody discharge from boils, they may have carbuncles.

15. Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome 

types of skin infections

This skin disease almost infect to young children and infants who have renal insufficiency and weak immune system. If your children get some common signs such as blisters, red areas, chills, fever, fluid loss, and weakness, you should have doctor see them immediately.

16. Measles 

types of skin infections

Measles is known as the viral illness in children’s skin. This skin condition is not only found in children, but it is also found in anyone else. However, it commonly occurs in children at the age of 1-4 years old. The typical symptom of measles is red-brown rash and it can spread to legs, neck, head, and other parts of the body.

17. Psoriasis 

types of skin infections

Psoriasis is typical types of skin infections in children with some features are red patches and silvery scales. Some clues of psoriasis are swollen joints, thickened nails, soreness, itching, dry skin, scaling spots, and red patches on skin.

18. Scabies 

types of skin infections

Tiny mites on your skin can cause this problem. Through itchy rash, your children may catch it and it is infected through daily contact. The mites are like silver lines or a red blotch on the skin and it is commonly found in feet soles, or hand palms. The symptoms of scabies are itching, burrow, and rash.

19. Molluscum Contagiosum

types of skin infections

If your children get some firm and small spots on the skin, they may have a common skin infection call molluscum contagiosum. Children from 1-5 years old will easily get this problem. Although it does not cause pain to your children, but someone may feel itchy. It is commonly found on limbs, trunk, and face. The sports are small and have dimple in the middle. It may be softer after time.

20. Acne 

types of skin infections

The symptoms of acne – one of the most usual types of skin infections contain whiteheads or small pimples. The pimples may appear on the cheeks, back, chin, and forehead. In fact, there are many kinds of acne including cysts, nodules, pustules, papules, whiteheads, and black heads. So they also have different symptoms. Probably, your children will have small red bumps, pimples, painful lumps, and the white or blackheads. If the weather is fussy or hot, this skin problem may get worse in children. It can take several months to get rid of this problem.

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21. Cold Sores 

types of skin infections

Many babies get this skin condition and the typical signs that almost of the parents can take consideration are sore mouth and swollen gums. After a few days, the blisters will occur near the lips and cause painful sore. Your baby will not want to eat or drink because of this problem. To ease the pain on the skin, you can apply the ice on the affected area and get advice from doctor if the problem gets worse.

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22. Erythema Toxicum 

types of skin infections

Like other types of skin infections, erythema toxicum can cause some hard feelings to your children. This disease will develop with white or yellow pustules. Newborns may get this skin condition after 2-5 days after birth. It may occur on every part of the body and it usually disappears for 2 weeks.

23. Jaundice 

types of skin infections

Almost of the newborns get this problem after a few days of birth. If your baby gets dark skin and yellow skin that lay on feet, hands, and palms, you should think that he is getting jaundice first. This skin condition can get back to normal naturally, but you can get some consultation from doctor for sure.

24. Milia 

types of skin infections

Milia goes to your baby’s eyes, forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose with white spots there. If you touch those spots, they will look smooth and this problem occurs in children after weeks of birth when the oil glands develop.

25. Blepharitis 

types of skin infections

Blepharitis is a kind of skin infection that can cause your baby’s eyes become greasy or crusty. Your children may lose eyelashes and the eyelid will itch and burn. However, this skin problem will not damage his eyes. Firstly, you should bath your baby’s eyelid twice per day with warm water. Take him to the doctor if the issue is not better.

26. Nappy Rash 

types of skin infections

Are your developing your child, have you ever seen this skin problem in your lovely baby? Well, this is considered as one of the most common types of skin infections in children and the puffy rash appears on baby’s genitals and thighs. This skin condition often happens during the first year of the baby. The best method to prevent and limit this problem is to change nappy more frequently in a day.

27. Papular Urticaria 

types of skin infections

With small patches on the skin, you can think of papular urticaria. The patches can change to the reddish-brown bumps and your children will feel itchy. Take your baby to the doctor to get some necessary cream for treating this problem.

28. Rubella 

types of skin infections

Rubella is also called German measles. The first clue of this condition is the pinkish-red spots on the neck and face of your baby. After that, they will spread to other parts of the body. Additionally, you can see your child has red eyes, runny nose, high fever, and swollen lymph nodes.

29. Bee Sting 

types of skin infections

Bee sting is one of the most painful types of skin infections in children. The evidences of this problem are itchy, swollen, red stings and your child will feel uncomfortable. Removing stinger is the best way to limit the venom development. You can use ice bag or cool flannel to apply into the affected parts. Make sure that you check medical specialist before taking any dosage or pills for child.

30. Chalazion 

types of skin infections

Your child may get chalazion if you see a bump in his eyelid. This disease may appear under his eyelids and it can cause pain for your child. It will be gone naturally after a month. To prevent this problem, you should keep her eyes clean by bathing twice per day.

31. Mosquito Bite 

types of skin infections

Mosquito bite is also a usual skin problem in children. It will have raised bumps and feel itchy very often. It also causes uncomfortable for your baby. The best way to treat this skin condition is to help your baby go far away from scratching the bite. Keep his nails short to prevent scratching hard. You can soothe the itching with calamine lotion or a cold compress. If you see the redness is growing, the affected area is swelling; you should take her to see the doctor immediately.

32. Oral Thrush

types of skin infections

You are probably wondering how to check if a child gets oral thrush. The sign you should notice is patches or white spots in baby’s mouth. The patches will be like milk curds or cottage cheese. Take him to see the medical provider to treat correctly.

33. Lyme 

types of skin infections

Lyme is a serious kind of skin infections that you need the support from medical treatment rightly. The reason comes from a tick bites and you have to be more careful with this dangerous syndrome.

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After reading my writing of 33 different types of skin infections, I hope that you have already got the useful knowledge to protect your lovely children from terrible and unwanted skin diseases. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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