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There are only 3 active ingredients, a handful of reviews, and no actual scientific explanation offered by the creators. The official website keeps is far too brief, though after reviewing this formula it became clear why they don’t say much. It’s hard to see this offering anything more than limited support which such a basic blend of ingredients and with only 3 additives included.

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Clear Mood Overview

Clear Mood is a nootropic supplement that uses a basic blend of additives for overall cognition. It’s especially targeted for people looking to reduce stress and improve their mood.

Although this supplement is made with natural ingredients, it lacks in the fact that it’s incredibly basic. For this price it’s also asking a lot. Many other supplements add not just these types of ingredients, but a lot more as it’s the best way to ensure well-rounded benefits.

The lack of quality reviews also raises more doubts about the effectiveness and safety of Clear Mood.

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Clear Mood Claims

They keep it short and to the point, this brand is meant to support well-being and to provide a relaxed mind. By easing stress and anxiety though an improved brain cell functions.

This is then enough to have a direct impact on brain health, reducing the chances of the mind missing out on important nerve impulse signals. This is made to support healthy brain hormones.

For unknown reasons the company fails to go into detail to highlight any specifics. They instead rely on a few small claims without giving customers the ability to understand what makes this reliable.

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Clear Mood Ingredients

  • 5-hydroxytryptophan
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnolia Extract

5-Hydroxytryptophan is made from the amino acid known as L-Tryptophan, which is common. This specific version is taken from Griffonia Simplicifolia, which is a plant native to Africa. It’s often supplemented for many intended purposes such as reducing headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and much more.

L-Theanine is a particular amino acid which can improve mood and reduce anxiety. It can be found in a few foods including green tea. It’s meant to help support nerve impulses and thereby aid cognition.

Magnolia Extract has long even used for many medical purposes, including reducing stress plaque, and supporting weight loss. This is mainly used as a way to prevent anxiety, and it’s supposedly useful for reducing bacteria.

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The Science Behind Clear Mood

The official website does not offer much in the way of science. All they do is make claims, no real explanation is given about the specifics behind this. They do say it can support cellular function in the brain, and that it’s useful for supporting mood.

Also suggested is the improvement of the nervous system. Although this is useful to understand, they fail to provide links to studies. It would have been useful had they explained why a 3 ingredient blend could be useful for cognition.

Without much more to review, it’s hard to take this brand seriously. After doing a review of the ingredient blends it became clear that each ingredient is common and not at all unique. Relying on only 3 additives for full nootropic benefits is also asking a lot, this is why better brands use a lot more.

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Word on the Street About Clear Mood

Due to the limited reviews, it’s impossible trying to get  good understanding o whether or not this supplement works. There’s only 8 reviews on at this time, and most failed to offer much insight into what it lead to.

Although half of the reviews were positive, there was also the other half of negative reviews. It’s not enough to really understand if this is likely safe and effective. Some also complained about some strange headaches which had the opposite intended effect, making it much harder to focus. This may be due to the 5-HTP, which can have serious mental side effects if it is not carefully regulated.

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Is Clear Mood Worth a Try?

Due to the very limited formula, lack of reviews, and high price for such a basic blend, it’s simply not good enough. When you come to review as many nootropics as we do, it becomes clear that these kinds of ingredients are always used. The major difference being is that this brand relies on only 3 additives, nothing else is included.

They also do not give it enough of an explanation and they fail to cite any proof. It’s unclear why they think a few sentences is enough to highlight a supplement meant to affect your brain health. We’d have to see more to show that this has the intended support claimed.

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Clear Mood vs Oasis

Oasis is made by the same company behind Clear Mood, but this emphasizes a portable blend for reduced stress, improved cognition, and a healthier immune system. The ingredients include many kinds of vitamins and minerals, and some typical nootropic ingredients. A lot more is added to Oasis, though they also sweetened with the controversial artificial sweetener known as sucralose.

Clear Mood FAQ

  1. Is there a Clear Mood Amazon page?
    Yes there is, and at this time reviews are limited.
  1. Can I take AdvoCare Clear Mood while pregnant?
    There is no mention of it by the company, therefore it’s best to ask your healthcare professional.
  1. How long does it take for Clear Mood to work?
    There is no mention on how long it should take for effects to kick in.
  1. Doe AdvoCare Clear Mood and birth control mix OK?
    It would be advised to seek the opinion of a medical professional as it’s impossible to answer for certain.
  1. What are the full Clear Mood ingredients?
    This has the active blend Magnolia, L-Theanine, and 5-hydroxytryptophan from Griffonia Simplicifolia.
  1. What’s a common Clear Mood review?
    Reviews are limed and divided between 4 positive and 4 negative on
  1. What can you tell me about AdvoCare Clear Mood and Oasis?
    These supplements are both made for cognitive function, with Oasis emphasizing a portable formula with more ingredients.
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  1. Are there any AdvoCare Clear Mood side effects?
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    With limited reviews it’s hard to say what it may cause, but some did say it caused headaches, brain fog, and sudden loss of time.
  1. Is AdvoCare Clear Mood useful for depression?
    This is not a prescription, therefore it’s not meant to treat depression.
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  1. Is AdvoCare Clear Mood safe while breastfeeding?
    It would be best to ask a healthcare practitioner as it may depend on the individual.
  1. When to take AdvoCare Clear Mood?
    They recommend using a capsule up to 3 times a day.
  1. Are AdvoCare Clear Mood and Zoloft safe to mix?
    The makers of Clear Mood clearly state that it should not be mixed with antidepressants as it may be dangerous to do so.

So What Really Works?

With a lot of brands reviewed, it was clear that the best nootropic was Memotenz. It stood out as a well-rounded supplement full of only natural increments which can affect how well the brain functions. People looking for a noticeable difference were often more than satisfied as there’s a lot of positive experiences shared online. For many it made enough of a difference where it became a standard for daily use.

This also stood out in the way that it relies on science. Each ingredient has review after view from 3rd parties that highlight how useful it can be. It may deliver a greater cognitive impact. It can give the brain the ability to retain focus, mood, memory, and overall ability to stay active. To understand Memotenz and to review what it can offer as a nootropic, click here.

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