20 best natural beauty tips for glowing skin are revealed

beauty tips for glowing skin

Do you wish to have glowing skin? Glowing skin is a craving that most people desire about. They’re continuously trying different cosmetic products available in the current market to get a beautiful and glowing skin. Actually, the majority of them do not realize that glowing skin comes with a healthy skin. Your skin should be cared and receive various nutrients from inside your body. It is not difficult to get a fresh and glowing skin with natural ingredients. This article from VKool.com shares with you top best natural beauty tips for glowing skin that you can make use of instantly. Check them out now!

20 Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin – Best Natural Skincare Advice

1. Apply Sunscreen And Use Serum 

We all know and we have heard it a million times, yet wearing sunscreen is the only easiest way to look younger for life. In fact, 90% of wrinkles result from sun exposure and it is much easier for people to prevent the damage than fixing it afterwards. Thus, it is better for your health and your skin to slather on the sunscreen.

Serum is more concentrated than lotion or cream, so you tend to need using a small amount of daily to see the results. Besides, you should choose the one with antioxidants, which are the major defense against free radicals and stress, and pentapeptides, which are the must-have in terms of boosting collagen. Collagen is the supportive structure which can give your skin a youthful, firm appearance. To get the best results, you should apply serum onto your freshly washed skin, and follow with moisturizer to lock in hydration or sunscreen to protect your skin.

2. Clean The Makeup Brushes

clean the makeup brushes download

A prestigious study found that over 70% of women never wash their brushes, even though they are the living spaces of dirt and bacteria which could result in breakouts. Hence, you should wash the loose powder brushes every 2 or 3 weeks, and the tools used to apply foundations once per week. Also, you can mix a couple of drops of the facial cleanser or lukewarm water in one cup. Then, you swish the brushes around, rinse it with lukewarm water, pat dry, and lay it flat to air dry.

3. Munch On Mixed Nuts

munch on mixed nuts

Nuts are healthy foods which are high in selenium, helping increase skin elasticity and might reduce skin cancer. You should make use of walnuts as they contain omega-3 fatty acids that could lower the inflammation and prevent breakouts effectively. Also, you could consume macadamias as they are high in quality oils as well as fatty acids that can aid in skin rejuvenation. Add a handful of these foods to your daily diet in order to get their benefits for skin health.

4. Sanitize The Smartphone

sanitize the smartphone

Did you know that an average smart phone is considered germ-infested than a toilet in a public toilet? In reality, the glass touchscreens on those mobile devices can spread viruses, affecting badly to someone’s face. In order to keep your phone bacteria-free, you should wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe several times each day.

5. Put The Skin Stash In Appropriate Order

put the skin stash in appropriate order download

Believe it or not, the sequence that you apply your own beauty products could be more crucial than the products themselves. When it comes to best beauty tips for glowing skin, this plays an important role. You had better reach for the products which contain the most active ingredients as soon as you wash and pay your skin dry. If you are making use of more than a single active product, you should begin with the thinner one. Actually, anything which is water soluble should be used first, then followed by a creamier and thicker product. If you use beauty products an inappropriate order, the heavier cream might block the lighter one’s ingredients from penetrating your skin, so they will not have any effect. And, use moisturizer next up in line with sunscreen followed up.

6. Avoid Dairy And Use Retinol 

avoid dairy and use retinol download

Those dairy products include cow hormones which can stimulate the oil glands and the pores also, resulting in acne. You should beware of the hidden dairy in common foods such as shakes, protein bars, and salad dressing.

If you have to use it, use skimmed milk as the hormones is often concentrated in fat. This will be your best choice.

In other words, people should take advantage of retinol. It can help your skin cell turnover and boost the collagen production for keeping your skin youthful and firm.

7. Do Not Overlook Your Neck As Well As Chest 

do not overlook your neck as well as chest download

Most of people often neglect the neck area skin. They are guilty of stopping their skincare routine when hitting their chin. That way, the neglected neck and even chest will take vengeance by sagging, wrinkling, and displaying dark spots.

The human skin on those areas is thinner compared to other areas and does not have a good blood supply. Thus, you should pay attention more to these areas, do not forget to apply sunscreen on these skin areas. On the other hand, you need to use the same beauty products when you would apply on the face, yet start lightly upon applying active ingredients like acids or retinols because they might cause some initial irritation.

8. Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed 

remove makeup before going to bed download

Fact is, leaving makeup as well as dirt on your own skin does not only clog pores, but also lead to excessive dryness, even the problem of skin dandruff. Most makeup includes a certain sugar-type molecule, growing yeast overnight. Also, you should not forget to remove eye makeup as it might lead to bumpy rashes around your eyes. Try to use oil-free cleanser that rapidly melts away everything from waterproof liner to mascara.

9. Do Not Use Hot Water And Apply Moisture Regularly

do not use hot water and apply moisture regularly download

Though a steamy shower makes you feel great, it is considered one of the worst things you should not do for your own skin. It might strip the essential oils of your skin and create a mild burn. The human blood vessels will respond by dilating in an attempt to cool the skin, leading to flushing and ruddiness. Truth is, when you are young, in the twenties, you could shower with hot water, be swollen, red and then recover in just one hour. Yet, when you are in your thirties, it might take longer. And, when you are in your forties, your skin might not have the ability to shrink back to the original state and you will stay ruddy all the time.

do not use hot water and apply moisture regularly download

Most lotions and creams have some key ingredients which could create a protective barrier on your skin’s surface for locking in moisture, yet since skin can cool itself by evaporating water, you just have some minutes before the hydration is gone for good. Thus, it is necessary for you to slather on a good quality moisturizer with the natural silicone, whilst the face is still damp. That way, you will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines effectively.

10. Be Gentle When Defuzzing Your Face

be gentle when defuzzing your face download

Women often wax but waxing and tweezing could lead to scarring or spots, particularly for those with darker skin. Hence, you should prepare your own skin before removing hair by washing the skin area with the antibacterial wash. Also, in order to avoid discoloration, you should make sure to make the aftercare plan which contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to rapidly calm skin and assist in healing.

11. Eat Watermelon

eat watermelon

When it comes to natural beauty tips for glowing skin, people should go for watermelon. In fact, this fruit is high in lycopene, helping reduce the damage as well as redness resulted from sun exposure, preventing potential wrinkles and even lowering the risk of skin cancer. You can toss watermelon in salsas, salads, and smoothies as well to help you improve skin health naturally while still giving you a great treat.

12. Exfoliate With No Scrubbing 

exfoliate with no scrubbing download

Over time, those natural enzymes within the human skin will work less effectively at eliminating dead skin cells, so they will prevent your own skin from reflecting light. That way, you will look gray and ashy. So, how to fix this? You could speed up the cellular turnover, and smoothen your skin’s surface with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) such as lactic acid or glycolic. However, you should aware that though many products contain AHAs, the concentration is usually too low to do much. Pick the product with 8% of AHAs and anything more is not good. Yet, when applying this, you might feel stinging initially, then your skin will gradually get used to it.

13. Drink An Additional Glass Of Water

drink an additional glass of water download

Water can clear the toxins that lead to blemishes and inflammation. It could also help in transporting oxygen and nutrients to human skin cells, and preventing the problem of dehydration which might lead to premature aging. Drinking water could even make your skin appear lighter and fuller because of the hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists within skin will pull in and then hold that water for the wrinkle-plumping effect. You should drink 8 glasses of water per day or more if you are living in the warm climate.

14. Keep Patience 

keep patience

The next one in this list of beauty tips for glowing skin is keeping your patience when using beauty products. You might be in a hurry to see fast results upon using a new beauty product.

However, persistence is required if you want to get positive results fast. Also, do not use many new products at once. In case you have a brand new skincare system, you should introduce new ones every 3-4 days at least. That way, you will be able to prevent irritation, dryness and burning. Yet, if you do so, you will suffer from these conditions almost instantly.

15. Keep Your Hands Off The Face

keep your hands off the face download

Do not continuously touch the hands on your face, especially when you are suffering from acne. Picking may permanently damage your skin. When you press against a pimple, it might cause inflammation and distress to your skin. Concurrently, bacteria are pushed more deeply into the pores; the oil glands will burst, thereby leading to more trauma. As a result, you will suffer from more serious condition of acne, plush with scarring and discoloration.

16. Use Aloe Vera And Almond Oil 

use aloe vera and almond oil download

Smooth some aloe vera gel over your dry skin daily.  The acids existing in aloe vera could remove dead skin cells and boost the healing process. You should cut the end off of the aloe vera leaf before splitting it open and then spread the gel on your dry skin.

On the other hand, another ingredient for your glowing skin is almond oil. Using almond for both normal and dry skin, else baby oil for oily skin on face will be the best option for moisturizing your skin. You need to apply more on the slightly damp face. If your skin is oily, apply almond oil less than one hour and for dry or normal skin, you can apply almond oil for longer.

17. Whip Up A Berry Treat For The Skin 

whip up a berry treat for the skin download

A cheap yet powerful anti-aging potion is currently available in your refrigerator. Loaded with an antioxidant which could prevent wrinkles if applied to the human skin – ellagic acid, raspberries can protect the collagen which keeps skin beautiful and youthful. You could add raspberries into honey – the natural humectants which could keep water in the skin for optimal moisture. The combination of raspberries and honey makes a recipe for dewey, gorgeous skin. Make use of this facial mask on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, rinse your skin off with cool water and pat dry.

18. Get Enough Sleep 

get enough sleep

Getting adequate sleep is one of the keys for your glowing skin. Sleep allows you to take a long nap comfortably. This is the time for your skin to recover after a hard working day.

19. Eat Generous Portions Of The Right Type Of Proteins And Do Not Fear Fat 

eat generous portions of the right type of proteins and do not fear fat download

Protein is essential for cell repair and helps you keep aging in check. On the best options list of beauty tips for glowing skin, you should go for fish first, then take advantage of other protein-packed animal products like skinless chicken, egg whites, and turkey breast.

Believe it or not, some kinds of fats are healthy, even essential. Fats and oils could supply anti-inflammatory protection plus with youth-preserving antioxidants. You can opt for fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and albacore as they contain omega-3 fatty acids, helping you stay beautiful. Also, you should use olive oil to make your look lovely while still lowering your bad cholesterol.

20. Yoga 


The list of beauty tips for glowing skin could not be complete without yoga. All of the above tips will keep your skin glowing, yet yoga, undoubtedly, doubles the benefits. Really, early-morning yoga will expose your skin to the fresh air. It can increase blood circulation within your body and also boost the blood supply. If you could not devote much of your precious time for practicing yoga, you should make sure that you walk as much as you could during the day. If so, you will promote your blood circulation in such all natural ways.

The above are top 20 best natural beauty tips for glowing skin that will absolutely improve your skin health drastically. What is your take on this skincare topic of beauty tips for glowing skin? Share your ideas with us below this post and we will feedback soon.

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