Top 30 Positive & Side Effects Of Sunlight On Human Body

Updates: 05/12/2024

Doctors and medicine both agree that moderate sun exposure can heal a variety of health problems, particularly benefits to skin health. In fact, people are just aware of the harmful effects of over-exposure on skin while sunbathing is considered one of the parts of easy yoga lessons. In other words, if you know how to get a moderate amount of sun exposure, it will help you improve your health, skin, hair and moods amazingly. In this article, I would like to show you 30 typical positive and side effects of sunlight on human body that you should take care of yourself.

I. Benefits Of Getting Moderate Sun
effects of sunlight on mood

1. Sunlight Supplies You With Vitamin D

Moderate sun exposure can increase the Vitamin D supply. This Vitamin therefore is considered “sunlight Vitamin”. Actually, sunlight improves bone health, especially in older people by stimulating the absorption of calcium. The Vitamin D produced start when sunlight turns 7-dehdrocholestorol into Vitamin D (exactly Vitamin D3).

In addition, as a natural high Vitamin D transformation, sunlight also helps children increase their height by joining outdoor activities such as soccer playing activity, baseballs, go camping and so on.

2. Sunlight Improves Your Sleep Quality

When moderate sun exposure hits eyes, optic nerves send messages to the brain for producing melatonin (one of specific hormone helps you have deep sleeps); the gland in your brain decreases the secretions of the hormone melatonin. In fact, getting sunlight can increase the production of melatonin.

In other words, low melatonin production can relate to sleep quality.

3. Sunlight Prevents Prostate Cancer

The more overexposure you get, the higher chance you will get prostate cancer. Yes! This is a well-known study among scientists. It was shown that Africa has the highest rate of death who died from prostate cancer (5 to 45%). In another research conducted by a University in California, the lack of sunlight also contribute the chance of this cancer.

4. Sunlight Controls Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is one of factors causes stress. It is also called stress hormones. According to scientists, a high cortisol level can cause weight gain. In one of the studies carried out by Colorado University, sunlight exposure can make cortisol levels decreased.

5. Sunlight Eliminates Depression effects of sunlight deprivation

Do you know one of the amazing effects of sunlight is to help you get rid of depression? Scientifically, it is found that SAD (seasonal affection disorder) can occur due to getting not enough sun exposure. This syndrome happens through the fall to the winter. According to a study practiced in Italy, 2001 the early morning sunlight from 5 AM to 9 AM, and the sunset sunlight from 4 PM to 6 PM can reduce bipolar depression. In fact, with moderate sun exposure at these periods of time, sunlight is safe for you and good for your skin health as I mentioned above. For more details, sunlight helps you respond to your stress situations, reverse your blood pressure, manage insulin, and convert carbohydrates and fat into energy. In addition, according to a study at Harvard University in 2024, the lack of sun exposure can lead to high blood pressure. In another research, it has been shown that sunlight can affect cardiovascular disease directly and Vitamin D is a powerful hormone to normalize blood pressure.

6. Sunlight Improves Multiple Sclerosis Conditions

According to a research conducted by Australia scientists, the lack of direct sunlight can lead to multiple sclerosis. High latitudes are popular in some countries in Europe, North America and Iceland.

7. Getting A Moderate Amount of Sun Exposure To Cure Breast Cancer

As a treatment to cure breast cancer, moderate sun exposure nowadays is used to cure breast cancer. All women can have a sunbath gradually to prevent this cancer. effects of sunlight help

8. Sunlight Kills Bacteria

This is actually an invention that was found by a German soldier in 1903, Niels Finsen. With his discovery, he won the Nobel Prize. His method is to use sunlight as a treatment for healing wounds and disinfect bacteria. Besides, sunlight also helps improve skin health such as skin disorders, acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections and so on.

9. Sunlight Cleans Blood Vessels Increase Oxygen In Blood

According to medical researches in Europe, sunlight can clean human blood vessels with atherosclerosis. Moreover, it also enhances the human’s capacity to transform oxygen running to different tissues in the body. Therefore, sunlight is a therapy for muscular development, fitness and stamina.

10. Sunlight Strengthens Immune System

A moderate amount of sun exposure can help people produce more while blood cells for defending their bodies against infections. 

11. Sunlight Improves Alzheimer’s Disease

Clinical studies have revealed that exposure to sunlight can help Alzheimer’s patients improve their situations such as improving their sleep quality, reducing agitation and nighttime activity.

12. Sunlight Cures Psoriasis

Exposure to the sun is really beneficial for people who suffer from psoriasis. The scientific study has shown that outdoor sunbathing can promote amazing clearance of psoriasis in 84% of subjects.

13. Sunlight Improves Your Moods

Researchers have shown that sunlight can stimulate the gland to human brain for producing specific chemicals which is called tryptamines. The chemicals significantly improve our moods.

14. Sunlight Reduces PMS

Exposuring to sunlight can help women alleviate symptoms of PMS, such as depression, mood swings, physical discomfort, social withdrawal and irritability.

15. Sunlight Reduces Common Colds

effects of sunlight on rubber ink paper

If you get some cold symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and coughing, you can get sunlight exposure 3 times per week for reducing the frequency of your colds. The effectiveness of this simple method can bring you the positive results up to 40%.

16. Sunlight Controls Your Obesity

Actually, you can use sunlight to stimulate the thyroid gland in order to strengthen your metabolism as well as control your obesity.

17. Sunlight Increases Your Sex Drive

Exposing your back and chest to sunlight is a good way to increase sex hormones. The effectiveness of this method can increase by 120%.

18. Sunlight Reduces Your Stress

A variety of laboratory studies and on-site researches have uncovered that sunlight with fluorescent lighting can help people eliminate stress, fatigue and drastically increase productivity, drain human body with Vitamins and energy. Besides, sun exposure also reduces adrenaline for relieving stress and producing endorphins for comfort and happiness.

19. Sunlight Cures Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition occurring in some people during winter. Sunlight is a magical way to combat this feeling. Just open the window, get moderate sun exposure and the sunlight will elevate the mood as a kind of “happy” hormone. According to psychiatrists, people who suffer SAD, going outside for 30 minutes per day can help them improve SAD condition naturally.

20. Sunlight Protects You From Autoimmune Disorders effects of sunlight with sunlight protects you from autoimmune disorders

Exposure to moderate sunlight can help suppress the over activity of the immune system, according to a report released by the Environmental Health Perspectives. This study indicates why sunlight can aid in curing autoimmune diseases such as lupus and psoriasis. In a recent study, the scientists also proven that sunlight can help people alleviate asthma.

21. Sunlight Lowers The Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

As sunlight can help produce natural vitamin D, so instead of consuming vitamin D supplement, you can expose to moderate sunlight in the early morning or in the sunset to stay in the vitamin D production and reduce the risk of increase rheumatoid arthritis, according recent studies.

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22. Sunlight Benefits Pregnant Women And Lowers Premature Labor effects of sunlight with sunlight benefits pregnant women and lowers premature labor

Vitamin D is one of essential nutrients for women during pregnancy. According to researchers, vitamin D is linked to decreased premature labor and reduced overall complication risks. It is recommended that pregnant women can go out to get more sunlight as a natural way to boost some health markers for both themselves and their unborn babies. Concretely, according doctors from the University of Michigan, US, they made an investigation of 40 pregnant women. Most of them took prenatal vitamins, including vitamin D. Just 2 people had their blood levels higher than 50ng/mL, 3 ones had their blood levels higher than 40ng/mL and the last ones (37 people) had their blood levels under 40ng/mL. The majority had their blood levels under 20ng/mL while over 25% among them had their blood levels under 10ng/mL. The results indicated that by consuming vitamin D during pregnancy or go out to get sunlight, pregnant women can reverse mental disorder, vaginal infections in mothers, reduce the risk of preeclampsia, cesarean, and prevent brain, heart and lung problems.

23. Sunlight Enhances Kidney Function

Sun exposure also is good for kidney function. When getting moderate sun exposure, kidneys will work on track to remove waste from the body and detox the body for decreasing toxics in the bloodstream.

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24. Sunlight Encourages More Physical Activities

As your mood is good, when exposuring to the sunlight, you will enjoy more outdoor activities and workouts like hiking, golf, biking,running, walking, going fishing, going picnic and so on. Be aware of wonderful benefits of moderate sun exposure and improve your overall health and beauty for good.

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When it comes to effects of sunlight, it’s necessary to mention to side effects of being over exposured to sun. The following are typical harmful effect of over sun exposure to human health. Check out all of them below!

II. Side Effects Of Sunlight

It’s good to utilize the most benefits of sunlight as much as possible. Nevertheless, you should also get exactly what are negative effects of sunlight to your health, your skin, your hair and your moods. The following are the main effects of overexposure. Let’s check out to ensure you can avoid these harmful effects.

1. Overexposure To Sunlight Causes Sunburn

 effects of sunlight on plant growth

If you get overexposured sunlight, you probably get sunburned on back, thighs, face, and other parts of the body. As a result, your skin cells can be damaged by UV rays; your blood flows are strained and your skin looks red. If you suffer from too much sunlight, the risk of skin cancer is higher than that of people who avoid overexposured light.

2. Overexposure To Sunlight Causes Your Skin Cancers

In fact, UV radiation from the sun is an element causing your skin cancers. There are different types of skin cancers including 3 main types such as melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Melanoma is well-known as the most serious skin cancer and this type of skin cancer metastasizes more clearly than squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

It is said that the certain amount of sunlight exposure to the skin before the ages of 20s can help people determine the risk of melanoma. Next, Basal cell carcinoma is also a common skin cancer. It spreads locally and does not metastasize while squamous cell carcinoma can metastasize, but this skin cancer is not as common and dangerous as melanoma is. The risk of having squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma is determined by the sunlight exposure as well as the pigment protection.

3. Overexposure To Sunlight Damages Your Body Immunity

Overexposure also has UV harmful effects on your immune system. Scientists had found that sunburn changes the distribution as well as the function of white blood cells which help to beat disease in humans for 24 hours. UV radiation from the sun also causes damage to human’s immune system against microbes, bacteria, toxins, viruses, infection or parasites. effects of sunlight can

4. Overexposure To Sunlight Damages Your Eyes

Prolonged exposure can damage your eye tissues on eye surface which is called photokeratitis or snow blindness. The effects often disappear in a few days, but it can lead to complications in further life. According to a report in 1998 released by the US Medical Association, a low amount of sunlight can cause the risk of eye damage such as pinguecula, pterygium and cataracts.

5. Overexposure To Sunlight Causes Your Skin Bumps

UV radiation can increase moles in your sun-exposed skin areas. Overexposure also is a main cause of precancerous lesions which is called Actinic keratoses. This damage develops on the ears, face even the backs of hands. Actinic keratoses have the same characteristics like premalignant lesions. Beside Actinic keratoses, there is another type of keratose that’s seborrheic keratoses; yet this damage doesn’t lead to cancerous cases.

6. Overexposure To Sunlight Ages skin

UV definitely speeds up aging of human skin, it appears in the facial areas clearly. Since UV destroys connective tissues and damages collagen beneath the top skin layer.

Actually overexposure ages skin, including typical problems such as wrinkles, brown spots and losing skin elasticity, changing skin tone and pigmentation on different parts of the body. As usual, the backs of the arm suffer the most exposure to sunlight and get the clearest sunlight damages.

Since the photo-aging of skin is not too late for you to take action, care for your skin and your health. Otherwise, you could have to pay for it with skin cancer or wrinkly skin or other skin problems later.

I’ve introduced 30 positive and side effects of sunlight on human body. It’s hoped that you can find helpful information after reading this post!

If you would like to discover informative articles and useful tips to protect your health, do continue reading my next writing. For any feedback from you, I will be happy to receive and reply to you soon!

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