Building A Chicken Coop Book Review – Do The Plans Really Work?

building a chicken coop

Updates: 08/06/2024

Thinking about using Building A Chicken Coop? Take a few minutes to read this Building A Chicken Coop book review and you will be able to make the best decision about this program:

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5. The Full Package

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Building a chicken coop review

Building A Chicken Coop – What Is It?

Real user reviewsBuilding A Chicken Coop book is developed by a poultry expert, Bill Keene, who shares his expertise with people on steps to build a chicken coop. Based on the real experience of a user named Trung Anh, this Building A Chicken Coop review will offer an overview on typical features and benefits of this product. Bill Keene’s ebook will literally take you by the hand and explain the step-by-step process of program. Instead of spending money on expensive pre-built chicken coops, this program just makes perfect economic sense to build a chicken coop. Being a professional in this field, Keene has the knowledge that make poultry farming as effective through coops.

Building a chicken coop might be a hard project because you have to work with dimensions, materials, ventilations, insulation, positioning, lighting, perches, nesting, waste collection and protection from outside elements as well as other predators. With many years of working in the poultry industry, Bill Keene collected a lot of useful tips to build a backyard chicken coop within this e-book. Especially, it is particularly designed or those people who do not have any prior carpentry skills. Therefore, it really does not matter if you are new to building a big or small coop or you just have a little or a big budget. Trung Anh, a real user shared with VKool that while practicing the tips delivered in this e-guide, he reduced daily stress and boost their mental health naturally. This Building A Chicken Coop review aims to show you that, with this e-guide, you can build various chicken coop designs, and floor plans, ranging from the back yard coop meant for a several chickens to more complicated chicken coops. This Building A Chicken Coop review aims to show you some deep insights of the product.

Product Details

Whether you are a new beginner or an experienced, this program will offer you a variety of options that you can instantly take advantage of.  Construction of any kind should come with a real plan. Hence, each plan included in the Building A Chicken Coop leads you from step one through the last step with detailed guidelines. Overall, the guide contains 19 various chicken coop designs  customized for different number of chickens. Here is a simple sample of what you are going to learn in this program:

  • Full color step-by-step scale plansSteps to build a large premium chicken house which automatically collects eggs, is easy to clean, and allows you to include over 50 chickens
  • 6 important things you have to take before starting to build any chicken coop
  • Easy techniques to set up your building site and opt for your own materials that can make establishing easy and fast
  • Ways to build an actually cheap enclosed chicken coop for even 4 large chicken
  • Tips to build a big double-storey chicken coop with the easy-to-access and clean nesting area up to and the spacious run down bottom
  • Tips to build roofing, flooring, walls, windows, nesting boxes, doors, and perches
  • Tricks to extend easily any coop into a enclosure of free-range style
  • Easy ways to pick the right breed of chicken for your own space, climate and egg production
  • Steps to breed chickens by yourself and care for the baby chicks so you will create a self sustaining flockBuilding a chicken coop from pallets ebook
  • The 9 chores you have to perform in order to keep your chickens happy, healthy and laying eggs
  • Steps to design the coop which can keep chickens really warm in the cold days
  • Ways to protect the coop from common predators like coyotes, foxes, cats, hawks, and so on
  • Top 8  foods which might be harmful for your chickens
  • Necessary steps to do when your chicken get sick and popular health problems that chickens often suffer from and how to treat them
  • And many more plans and much further information

In other words, the plans introduced in this system can be an alternate to purchasing ready-made chicken coops for chicken coop kits that could be overly expensive or as not great as expectation. Besides, in addition to the plans, this program also offers people health advice for chickens that you can keep your chickens healthy and avoid beginner’s mistakes.

If you are interested in DIY stuffs, then do not overlook quick tips to make model railroads and refer steps to create homemade instruments

Benefits Of The Program

In reality, this Building A Chicken Coop book is more than just a guide on constructing chicken coops. This e-guide comes with plenty of diagrams and a list of materials which is absolutely helpful for the less experienced DIY people. Here are some benefits coming with this system:

  • The biggest benefit noted is the fact that every necessary thing you need to know about program is all included in all-for-one guide. Additionally, the guide could be printed out taken along with you in the hardware shopping trip.
  • By using this e-guide, you can tailor the design to your unique demands and the particular space availability on your own farm or in your house.
  • It also offers appropriate arrangements for feeding
  • The guide also allows you to make sure the right things done at the right time, thereby you can maintain the chicken coop for the long-term without being overly complex
  • No special equipments requires
  • You can save money up to 50%  when using this program
  • You can relax yourself when building chicken coops – an interesting, relaxing activity.

Here is what users said about this new product:

Building a chicken coop ebook commentTestimonial building a chicken coop

Cost Of Building A Chicken Coop

When reading my Building A Chicken Coop plans review, you might wonder about how much does this program cost, right? In the next 5 minutes, you can get instant access to this e-guide with just a once-off investment – only $29.95. This is the limited time special offer from Keene. The main guide of this system is in PDF format; thus, you can easily take its advantage right from the comfort of your home. So, start building your chicken coops from now!

Building a chicken coop order

The Full Package

When ordering the Building A Chicken Coop, you will not only get the main e-book of building chicken coops, but also free bonuses, which are:

Building a chicken coop 4 bonuses

  • Bonus 1– The Cheapest Materials To Build Chicken Coop Out Of: this book will teach you how to create great chicken coop with the lowest cost. Also, you will get to know several popular cheap materials that help you save money in the long term. Besides, the book supplies you with a secret you should do with a chipboard coop in order to avoid it rotting away
  • Bonus 2 – Building Nesting Boxes For Free Out Of Popular Materials: you will learn how to establish a nesting box using the food packaging thrown away, how to build the nesting box from used furniture.
  • Bonus 3 – The Best Material For Ground: this reveal you ways to control the ventilation, climate, appearance using various floor structures. Moreover, you can explore the best material to clean the chicken house. This guide also reveals the problem with dirt floors as well as ways to repair them.
  • Bonus 4 – How To Best Position The Chicken Coop: the book supplies you with tips to position the chicken coop in order to avoid rotting and dampness, ways to provide appropriate ventilation to avoid harmful CO2 and ammonia build up, and methods how to position your chicken coop for getting the right amount of heat, sun, and light
  • Super bonus: Organic Gardening Library

Building a chicken coop ebook new bonuses


The total bonuses above are all yours after you place an order. Is it great?

What About Guaranteed?

Ebook guarantee money backIf for any reason, you feel this program does not work for you, then let the author know and you will get 100% your investment within 60 days from the date of order. This is considered as the strongest promise from Keene for the quality of this product. You have nothing to lose. Do not procrastinate to take advantage of this program right now!

Customer Support

For any question relating to Bill Keene’s Building A Chicken Coop, feel free to contact the author via this address: buildchickcoop [at] gmail dot com

Have you given this book a try? If yes, leave your ideas about effectiveness of this program below to help others understand more about it.

In case you have contributing ideas for my Building A Chicken Coop review or other entertainment tips introduced in, drop your words in at the comment section.

Is it worth a try to make use of program for getting your perfect chicken coops?

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