Hidden dangers of internet for youth

dangers of internet

Internet has become more and more popular in the lives of young people as it affects every aspect in both positive and negative manners. Because of hidden dangers of internet for youth, the parents should limit the internet access for their kids and teens.

Hidden Dangers Of Internet For Youth – The Risks From Internet Should Not Be Skipped

dangers of internet

We cannot deny the importance of internet in life. They can help to solve everything no matter how simple or complicating it is. There are a lot of benefits from internet, for example, it can help to improve the cognitive ability and boost social and physical development. However, it is necessary to concern about the risk of internet as well as the hidden dangers of internet for youth. The research has found that all the consequences such as cyber bulling, addiction may link to internet excessive use. Because the children as well as teenagers are susceptible to any harmful elements surrounding, it puts the responsibility for adults and parents to take care of them and protect them from the risks. Therefore, as the author of vkool.com, I would like to introduce to you some hidden risk of internet that I have known.

1. Increase The Chance For Obesity: 

increase the chance for obesity

Asking about dangers of internet, it is clear that obesity is the first one. Obesity now is the problem of many children and teenagers who invest most of their time in playing game and chatting. Not playing outside or doing physical activities can harm health and put weight in their body. Therefore, it is needed to limit time children and teenagers spend on internet.

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2. Cyber Bulling – The Offensive Way, The Hurtful Words The Child Use Online: 

dangers of internet

In reality or digital world, bulling can occur; however, this assault can become worse in the digital world. The reason may be that they do not know whom they are interacting or what they are facing. When children are online, they usually use hurtful and offensive words, hence boosting the rumor spread.
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Online activities increase possibilities for profiles and email to be hacked. It is said that 20% of teenagers suffer from unkind and unfriendly relationship when they chat online. 24% said that the rumors written about them are not true. Moreover, it is easy for someone to threaten teens and kids by sending blackmail in electronic communication, including e-mail, facebook or text message. If someone asks you for private information, it is necessary not to tell them. Private information revealing can lead to dangerous situations.

3. Predators – The Dangerous Subjects Online: 

dangers of internet

Every day a lot of kidnapping and abduction happen and the triggers are predators who manipulate the children’s dependence on parents, their desire for romance and curiosity. The predators can harm the children by flattering. When they have the children’s trust, they immediately ask for the private information, such as address, a telephone numbers and school name. After that, they take action for kidnapping and abduction. It is said that 83% children was taken to go somewhere with the predators who they meet online. Therefore, in order to prevent dangers of internet, the children need to be carefully when they meet someone for the first time and they should not trust anyone easily.

4. Health Problem – Negative Consequences On The Long Run: 

dangers of internet

Spending too much time on internet can affect our health, especially for children and teenagers who cannot control their addiction to internet. For long-term problem, it can lead to brain damage and heart disease. The newspapers and magazines have spread news about many victims who died after pouring too much time on internet. Health problems are hidden dangers of internet that you should know.

5. Bad Influence From Media And Interactions – Sexual Content, Violence And Crude Language Exposure:

dangers of internet

The youth who has curiosity wants to ask everything and look for new things to try. They easily can expose to the bad examples they often see on internet through games, unexamined programs and sexual magazines which have a lot of unhealthy contents. Moreover, playing game can bring dangers of internet. It is told that one- third of teenagers who are addicted to game online tend to play game with the strangers they first met or never met.
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Unfortunately, it is difficult for parent to take care of their children as 82% of teens are gamers. The reported number is socking, which raise the warning signs for the government and officials to examine the contents on internet with the aim of young generation development.

6. Academic Influences – The Risks For Education, Training And Future Development: 

dangers of internet

Although the internet plays the important role in academic improvement, they also influence academic equality. If the children do not use the internet for the right purposes, they cannot concentrate on their study due to spending much time on internet and nonsense things. It is possible for them to skip school and fall in to the bad ways, including drugs, unemployment and assault.

7. Internet Safety Tips:

dangers of internet

We can not avoid internet completely because they help us much in our daily life. Everything will become uncomfortable and complicating without internet. If you use it properly and for the right purposes, internet has positive influences. So, I would like to share with you some safety tips.
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Firstly, when children use internet account, they should not share the private passwords with others who are not their parents. Secondly, it is recommended to ban any blackmail and harassed email given to you or your teens. Limit the time on internet and spend more time on outside physical activities as well as interact with your friends and your acquaintance.

In the end of my article, I hope that you can remember these 6 dangers of internet for youth and internet safety tips I recommended to you. It is important to keep in mind that children and teenagers are more vulnerable to any damage and risks outside. Do not let the internet addiction too late to be solved. The young generation education needs time to invest. Finally, for any question on hidden dangers of internet, I would like to help you answer it as long as you leave the comments bellow.

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