9 Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat Again Are Exposed

foods you should never eat again

What is the food you refuse to eat? Tofu? Peas? Liver and onions? Whatever it is, it might be because you do not like how it tastes, not necessarily as it includes ingredients suspected of resulting in cancer. In fact, there are still various fattening foods you should never eat. Food-industry insiders know what goes on behind the scenes. Thus, you should take note these foods so you could avoid the worst of what grocery stores offer. VKool.com uncovers top fattening foods you should never eat again to help everyone plan a better diet plan.

Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat – Healthier Food Choices For Healthier Life 

1. White Bread

white bread

The first one in this list of foods you should never eat is white bread. White bread is staple in most pantries, yet the truth is that it does not have any nutritional value. White breads include a lot of sugar and do not have the possibility to keep your satisfied, so in just several hours you will be likely to find your own hungry and going for snacks.

As a consequence, those people who consume white bread might show a correlation between consuming larger amount of white bread and gaining weight over a period of 12 years. Thus, ideally, you had better replace your white bread with the whole wheat bread or whole grain if possible, because whole wheat bread is good for the human health.

For instance, whole bread is a good source of gamma-oryzanol that could lower the cholesterol levels when consumed regularly. Many studies suggest that women who consume the largest amount of whole grains might be around 40% less likely to suffer from breast cancer in comparison with those who consume the smallest amount of whole grains.

Additionally, you should not forget that you could substitute white bread on sandwiches with lettuce leaves or whole grain tortillas.

2. Fried Foods

fried foods download

In reality, it is rather common knowledge that those fried foods are not healthy and should be avoided if possible. Aside from causing eaters to increase unwanted pounds, these foods are packed with little nutritional value and might result in some serious health issues. Fried foods are associated with high blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels, both of which reduce your own heart health and even make you more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases as well as strokes.

Fried foods could also upset your digestive system, causing uncomfortable acid reflux and even potentially worsening the gas pains and cramps associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

fried foods

Unfortunately, a lot of people exclusively associate those fried foods with the French fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and burgers that you could purchase at restaurants of fast food. These individuals are unaware that they might be eating unhealthy fried foods at home.

Hence, if you really want to improve your overall health at home, you should not fry your own meals in a pan on the stove or in the deep fat dryer. Rather than, you should bake or broil them. For instance, you could oven-bake the lean chicken breasts with herbs as well as spices coating, creating a tasty dinner which has little content of fat and supplies you with much of protein. Also, you could garnish red meat with minced garlic and vinegar, followed by broiling over the coals.

3. Swordfish 


According to nutritionists, those women who are looking to become pregnant should avoid mercury in fish. Swordfish is one of the fish that is rich in heavy metal, a potent neurotoxin damaging developing children and trigger heart attacks in adults. In addition to some health concerns, swordfish is usually overfished and some of the gear popularly used to wrangle in swordfish usually kills seabirds, turtles, and sharks.

Thus, if you want to get a healthy omega-3 brain enhancement, you should look for the fish which are low in the contaminants. Also, opt for the fish which have stable populations like wild-caught Alaskan salmon or troll- or pole-caught Pacific albacore tuna, and Atlantic mackerel. For those who want to get such a more adventurous palate, they can try out snakehead fish for satisfying your craving and also improve the environment. Snakehead fish is often seen on any restaurant menus and the texture and taste is identical to swordfish.

4. Diet Soda

diet soda

It is recommended that people should stay away from those soda foods or diets, gum and sugar-free candies including artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame K, aspartame, and neotame, among others. In reality, the safety data on those sweeteners might be shrouded in controversy as well as conflicts of interest with the producers of chemical compounds. These sweeteners could result in health-related problems and issues involved in weight gain and metabolism, joint pain, neurological diseases, digestive problems, depression, headaches, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, chemical toxicity, and others.

In case you want to consume soda, you should not opt for those with shady sweeteners, fake food dyes, or preservatives in different brands.

5. Canned Tomatoes

canned tomatoes

There is a problem with canned tomatoes as the resin linings of tin cans consist of bisphenol- A (BPA), which is a synthetic estrogen linked to illnesses ranging from those productive problems to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Studies also show that the BPA in the body of most people exceeds the quantity that might suppress sperm production or lead to chromosomal damage to animals’ eggs. Therefore, to get a better alternative, you can opt for tomatoes put into glass bottles that do not need resin linings.

6. Cream-Based Salad Dressings

cream-based salad dressings

Salads normally have a good reputation for being their benefits of the human health, so a lot of people turn to make use of them as they are dieting and trying to consume more nutritious foods.
Generally, it is a great idea in many cases, because salads could be nutritious and are usually low in calories. Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to avoid making an unqualified claim that most salads are healthy. In fact, they could become rather bad for you as they are drenched in cream-based dressings.

Though these kinds of dressings add many additional flavors to salads and could make your meal more enjoyable and delicious, you still need to keep in mind that they include a lot of calories and fat.

cream-based salad dressings download

If you consume them, you might end up adding more calories in the salad dressing than in other part of your whole salad, entirely undermining your efforts to lose unwanted weight.

To alternate, you can experiment with oil-based salad dressings as they not only taste lighter but also have fewer calories and are better for your health and weight as well. By adding a little bit of pepper and salt, an oil-based dressing could turn a salad into a good meal. To add more tastes, you could purchase flavored oils and use as a basis for the salad dressing. These oils are infused with pleasant and strong tastes such as lemon, garlic and pepper.

7. White Rice

white rice

Well, this sounds crazy when it comes to fattening foods you should never eat again as rice is a popular ingredient in recipes and even in Asia, this is a daily food in people’s meal. It is a popular side dish chosen to corporate with meat dishes. Most individuals simply think that rice is healthy, yet nutritional value of this food is completely dependent on the kind of rice you choose.

Importantly, white rice is similar to white bread, which could promote your own body to store excess fat and make it more difficult to reduce weight.

white rice download


Besides, it also has little nutritional value. Thus, when choosing rice for your meals, you should opt for brown rice to boost the overall health. This type of rice is jam packed with many vitamins, nutrients and fiber. And, the high fiber content can help you feel full and satisfied for much longer. Many studies suggest that the plant lignans in the brown rice could decrease the risk of developing heart disease. Nevertheless, brown rice’s benefits do not end there. It is a popular subject for many nutritional researches. It is pointed out that those people who often consume brown rice are less likely to suffer from cancer than those who do not.

8. White Chocolate 

white chocolate

The right type of chocolate serves not only as a sweet treat but also a brain-improving super food, too. However, there is a problem; the health profile of white chocolate is blank.

The data on health benefits of cacao is rather awesome, and much of this is because of phytonutrients that could enhance blood flow to the human brain, protect blood vessels, and promote focus and mood. Yet, white chocolate might be missing this goodness. As an alternative, you can look for those organic versions or dark chocolate instead.

9. Margarine


The list of foods you should never eat should not be complete without margarine. Most people think it is a healthy alternative to butter, yet margarine has loads of trans fats that enhance your cholesterol. Besides, it also consists of a lot of ingredients versus butter’s one or two. Though the calorie quantity is similar to butter, yet people tend to consume more of margarine as they think it is healthier. To solve this, you should stick with a small dose of butter or take advantage of heart-healthy olive oil.

These are top 9 fattening foods that you should never eat again. Hopefully, you have gotten some useful tips of food and recipes for planning your diet plan more effectively. Share your thoughts with us below this post and we will feedback all soon.

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