Top 13 Benefits Of Vitamin A For Health And Skin

benefits of vitamin A for health

As you can see, vitamin A plays an important role in our lives. Additionally, there are two forms of vitamin A which are retinoids and carotenoids. In general, vitamin A in the retinoid form may be found in several products from animals such as eggs, liver as well as milk; meanwhile vitamin A in the carotenoid form may be found in fruits, along with vegetables. For example, you can absorb vitamin A by eating carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, mangoes, pumpkins, oatmeal, broccoli, apricots, papayas, tomatoes, peaches, spinach, and peas and so on. Although vitamin A is one of the popular vitamins, not many people recognize all benefits of vitamin A. Do you want to know all of them? Now it is high time for you to relax and continue to read this article on our page which will present to you the benefits of vitamin A which you may get.

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Top 13 Benefits Of Vitamin A For Health And Skin

1. Improve Immune System

One of the most amazing benefits of vitamin A which ought to be mentioned first is improving your immune system. But how can vitamin A boost your immune system and prevent your body from the infections? It can help you by raising the lymphocytic responses which may fight against the disease-causing antigens. Furthermore, it maintains the moisture of the mucus membranes in order to make sure that you have greater immunity, together with improving the white blood cell activities. In addition to that, vitamin A also helps in inhibiting the germs from coming into the body and combating the infection when these germs penetrate into your body system. Therefore, it creates a protection with a double core.

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2. Maintain Eye Health

Another one of the wonderful benefits of vitamin A is keeping your eyes healthy. How can it help to keep your eyes healthy? The fact shows that when you absorb vitamin A, your eyes are allowed to regulate the changes of light, maintain the moisture as well as boost the night vision. Likewise, it is able to inhibit a lot of conditions including dry eyes, too. As you can see, your eyes become weaker because of the bad creation of the visual purple. If you absorb enough vitamin A, it will help you with forming the visual purple of your eyes. And then your vision of weak eyes can be improved. In addition to that, vitamin A is capable of raising the adaptability of the eyes to not only darkness but also bright light so it makes sure that your retina is healthy and the night blindness is prevented. Besides that, when you consume enough vitamin A, the risks of suffering from macular degeneration, as well as cataracts, are decreased. Furthermore, it is believed that people who suffer from glaucoma ought to consume enough vitamin A as well.

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3. Keep Skin Soft And Supple

benefits of vitamin a - keep skin soft and supple

As you can see, vitamin A is also used as a good method in order to take care of the skin. And by keeping the body free from the toxins as well as the free radicals which are said to harm the skin, vitamin A helps your skin to become healthier. Furthermore, your skin is kept supple and soft because of the warrant for moisture retention of vitamin A. Therefore, it helps you in inhibiting keratinization, dryness, along with several skin conditions including psoriasis. That’s also a reason why keeping your skin supple and soft is mentioned as one of the wonderful benefits of vitamin A for health.

4. Strengthen Teeth And Bones

Strengthening your teeth as well as your bones is also considered to be one of the most amazing health benefits of vitamin A. Why is it said like that? The reason here is that vitamin A can help to form dentin which is a layer of firm material beneath the teeth surface. Hence, it is able to improve the strength of your teeth and your bones.

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5. Benefits Of Vitamin A – Prevent Urinary Stones

In the list of the wonderful benefits of vitamin A, preventing urinary stones [1] ought to be mentioned as well. Thanks to the calcium phosphate formation, vitamin A aids in stopping the urinary calculi formation. In addition to that, vitamin A is capable of maintaining the lining of your urinary tract. Thus, the repeated opportunity of the stone is decreased.

6. Inhibit Muscular Dystrophy

One of the most wonderful benefits of vitamin A is inhibiting your muscular dystrophy. As you can see, your bones can be kept healthy and their shape may be retained by vitamin A. That is the reason why it also plays an important part in making sure that your children’s muscles, along with teen’s muscles, are growing properly. Therefore, the opportunity of growing the muscular dystrophy is prevented.

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7. Prevent Acne

For many people, especially women, acne can be a terrible enemy. Have you ever suffered from acne? How do you feel? It is annoying, isn’t it? Why don’t you try using vitamin A? It may help you in cutting the excessive sebum production down. Furthermore, it strengthens your health as well as the vitality of the surface of your skin. Besides that, vitamin A is really important for your appropriate skin tissue maintenance, along with your mucus membranes. Additionally, with the help of vitamin A, in general, and its antioxidant properties, in particular, the toxins in your body are flushed put and your system is cleansed. Hence, one of the amazing benefits of vitamin A is preventing acne.

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8. Prevent Certain Cancers

Nowadays, cancers are getting more and more popular. Therefore, finding a good and safe method to treat it is very necessary. In this case, you can count on vitamin A. According to a research which was implemented at the University of York, it has shown that due to the ability of vitamin a to limit the cancerous cells, people who absorb more vitamin A could be helped to treat various forms of cancer. Even though this research was mostly implemented on the prostate cancer cells, including breast cancer, lung cancer [2], skin cancer, bladder cancer, oral cancer as well as ovarian cancer. Thus, preventing cancers ought to be mentioned in the list of the amazing benefits of vitamin A for health.

9. Slow Aging Process

benefits of vitamin a - slow aging process

Another one of the wonderful benefits of vitamin A for health is making the aging process become slow. As you have known, vitamin A is known for the wrinkle-reducing properties. And these properties are able to eliminate fine lines, along with age spots. Moreover, vitamin A also plays an important role in producing collagen that helps to keep your skin looking much younger. As a result, by promoting the skin health, it is capable of slowing the aging process down.

10. Benefits Of Vitamin A – Treat Measles

Do you know that? One of the main causes of measles in children is the lack of vitamin A. When someone suffers from measles, they may suffer from diarrhea or fever. In fact, vitamin A is proven to help in relieving these symptoms of measles. Therefore, consuming more foods which are rich in vitamin A is the necessary thing that you ought to do in order to treat or prevent measles.

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11. Lower Cholesterol

If you are looking for the health benefits of vitamin a, lowering the cholesterol ought to be mentioned as well. Actually, it may help in reducing the amounts of bad cholesterol. As a result, it will help to protect you from the risks of suffering from not only stroke but also heart diseases such as heart attacks.

12. Treat Cold Sores

When talking about the health benefits of vitamin A, it will be a mistake if treating cold sores is not mentioned in this list. Why is it said like that? As you have known, vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties which are capable of relieving pain and redness that are caused by the skin irritation. Or in other words, it may help you to treat cold sores. Therefore, if you are suffering from cold sores, you had better apply the liquid of vitamin A on your affected skin areas directly three times per day.

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13. Protect From Infection

In the list of the benefits of vitamin A for skin and health, protecting you from infection should be mentioned, too. As you have known, skin is also one of the important parts of the body because it is the same as the bouncer. Now you just imagine that one day your skin is attacked by infection, bacteria as well as pollutants. Your health may become worse, right? However, when you consume enough vitamin A, the cell production is boosted. Furthermore, it also helps you in strengthening this barrier. Therefore, it will protect your complexion from the bad irritants which try to hurt your surface.

That’s all about “top 13 benefits of vitamin A for health and skin”. After you read this article on our main page Health, we all hope that you may have some good information about this popular vitamin. However, everything has both sides. Thus, before you use vitamin A products or add vitamin A to your daily diet, you ought to consult the doctor’s advice because it may cause some side effects in case you consume a high amount of vitamin A. Plus, if you have any questions or you know more information about the benefits of vitamin A, can you let us know by sending us a message or commenting your ideas below? We promise that we will response your message, together with your comment, as soon as we can.

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