List Of Mental Health Disorders In Children Parents Should Know

mental health disorders in children

Mental disorders or mental illness are medical conditions that can break your ability, functions, mood, feelings, and thinking. Along with many other diseases, mental disorders can damage your health, especially in children. There are different types of mental health disorders and you may get one of the illnesses. With the target to help parents understand more about mental health disorders in children, decided to introduce a writing including the list of the mental illness with a wish that parents may have some useful information to help lovely child stronger.

List Of 12 Mental Health Disorders In Children You Should Know

1. Anxiety Disorder

mental health disorders

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders in children. When a child suffers this condition, he will be nervous and have fear with space animal, noise, grades, family relationship, the result of study. Your children may find you and hope to get rid of fear or approval from you. Some symptoms of this illness are sweating and rapid heartbeat.

2. Attention Deficit Disorder 

This is one of the most common diseases that almost of the children have. The typical symptom of this disorder is to have problems of concentration and attention. Your children seem to be lazy, frustrated or bored with their tasks such as doing housework, studying. They move impulsively and constantly.

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3. Behavior Disorder

mental health disorders

Almost of the children are impulsive, defiant, and naughty during childhood time. It seems to be normal to everyone, but some of them can get difficulty behaving at their age. They deny rules and usually disrupt the surroundings like at school, living environment, and their house.  Suffering this illness, they will have lower self-esteem, tend to be annoyed, and tend to blame other people.

4. Eating Disorder 

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Eating disorder is probably one of the most popular mental health disorders. It involves the attitudes, emotions and linked to food and their weight. It causes some harmful changes in eating time; this problem can cause different types of disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating.

5. Elimination Disorders 

mental health disorders

In the list of mental health disorders in children, you should remember this illness. It is also known as enuresis (or bed wetting). It is the most common of the elimination disorders in childhood. Enuresis can cause your children shamed, embarrassed when they grow older. Elimination disorders are divided into different types including diurnal, nocturnal, and nocturnal and diurnal.

6. Communication Disorders 

mental health disorders

Children getting these problems will get challenges with receiving and converting information. They also have troubles in thinking and giving ideas. They will have struggles in school and it is not linked with motivation or intelligence. Children suffering the disorders do not seem to be lazy.

7. Mood Disorders

mental health disorders

Mood disorders commit with changing moods, sadness, and depression. This problem involves with person’s thoughts.  Young children are very depressed through the way of behavior. It seems to be difficult to talk with people about their feelings. Adolescents and children will have problem of paying attention.

8. Schizophrenia 

mental health disorders

Another mental health disorder is schizophrenia. In early time, children will have problems in language, late walking, and motor behaviors. It involves in thoughts and perception. After that, children have trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, strange behavior, and depressed mood.

9. Autism 

mental health disorders

Autism belongs to the problems of development. This disorder can appear in early childhood before age 3. This problem affects to the ability of their children containing communication with people, affecting to their ability. The signs of this problem are mood changes, intense feelings, behavior change, loss of appetite, and difficult concentration.

10. Tic Disorders 

mental health disorders

Tic disorders include two types including vocal and motor tics. Children may have some meaningless sounds and movements such as shoulder shrugging, head jerking, nose twitching, and eye blinking.

11. Bipolar Disorder

mental health disorders

Bipolar disorder is linked to mania, depressions, and other mixed symptoms. Adolescents and children will have hyperactivity, behavior, and mood change that usual functions. Sometimes, you may confuse with other mental health disorders and you may think that it is the normal behaviors of the adolescents and children.

12. Conduct Disorder 

mental health disorders

Conduct disorder characterizes intimidating, bullying, truancy, theft, and vandalism.  This mental health illness is linked to prostitution and it is divided into different types such as deceitful behavior, self-destructive behavior, aggressive behavior and violence of rules.

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After reading my writing about the list of 12 mental health disorders in children, I hope that you have learned the most useful information to improve your children’s health. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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