Benefits Of Kiss On The Lips – Top 19 Biological Advantages

benefits of kiss

Kissing is known as an emotional language showing the highest level of the affection to our friends, parents, especially our lovers. Actually, kissing can give you good feelings and also be good for our overall health. Kissing is actually a simple remedy that can stimulate our health and mind.

Top 19 Biological Benefits Of Kiss On The Lips

Kissing may be the simplest way to express affection with other people. We kiss the babies’ chubby faces, the friends’ cheeks, and lovers’ lips to show our feelings as well as the desire for closeness. Also, kissing may be one of the natural tool for social bonding. In this article, will show you top 19 biological benefits of kiss on the lips. These benefits are also taken from reliable sources; therefore, you should know and believe in them.
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 Now, start discovering these biological benefits of kiss right away.

1. Make You More Alert

This is the first one of the best benefits of kiss that I want to mention in this entire article. Kissing often boosts the release of noradrenaline and adrenaline, which increase your heart rate, make you feel more excited and alert. And then your body can prepare for any kind of action.

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2. Improve Lungs Health

After kissing, our breathing often becomes faster. On average, we will breathe in and out about 60 times per minute while the normal number is only 20 times per minute. According to a research about breathing [1], inhaling and exhaling more often can help prevent many lung-related disorders. Actually, improving lungs health is one of the best benefits of kiss for human health that you should not look down.

3. Improve Your Relationship Satisfaction

Other benefits of kiss that you should know must include its ability to improve the relationship satisfaction. Romantic kissing can help strengthen feelings of attachment to your partner who you are taking kisses, hence improving the relationship satisfaction. According to a study, more frequent kissing was related to the perceived feelings of couples about the relationship’s quality.

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4. Helps You Feel Connected

Kissing can also help you feel connected and closer to your partner. According to a study about oxytocin [2], when you kiss your lover, your brain will increase the level of oxytocin, which has a calming power and strengthens trust and bonding between couples. Some other studies have also suggested that higher levels of oxytocin are associated with empathy, relationship longevity and support.

5. Increase Longevity

Other biological benefits of kiss that I want to mention in this article must include increasing longevity. According to a study  [3], kissing your partner every morning may help him live longer than 5 years if compared to other couples who never do that. Unfortunately, this effect of kissing is not true for female; therefore, they should kiss their guys every morning in order to boost their emotional relationship.

6. Boost The Self-Esteem

benefits of kiss - boost the self esteem

Kissing can help you boost your self-esteem.  According to a study, men who take a passionate kiss before getting out of their homes can get more motivation and then make more money. Therefore, it is said that kissing and home-life happiness can make us happier and more productive at work and simultaneously improve the self-esteem. In fact, this is one of the best benefits of kiss that I want all of my readers to know.

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7. Stimulate Sexual Compatibility

This is also one of the best health benefits of kiss. Actually, kissing is a great way to stimulate your partner with sexual compatibility before getting naked and getting emotionally involved. The testosterone, which is the hormone for sex drive in both men and women, is released into saliva during kissing.

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8. Check Out The Partner’s Compatibility

Checking out your lover’s compatibility is another one of the best benefits of kiss that you should know. Kissing is a great way to initially attract others, especially women. Women might put more importance on kisses as they consider them as a means of starting and developing the relationship between them and their partners.

9. Keep Teeth White

Having a kiss is a great way for you to clean your teeth and make them white. According to a research about effects of kissing on oral health [4], kissing can produce saliva which is responsible for keeping bacteria away. And this can help in inhibiting cavities and simultaneously breaking down the oral plaque. Addition to this, saliva can also wash out your mouth and inhibit the cavity that is the main cause of food particles and tooth decay. Therefore, if you want to get whiter and cleaner teeth, you should kiss your partner every day.

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10. Relieve Stress

Relieving stress is one of the best health benefits of kiss that you should not skip. Kissing is an effective way to reduce the stress levels because your head is filled up with positive feelings right after you kiss your lover. Simultaneously, it helps reduce the level of cortisol in the body, which is a stress hormone, thus making you relaxed. You can exclude all of the sorrows from your life with a passionate kiss. Therefore, you should have a passionate kiss with your lover to feel relaxed rather than taking in anti-depressant pills.

When kissing, the brain can release the hormone serotonin, which improves the mood and the hormone dopamine, which regulates the feelings of desire and bonding. And during a passionate kiss, you will enjoy a peaceful mind without having any worry and sorrow. In other words, by reducing the stress hormones, the body can have a better process of healing any physiological processes caused by stress, and simultaneously help have more positive behavior and mental health.

11. Release Happy Hormones

Releasing happy hormones is another one of the health benefits of kiss that you should not look down. Actually, kissing can stimulate your brain to release chemicals of good feelings, including serotonin, oxytocin as well as dopamine. These chemicals are necessary for your happiness and they also aid to strengthen the relationship between you and your lover. Besides, your lips are packed with sensory neurons, which will be prompted when your lips have the touch with your partner’s lips. Addition to this, kissing links to addiction and reward and it is a great way to boost the brain system associated with romantic love, attachment and sex drive.

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12. Burn Calories

benefits of kiss - burn calories

When it comes to benefits of kiss, burning calories may be what you should know. A passionate kiss can help burn off 2-3 calories per minute when it lasts 20 seconds. Kissing and having sexual activity are considered as vigorous exercises in case you are fully engaged. Addition to this, when you kiss your lover, your heart will be able to skip a beat and even your heartbeat can be faster. And then, it releases adrenaline with other neurotransmitters getting into the blood as well. The increased levels of adrenaline can help increase the process of burning calories and metabolism.

13. Tone Facial Muscles

It is amazing to know that toning facial muscle is one of the biological benefits of kiss. A vigorous kiss can help tone up the jawline and neck by performing lots of facial muscles. Addition to this, a kiss also helps boost the blood circulation to facial muscles.

Apart from toning facial muscles, kissing also helps tone muscles of the body. According to a research, a kiss associated with approximately 112 postural muscles of the whole body aside from nearly 34 facial muscles. Kissing also boosts the production of elastin and collagen, which are the keys for beautiful skin. As a result, kissing can help keep your muscles tight, making your face more youthful.

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14. Aid Digestion Of Baby

When a mother kisses her baby, this action is very good for the baby’s digestion. Through a kiss, the baby can receive all of the essential nutrients for growing up healthy along with breastfeeding.

Keep reading this article to discover other amazing benefits of kiss that you should not look down.

15. Cure Allergies

A kiss can improve the immune system and cure allergies as well. Actually, kissing can cause a decreased level of IgE antibodies, which take responsibility for releasing the histamine. The histamine release causes a few allergy symptoms such as watery eyes and sneezing. As a result, more kisses you have, fewer allergy symptoms you will suffer from.

16. Boost Immunity

Boosting the immune system is also one of the health benefits of kiss that I want to mention in this article. According to a study, kissing can help protect women from Cytomegalovirus, which is known to be able to cause infant blindness as well as other birth defects that can be contracted through the mouth during pregnancy. Addition to this, kissing has been thought to be a great way to help people pass along bugs, hence improving the body’s defenses.

17. Fight Cavities

Fighting cavities is also another one of the best health benefits of kiss. When kissing, there is an increased production of saliva in the mouth and this can help you wash away plaque on your teeth, which is known as the main cause of cavities, tooth decay as well as plaque build-up. Addition to this, the bacteria that may cause cavity can be transferred through kisses, especially when your partner has unhealthy oral health.

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18. Relieve Pains

Another one of the health benefits of kiss is to relieve pains, especially the back pain, headaches as well as menstrual cramps.

Sometimes, you can suffer from back pain and you can take kisses to reduce the pain. The reason for that is kisses release hormone called endorphins in the body, which can help relieve pain. Apart from relieving back pain, kissing can also help you relieve headache and menstrual cramps.

So, if you are suffering from pains, simply come and then kiss your lover.

19. Improve Cardiovascular Health

benefits of kiss - improve cardiovascular health

Kissing can help you improve your cardiovascular health naturally and effectively. This is because that this emotional action can keep your cholesterol and blood pressure at a low level. According to a study, married couples who have the frequency of kiss reported that they have reduced stress and cholesterol levels and increased relationship satisfaction.

Besides, kissing can make you have a healthy heartbeat, helping in dilating the blood vessels to get a healthy blood flows to all the vital body’s organs. Addition to this, when kissing, a hormone called Adrenaline will be released, which aids in improving heart health by stimulating the heart to pump more blood. And then the blood pressure and circulation will be well controlled. Moreover, stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease. Therefore, a kiss can help reduce stress, thus making it good for preventing some cardiovascular problems.

Apart from health benefits of kissing, there are some bad effects of kissing you should know

  • Kissing can end the love. A kiss does not always add intimacy. Many people end their relationships as their partners are bad kissers.
  • Kissing can be addictive. During kissing, the body produces more dopamine, which makes us feel happy and relaxed and this can make many people want to kiss their partners.
  • Kissing can transmit bacteria. A long kiss can transmit nearly10 million bacteria
  • Kissing can cause some mental problems. During kissing, you can experience some symptoms such as seeing in disorders, difficulty hearing and paralysis [5].
  • Kissing can cause pain gums and throat. This occurs when the bacteria streptococcus attack somebody and then pass on to their partners through saliva
  • Kissing can bring other diseases. Kissing can also transmit other diseases, including acute respiratory infection, Hepatitis, tuberculosis, and Thyfoid.

However, you can prevent these bad effects from happening by applying the following ways:

  • Maintain oral hygiene. Brush the teeth every morning and every night before bed or after the meal.
  • Avoid kissing if you or your partner is having disease or injuries on the lips.
  • Inject immune to the disease’s virus by vaccination. Ask a doctor about what vaccines that can be used to prevent a virus or bacteria from kissing.

After reading this article of top 19 amazing benefits of kiss, I hope that you can know more about positive effects that this emotional action can bring about. After that, you should spend time reading another article that reveals some of the best tongue kissing tips – the Best Tongue Kissing Tips For Guys: 8 Useful Ways article. Actually, this is an interesting article and can help guys stimulate their love emotion and create a connection with their partners. Therefore, if you are concerning about tongue kissing, you should not skip this recommended article.

Hopefully, this article today can be helpful and help you know more about kissing. Also, if you know other health benefits of kiss, remember to share them with other readers by leaving your comment below.
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