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GNC Lean Shakes are a line of shakes developed by the GNC stores as a way for users to boost muscle and stay lean at the same time. The shake is a meal replacement drink that brings quality protein to the table and provides convenient portion control that makes it easy to track your caloric intake.

Made primarily of whey protein, milk, and a few different plant oils, this drink mix promises to keep users full for the long haul.
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GNC Lean Shakes Overview

GNC Lean Shakes According to the official website, GNC Lean Shakes help users experience weight loss by making it easy to keep track of a limited calorie regimen. These shakes may be used as a meal replacement drink or as a supplement to a rigorous workout routine.

Weight loss typically comes from the fundamental principle of burning more calories than you consume, so shakes like GNC’s solution work by simplifying the calorie counting process. They don’t necessarily contain any magic ingredients that boost your metabolism or prevent you from getting hungry.

Each shake contains 180 calories per serving if mixed with water, and should you replace one or two meals a day with the Lean Shake, chances are, you’ll consume fewer calories than you would by eating as usual.

The shake comes in a range of flavors and is reasonably affordable. GNC sells the shakes for $34.99 per each 1.83-pound container. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, cookies n’ cream, orange, and more.
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GNC Lean Shakes Claims

GNC claims that Lean Shakes an ideal product for weight loss. The site states that the shakes are clinically proven to help users lose weight, as studies (they don’t cite any specifically) have shown that mineral-fortified meal replacements are proven to help users lose weight.

Any meal replacement could potentially result in weight loss. Same goes for replacing your meals with all vegetables or all candy–so long as you are eating fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis, you should lose weight. Now, that doesn’t necessarily have much to do with what you eat.
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The official site says that the GNC Lean Shakes stand to improve your muscle mass and metabolism. It’s true; whey protein does have a positive effect on users trying to lose fat and eliminate muscles. However, we’re not sure how much this product will drive your metabolism.

The product is made without the use of any artificial flavors or sweeteners, along with protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. You’ll get 25 grams of protein in each serving–which looks pretty good. And the shakes are relatively low in carbs.

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GNC Lean Shake Ingredients

GNC Lean Shakes are made from a variety of ingredients made to support digestion, suppress your appetite, increase energy, and boost metabolism. The ingredients in a GNC Lean Shake include:

  • Filtered Water
  • Skim Milk
  • Protein Blends
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Calcium Blend
  • Safflower Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil

Several of the elements included in the GNC Lean Shake have been scientifically proven to promote digestive health and regularity.

But, with that in mind, there are several ingredients we’re not totally on board with. For example, the product contains salt and artificial flavors–wholly unnecessary from a nutritional standpoint. The product also gets much of its protein from soy protein isolate, an ingredient that provides far more of the estrogenic compounds, isoflavones, than you’d find in a serving of products like tofu or tempeh.

Isoflavones are found in soy and other plants and mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen in the body. Replacing two meals a day with this shake could result in hormonal imbalance for some users.

The main ingredients include filtered water, sunflower seed oil, and soy and whey proteins. Some of these ingredients may cause an adverse effect on users.

For example, the type of soy used in this product, soy protein isolate goes through a ton of processing, so while soy from other sources may be relatively healthy, soy protein isolate stands to come with some risks attached.

Other ingredients include chromium, a metallic element our bodies don’t need much of. This ingredient is used to boost the metabolism of use and regulates blood sugar levels.

There’s also calcium carbonate; the common mineral used to improve bone health and strengthen the teeth.  Plus, potassium which may help the body lose weight by regulating other nutrients inside the body.

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The Science Behind GNC Lean Shakes

The official GNC website claims that these shakes are backed by science, but they fail to link to any studies where participants used the shake to lose weight.

In looking at the ingredients, this product seems like it could have some potential to be useful as a weight loss tool, but as it stands, it’s unclear whether this provides any special benefit over simply reducing calories.

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Word on the Street About GNC Lean Shakes

Like most shakes in this category, results were all over the place as far as taste was concerned. Several purchasers mentioned that they loved the flavors, while others had a strong distaste for the mix. Flavors like chocolate and peanut butter received a much better response than the vanilla, which received the most complaints.

Other users reported that the shake seemed thin and watery when made according to the instructions on the packaging.
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There were some complaints about the taste and texture of this product. Consumers reported that the shake was a bit chalky and that it tasted artificial. That said, others have reported a more positive experience from adding milk or fruits like avocado or banana, as well as things like peanut butter.

But, tread carefully when adding extras to the shake, as things like almond milk, peanut butter, or bananas can add a considerable amount of calories into the mix.

Is GNC Lean Shake Worth a Try?

GNC Lean Shake may be worth a try for a lot of people looking for an affordable option. This shake is just $39.99 and comes in a variety of flavors, so we understand the appeal of the product. That said, it’s kind of a “you get what you pay for” situation. The product is made with artificial flavors, with sucralose, and soy–so some people may be concerned about the long-term effects on hormone levels or whether or not the soy is made from GMO soybeans.

Overall, one may lose weight by using this product, but that’s likely due to the calorie deficit you’ll experience by swapping two meals out for the 180-calorie shake. Please note that this calorie count is applicable only to shakes made as directed. Adding skim or almond milk instead of water will result in more calories.

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GNC Lean Shakes FAQ

  1. What are the main GNC Lean Shakes Pros and Cons?
    The main benefit of using GNC Lean Shakes over similar products is the fact that this product is affordable and comes with about 25 grams of protein per serving. The downside is, the product contains soy protein isolate, an ingredient that may cause some issues with hormonal balance.
  2. How long do I have to take GNC Lean Shakes?
    GNC never mentions how long you need to take GNC Lean Shakes. The product doesn’t come with a branded diet attached and the makers of this product recommend using the shake as a means of getting a reliable calorie count.
  3. How do I make GNC Lean Shake?
    As per the website, mix 1-2 scoops of the powder with 8-10 ounces of water. Though GNC says water is the way to go, many users reported milk was a better option. The site recommends drinking two shakes per day in place of a meal for best results.

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So What Really Works?

At 90 calories per serving, 18Shake is a low-calorie shake that takes just a couple of minutes to prepare. The main benefit of using this shake, as opposed to the countless other diet drinks and supplements on today’s market is the fact that high-quality protein and fiber work to keep you full and energized throughout the day.
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Plus, the low sugar content means this product provides a healthy approach to weight loss, as compared to other shakes that contain highly processed ingredients and too many sugars.

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