7 Easy Tips On How To Be A Better Kisser

tips on how to be a better kisser

Scientists believe that kissing is really far more than the pressing of lips together. Kissing is so vital that most people don’t forget their first kiss better than remember losing their virginity. And a good kiss will lead to much more. If you’re worried that your technique of kissing is not good, then read these 7 tips on how to be a better kisser at VKool.com.

7 Easy Tips On How To Be A Better Kisser You Should Follow

1. Check Your Breath

how to be a better kisser - check your breath

Kissing can be overwhelming, but do not allow it to overcome you. Checking your breath is one of the most important tips on how to be a better kisser. Nobody wants to kiss somebody withal bad breath. You should stay away from eating spicy food as well as things garlic. You should pop one mint into your mouth before getting near for a kiss.

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2. Close Your Eyes

how to be a better kisser - close your eyes

Keeping the eyes closed when kissing allows you to focus your mind totally in the experience. You must know that kissing is not just on the lips, it is about being close to one person. Plus closing your eyes means that there are no distractions getting in the manner of that.

3. Pace Yourself

Pacing yourself is also one of the best tips on how to be a better kisser. You should take your time as well as start off slow. Do not rush into one full-on heavy petting session.  It is much more pleasurable and exciting if you maintain each other to wait for the passionate kisses and you allow the tension to build. It is also much more romantic.

4. Do Not Just Kiss On The Mouth

how to be a better kisser - do not just kiss on the mouth

Do not forget that you can also kiss other places and the lips as well. You can often kiss him/her on the shoulders, the neck, or gently kiss him/her in the eyelids. You should move around and then find out what your date and you are both comfortable with. Trust your instincts and gauge and try his reaction too. You will know it when you are doing the right thing.

5. Use Your Hands

Using your hands is also one of the greatest tips on how to be a better kisser. What you do with the hands will create a big difference to the kissing technique. Do not be shy, and you leave the hands dangling at the sides, pull your date closer to you and allow your hands to wander to his neck, or his waist, or later run the fingers through his hair.

6. Less Is Sometimes Better

how to be a better kisser - less is sometimes better

You can explore your date with the tongue too, yet start off gentle and slow as the time feels right. French kissing is considered as one highly charged sexual moment. However, you can destroy it if going too far too soon. Begin with the tongue tip and alternate between gentle kissing and French kissing on the lips.

7. Add A Little Pressure

how to be a better kisser - add a little pressure

Adding pressure to the kisses will leave you to get closer plus deeper, but do not overdo it and also crush his lips. Keeping him close and tight will blow him away. However, you do not want to break up his fillings in this process!

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