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how to write an online dating

Do you want to make a perfect online dating profile? I’m here to help you turn your desire into reality. Writing an online dating profile is one of the most important things that you can do to attract anyone online for a date or long-term relationship. Your online personal advertising is what makes other people decide whether they should contact you or not. Therefore, you need to get it right by learning from pick-up artists’ internet dating experience. If you get it wrong, it could be very frustrating. From the site Vkool, I will give you 11 examples and suggestions on how to write an online dating profile that works for you forever.

11 Examples & Suggestions On How To Write An Online Dating Profile

1. Know What You Want

know what you want

This step may seem easy, however, if you ask almost people the reason why they are in internet dating, maybe they will just tell you “because I find a date”. Being more specific not only can help you find a dating site that is suitable for you, but it also makes your online dating profile come alive. To write something in your dating profile, firstly, you need to list down what you desire such as the type of relationship (marriage, short term or long term), gender, age, and sexual orientation. In addition, you can include things like whether you have or want children.

2. Create A List Of Good To Have, Must Haves, And No-Nos

create a list of good to have, must haves, and no-nos

Here is another way on how to write an online dating profile to get a date. In the list of must-haves, you need to write things, which you cannot do without having them. These must-haves can be hobbies or passions, and other interests. Do you remember the “Must Love Dogs” movie? The title of this movie is based on a must-have, which was posted on some popular dating sites. In the list of good things to have, you write things that your potential mate may have that you like, however, could do without having them. In addition, the no-nos are things that you cannot stand or you will not tolerate. Furthermore, you could list down more in your dating profile including specific hobbies and interests you would like to enjoy with someone special, dreams and goals you are hoping to achieve in common with your potential match.

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3. Brainstorm A Catchy Screen Name

brainstorm a catchy screen name

A catchy screen name also is one of the most things you need to do rightly to attract someone online. Your screen name is known as your handle, so you need to choose a name that should be concise as well as easy to remember. Do not choose a name such as “workingstud35” or “Sexygirl26”. You have to make your screen name meaningful. Let it say something that is unique about you. You can try including things that you like to do, some activities you participate in, or what you looking for.

4. Make A List Of Things, Which Make You Well

make a list of things, which make you well

To write a good online dating profile, you should list down what can make you unique. You do not be afraid to mention your hobbies or interests, which seem unpopular, insignificant, or even boring. For example, you are an avid fan of classic white and black films that might not appeal to everyone; however, it may be the interest, which will make someone special take notice. Listing your special hobbies will help you create more “fodder” for your online dating profile.

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5. Begin With An Attention-Grabbing, Good Headline

begin with an attention-grabbing, good headline

A lot of dating sites provide a box for headline about 100 characters (typically). This will be another important aspect of your internet dating profile, after your photo. This part is what can make prospects deciding whether other people will read the rest of your profile or not. With this part, you can treat with the same way as your screen name. In this part, you should write things that are meaningful and give a hint of what you want or who you are (of course, you cannot reveal too much your personal information). To write this part, you can study headlines, which attract your attention in dating sites you chose, and then you edit these headlines with not copying them directly.

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6. Post A Good Photograph

post a good photograph

The first thing people see in your online dating profile is your picture. To make your profile attractive, you need to include your photographs that help get many more responses than other profiles that do not. In addition, the picture should express the best of you with not being pretentious. It should show how you look like today. Keep reading this writing to learn how to write an online dating profile quickly.

7. Be Honest And Positive

be honest and positive

If you lie in your online dating profile, sooner or later you will be detected. If you want someone who can accept you about who you are, you do not lie them and do not try to show who you wish you were. In addition, you should always show you are positive. You need to avoid using phrases such as “misery loves company”, it does not apply here. Remember that you are positive about yourself. In addition, avoid saying things, for example, “no losers please”.

Examples for what you need to avoid “I’m not looking for an open relationship or a casual hook-up, whatever that means. Commitment-phobes as well as flakes need not apply.”

Just saying: “I believe that the connection comes in a lot of flavors — and the monogamy is my favorite of them all. I think, it is the only flavor I am interested in savoring. You, too?”

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8. Be Polished

be polished

You need to save your profile for about a day, and then you should come back and edit. In addition, your online dating profile needs to be corrected any spelling and grammatical error. You can also add anything you think may make the profile better or even you need to remove anything that seems needless.

9. Start Writing Your Profile Based On Your Notes

start writing your profile based on your notes

Most people are making the mistakes while writing their dating profile right there on dating sites. You do not do this. Firstly, you can draft it on a piece of paper or on a word processing program (such as Word Perfect, Word, or Word Pad). Next, you write as fast as possible without hurrying. The goal here is to get your words down. In this stage, you do not pay attention to grammar or spelling. In addition, you do not write like you speak. You should imagine your ideal date, and tell him or her what you want and the reason why you are the best choice for him or her.

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10. Be Confident

be confident

Do you know why you need to be confident? You should know that nothing is more attractive than confidence. No matter you have been a member of a dating site for 5 minutes or 5months, let your dating profile display confidence that you have in finding your match as well as the pleasure you are taking in meeting new members.

In addition, instead of posting a list of inflexible and highly-specific demands, you should try writing an easy-to-understand statement that can begin with 2 words: “I believe…”

Instead of saying: “I’m looking for a vegan-and-gluten-and-corn-free, athletic, tall, and outdoorsy guy to sweep me off my feet, and to be the father of my two children.” And instead of saying “I am looking for who will be named Baxter and Maya.” Try saying: “I believe in love, the forever and ever kind.”

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11. Show Your Personality, And Do Not Tell It 

show your personality, and do not tell it

Instead of saying you are funny or well caring or educated. You only need to talk about what your interests are, which paintings you like and try an adverting that consists completely of your favorite movie dialogue. In addition, you can write a list of your beloved fictional characters.

Here are ten things to never write in your online dating profile:

  • Never lie
  • Never dismiss online dating
  • Never use your profile to write about the ex
  • Never list what you are looking for baby-wise in a relationship or money-wise
  • Never ramble
  • Never whine
  • Never divulge too much personal information
  • Do not use too many clichéd phrases or be too vague
  • Never leave things blank
  • Never indulge the inner narcissist
  • Never  mention these words in your profile such as prison, blood, marriage, kids, the IRS, mommy, and porn

To see all of articles about relationship and marriage topics, go to our main Relationship page. After reading my report of examples and suggestions on how to write an online dating profile that works, I hope that it will help you create your own perfect dating profile. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to learn how to write an online dating profile?

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