How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease with food naturally

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

When you experience the forgetfulness and have the difficulties in speech, comprehension and interaction, you may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease also causes mood swings. Unfortunately, most of people at the age of 80 may be the victims of Alzheimer’s disease. The common question on how to prevent Alzheimer ’s disease naturally with food receives a lot of attention from everyone. How can food and diet affect your brain health?

How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease With Food Naturally – The Useful And Healthy Diet Forever

Diet and food can affect many aspects in your life, both in positive and negative manners. A healthy diet will help you boost your health and prevent some disease. The Alzheimer’s disease, the progressive disease, is also avoided by eating the healthy and balance diet. Firstly, you should know about the Alzheimer’s disease facts. The Alzheimer’s disease commonly happens when you age.
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The consequences are memory loss and mental function decrease. The victims with Alzheimer’s disease may face difficulties and problems when they interact and act in the social world. It is never late for you to know the ways on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and have super mind from now.

Current Alzheimer’s disease medications will help the victims partly remove symptoms and simultaneously give them the chances to live independently in the social world. However, this treatment still has the downside effects. Another treatment you can try is using natural methods which have no harms at all. Therefore, I would like to introduce in some foods on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease naturally. Read this article to know more.

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1. The Foods Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

We all know that omega-3 fatty acids play the important role in heart health but not many people recognize its effectiveness on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease naturally. Eating the foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids can help you reduce the risks of cognitive decline. Those are founded in various fatty fish such as salmon, herring, white tuna as well as many kinds of food like flaxseed, olive oil and walnuts.

2. Vegetables And Fruits That Contain Flavonoids: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

Flavonoids are in antioxidant food group. Flavonoids are the protective chemical which is created to protect the plants from solar radiation. The flavonoids also help you with Alzheimer’s disease. Fruits which are rich in flavonoids are apples, blueberries, garlic, grapefruit, lima beans and spinach. The trustworthy study in animal has shown that the rat that drinks pomegranate juice can reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, it is not only the way on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease but also the helpful tips to decrease the possibility of developing dementia.

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3. Curry Powder – The Great Source Contains Curcumin: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

If you know the important role of curcumin as a potent antioxidant, anti-amyloid compound, you will never skip the curry powder as the food on how to prevent Alzheimer’s naturally. The study has found out that in many countries, for example in India, less people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than any countries in the world. The reason may be that the curry powder is cooked in india. The main ingredient of curry powder is curcumin, which helps people have a better brain, hence boosting their memory and intellectual ability. So if you want to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, you should cook the curry powder in each meal.

4. Red Wine – Good Hearth And Super Mind:

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

We all know red wine is different from common alcohol. Drink the red wine everyday can make a good hearth and super mind. As a result, it prevents Alzheimer’s disease. It is the proven fact that three 125-millilitre glasses of red wine per day can reduce up to 75% of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Take Vitamin C And E: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

The research has shown that taking vitamin C and E can help you fight against the chemical which affects the brain. Therefore, asking how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, you should take plenty of vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is in red peppers, broccoli, strawberries while vitamin E is in olive oil and almonds. Some people do not have time to consume enough vitamin E and C in daily, therefore they take supplements instead. However, the effects of supplements are not clear. It is recommended that you should take vitamin C and E in foods rather than in supplements. The reason may be that foods give you every type of vitamin C while supplements only have one type, alpha-tocopherol. Different types of vitamin C have different effects.

6. The Group B Vitamins: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

When you ask me how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease naturally with food, I want to emphasize the importance of certain B vitamins, particularly folate. The deficiency of folate can result in cognitive decrease. Besides folate, vitamin B6 and B12 will control the homocysteine levels. This amino acid can affect the brain and increase the possibility of Alzheimer’s attack. Unfortunately, you can stop the Alzheimer’s disease occurrence by eating foods like dark leafy greens and dried beans which are great sources of folate.
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7. Vitamin A And Iron: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

Vitamin A and iron play the important role in cognition development. So, they should be considered as the ways on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. These vitamin and nutrient are contained in many vegetables like pumpkin, squash, tomatoes and carrots. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you should avoid overcooked food because vitamin A and iron may be decreased during the cooking process.

8. Magensium And Potassium: 

how to prevent alzheimer’s disease

It is not surprising that the foods which high in magensium and potassium can boost the body function as well as the brain capacity. You can find magensium and potassium in beans and legumes.

These are 9 ways on how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease that I want to introduce to you. I hope that you will find them very helpful and informative. If you have any question raised in your mind, please feel free to ask me by leaving the comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.
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