11 Effective Tips on How To Avoid Cancer Naturally

Cancer is known as a group of diseases that are linked to the growth of abnormal cells in the body.
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These abnormal cells can invade or spread quickly to other parts of the body and harm for our health and body seriously. Normally, there are about more than 100 various identified cancers that can have bad influence on the humans’ body. At present, there are some main reasons leading to cancer that are identified including chemicals, diet and exercise, infection, radiation, heredity, physical agents, hormones.
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And the numbers of people with cancer are increasing more and more rapidly.
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It means that preventing and treating cancer, especially severe cancers, are becoming more and more imperative. Now, some treatments for cancer might be useful. However, most of them affect on our body. The best ways to treat cancer is prevention.

How To Avoid Cancer Naturally With Effective Methods You Should Know

The main purpose of cancer prevention is to lower the risk of getting cancer. This is also the main prevention of most of the following methods that we want to mention with you. Let’s see the effective ways on how to avoid cancer naturally so as to have a plan of preventing cancer for yourself. They include:

1. Avoid Eating Excessive Protein:

how to avoid cancer-avoid eating excessive protein

Protein is vital for your body. However, if you eat too much protein, side-effects can happen for you. You should consider your daily protein intake. Avoiding eating excessive protein is the common way on how to avoid cancer naturally that you should use. One gram per kilogram of your lean body weight is the best level for your health. If you are pregnant or a competitive athletics, you can consider increasing the protein intake more than 25 %. Other choice for you is to replace the protein with other healthy fatty acids. It can be found in eggs, nuts, avocados, olive oils….

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2. Quit Smoking:

how to avoid cancer-quit smoking

Smoking is related to many different cancers like lung cancer, bladder cancer, cervix cancer. If you have a habit of chewing tobacco, it can lead to cancer of pancreas and oral cavity. Smoke can increase the risk of lung cancer. Even you don’t smoke cigarette, you also should avoid the smoking areas because your frequent exposure to secondhand smoke might the risk of cancer considerably. So quitting smoking is a good choice for preventing cancer as well as other diseases like blood pressure, diabetes effectively for yourself and other people around you. If you feel so difficult to stop it, you can ask for your doctor to get the best advice.

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3. Drink Pure Water:

how to avoid cancer-drink pure water

In general, drinking water can help reduce the risk o bladder cancer as water can help dilute the concentration of cancer-causing agents through urine. Besides that, it also keeps our body hydrated that helps us healthier. But nowadays, most of us often use municipal water treated with chlorine or chloramines. This type of water often contains toxic disinfection byproducts or called DBPs that are formed by reaction between natural organic matter in water and disinfectants. The most common disinfection byproduct is trihalomethanes or THMs, an extremely harmful cancer group B carcinogen for our body. So you should drink pure water for preventing cancer. If it is not available, you can use a whole-house filtration system to eliminate all the harmful byproducts like ammonia, chloramines, chlorine and something like that from your source of water. Alternatively, you can use the following tricks to get the purer water. For example, add some slices of peeled orange to water pitcher for about 30 minutes to neutralize the chloramines in the water; or use about 1000 mg vitamin C tablet to dissolve in your bath water. Vitamin C will help to neutralize the chloramines in the water very well. The adequate amount of water for your body is at least 8 cups of water per day.

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4. Limit The Canned Foods:

how to avoid cancer-limit the canned foods

Bisphenol – A or BPA is a type of chemical that can disrupt the endocrine and lead to cancer and other problems related to reproductive and fetal development. This chemical is found in canned foods. That is why how to avoid cancer naturally also includes limiting the canner foods in your diet. In addition, this chemical is a common component of plastic containers. Hence, you also should find the methods that can help decrease your exposure to BPA. For example, use glass baby bottles and dishes for the baby and infants or replace all the plastic things with glass varieties.

5. Have Clean And Healthy Diet:

how to avoid cancer-have clean and healthy diet

A clean and healthy diet includes healthy foods without containing pesticides and other chemicals. Many studies showed that more than 40 carcinogens are discovered in all pesticides. Hence, one of the most useful ways on how to avoid cancer naturally is to get a clean and healthy diet. You should avoid all the foods with most pesticides like berries, apples, peaches, celery…. and add more other clean fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and clean vegetables in your meal. In addition, the foods contain resistant starch is a good choice for you because resistant starch can help decrease the risk of colon cancer when you eat too much red meat. Some foods are high in resistant starch including white beans, rolled oats, green bananas. Milk is a great food for cancer that you should drink much more. Milk is very rich in calcium that can protect against colon cancer effectively. Some studies showed that over 700 mg of calcium intake a day can help to decrease the risk of colon cancer to 45 percent. And you also can add more garlic and onion to your meal. They are known as the foods that prevent cancer thanks to its powerful anticancer properties. Garlic is also very rich in flavonoids, oligosaccharides, arginine, selenium that are very good for your health.

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6. Limit Sugary Drinks:

how to avoid cancer-limit sugary drinks

Most of us know that sugary drinks can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. But not many people know about its risk for endometrial cancer. Some researches found that the people drank too much sugar-laden beverages can increase the higher risk of endometrial cancer up to 87 percent. So, limiting the sugary drinks is to protect you against cancer more effectively.

7. Do Exercise:

how to avoid cancer-do exercise

Doing exercise is always the best ways on how to avoid cancer naturally effectively as well as other serious diseases, at the same time, help you get a healthy body. Some studies displayed that the people that spend too much of time for only sitting can be up to 24 percent higher risk of colon and endometrial cancer. That is why you should do exercise to protect you against cancer. For instance, moderate exercise also helps reduce blood estrogen levels that can lead to breast cancer. Or walking or hiking can lower the risk of pancreatic cancer. Some activities like jogging, walking, aerobic, yoga or something like that will be easy for you to start. You should spend about at least 30 to 45 minutes per day to practise.

8. Artichokes And Green Tea:

how to avoid cancer-artichokes and green tea

Artichokes are known as a great herb for our health. They can be used as a type of tea. Drinking this tea daily can help prevent skin cancer thanks to silymarin, an antioxidants in artichokes. This substance is able to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Green tea is a good food that can help reduce the risk of lung, prostate, colon, ovarian, breast cancer. EGCG in green tea is considered as a powerful anti-cancer compounds. Besides that, drinking tea daily also helps for your beauty considerably.

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9. Protect Yourself From The Sun:

how to avoid cancer-protect yourself from the sun

You may think why protecting yourself from the sun is a good ways on how to avoid cancer naturally as vitamin D from the sun is very useful for your body. All of you know that skin cancer is rather common. One of the main reasons of skin cancer is from sunlight. Hence, if you want to avoid skin cancer, you need to find out the protective measures. You need to avoid midday sun from 10 a.m to 4 p.m because the sun’s ray in this time is strongest and most harmful for your skin. If you must be outdoors, you should stay in the shade as much as possible and wear the sunglasses and broad-rimmed hat to protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Or you can cover exposed areas to the sunrays by using loose fitting clothing with dark colors to reflect more ultraviolet radiation much more. Using sunscreen is also a good choice for you. Besides that, you had better stop tanning beds and sunlamps to avoid the harmful rays as they can damage your skin like natural sunlight does.

10. Avoid The Risky Behaviors:

how to avoid cancer-avoid the risky behaviors

Avoiding the risky behaviors is also an effective method on how to avoid cancer naturally that you should remember. As you know, there are a lot of risky behaviors that can lead to infections, since then, increase the risk of cancer. Hence, the useful ways for you is to take all the protective measures to minimize the risk. Firstly, you need to practise safe sex. This is the first thing you have to do if you want to avoid infections as well as infectious diseases like HIV. Do it by limiting your amount of sexual partners at the same time, using a condom when making love. Other thing you need to do is not to share needles with any infected drug user. This action can lead to HIV or hepatitis B or C, one of the common diseases that are able to increase the risk of liver cancer.

11. Reduce The Intake Of Acrylamide:

how to avoid cancer-reduce the intake of acrylamide

Acrylamide is one of the common carcinogenic substances that often appear naturally in some foods if they are cooked at a high temperature. The foods can produce acrylamide if you fry, roast or bake including the foods rich in amino acids and /or carbohydrates like peanut butter, pizza, pretzels, baked goods, toast, roasted coffee, french fries. Advice for you is to limit the intake of these foods to avoid cancer more effectively.

The above include 11 useful ways on how to avoid cancer naturally that we want to share with you. If you want to see more information about this topic or other diseases, you can visit our website, vkool.com to get more. And you also write your comment in here. We will reply for you as soon as possible.

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