Face Yoga Exercises: Poses For Slimming Your Face

A perfect and wide smile makes your face look more beautiful. Yet, as soon as laugh lines present around your mouth, your own beauty will tone down by two times. Similar to the body which also needs a lot of exercise to be healthy, our facial muscles should be treated as well. The facial muscles begin loosening out when we age. Before resorting any costly cosmetic treatment, chemical peels, botox, and wrinkle fillers, you had better consider following some face yoga exercises which will give you long-term results naturally. These exercises are easy to follow and will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a younger looking face soon.

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Face Yoga Exercises – Simple And Easy

1. Work On Your Orbicularis Oris Muscle

face yoga exercises

As its name, this exercise works on your orbicularis oris muscle – the muscle that is around the mouth – zygomatic arch (the cheekbones) and modiolus muscle – the muscle on either side of your mouth.

  • You first close the mouth pressing on the lips together and blow air under the upper lip. Keep at the count of ten.
  • Then, transfer the air to the left cheek and keep for another 10 counts
  • Transfer air to the right cheek, and also keep for another 10 counts
  • After that, you repeat this routine for about 10-15 times

In fact, this exercise is rather easy and effective to help you remove the chubbiness of your cheek.

2. Do The Pouting Stretch

face yoga exercises

Stick out the lower lip to the point where you make a pout. Keep that pose for several seconds. Then, lower the jaw whilst keeping the lower lip stuck out in the pout and the face stable. Repeat the exercise for 10 times.

By practicing this exercise, you will be able to build strength in your chin as well as your upper neck area, which might be prone to growing a “waddle”.

You could practice this exercise a few times per day, anywhere and anytime.

3. Practice “Kissing The Sky

face yoga exercises

In this list of face yoga exercises, this is one of the easiest poses. First, you sit on the chair with the back straight. Then, slowly lean the head back till you are looking up at the ceiling. Your lips should be closed yet loose. Now, purse the lips like you are kissing the ceiling. Keep the exaggerated kiss pose for a few seconds. Repeat the routine for 10 times.

Practice this exercise a few times each day. And, you should feel this move as a stretch through your neck and underside of the jaw.

4. Practice The Owl Stretch

face yoga exercises

To practice this exercise, you need to stand up straight with the arms loose at sides, shoulders down. Then, bring the lips into a pout and keep the position for a second.

Now, take a deep breath through your nose and slowly turn the head, looking over the left shoulder, holding for a few seconds. Upon finishing, you repeat the move by looking over the right shoulder.

If doing this exercise appropriately, you should feel a stretch underneath your chin and also along both sides of the neck.

Repeat on each side for 10-15 times. Do the exercise twice per day.

5. Practice “Chewing Gum

face yoga exercises

Initially, you turn the head to the right as far as you could yet in a comfortable way. Simulate the motion of chewing gum with the mouth for about 20 times. Then, repeat on the opposite side.

You need to keep in mind that upon practicing this exercise appropriately, you should feel a stretch in the jaw muscles, the front and sides of the neck, and the chin.

As a variation of the exercise, you can make a chewing motion with the mouth whilst tilting the head back and looking up right at the ceiling.

6. Smooth Forehead

face yoga exercises

Among face yoga exercises, this is an easy yet effective one that will remove fine lines quickly.

First, you need to widen the eyes in order to expose as much of the white of the eyes as possible. Keep this pose till your eyes begin to water (for about 1 minute).

This exercise is extremely beneficial for your facial muscles as it can work up the muscles around your forehead and eyes as well, erasing the effects of squinting by practicing an exercise which does the opposite. In addition, making your eyes water will help in removing toxins from your own system.

7. Firm Cheeks

face yoga exercises

When it comes to face yoga exercise, this is rather simple to practice. Take a big breath through the mouth and keep it so the cheeks are strongly puffed out. After several seconds, you release the breath.

This cheek-firming exercise will strengthen your cheek muscles and prevent the cheek from appearing thinner that often contributes to the hollow look that you often see on a lot of people at their middle-age.

8. Eradicate Crow’s Feet

face yoga exercises

Though this exercise tends to take some practice from you, yet if done properly, it could decrease the look of crow’s feet, the fine wrinkles around the eyes.

To begin, you lift and then release the lower eyelid without moving facial muscles. After that, press against the outer crease of your crow’s feet with the fingertips, offering slight pressure. By that way, you will create proper pressure for the muscle to work against.

Upon doing this exercise, you should make sure that you use gently pressure, and do not pull too hard. Because the skin area around the human eyes is so sensitive, so you may want to moisturize before practicing the exercise.

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9. Lift Nasal Labial Fold

face yoga exercises

Also called as the “puppet face”, this exercise can reduce wrinkles around your mouth. To practice it, you smile with the teeth showing off, gently press fingertips into the creases between the lips and nose. After that, you lift those muscles up and press the fingers down so as for applying slight resistance.

You might know that plump, round cheeks are the sign of youthful vigor, by practicing this exercise, you will strengthen the cheek muscles, assisting in restoring more plump, and youthful cheeks without resorting injectable fillers.

10. Strengthen Neck And Chin

face yoga exercises

Has been dubbed the “baby bird”, this exercise will help strengthen the muscles in your neck and chin. To practice it, you press the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, then swallow with the chin pointing to the ceiling.

The neck is usually the first place we show signs of aging, and this exercise will strengthen your jaw muscles and the platysma, which are the muscles surrounding the upper chest and collarbone.

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11. “Reset” Facial Habits

face yoga exercises

Another tip for exercising your face is also called as the “Buddha face”. You just need to picture the Buddha’s face with his slight, calm smile, eyes closed. Then, imagine that it has been superimposed over yours while trying matching his expression.

This exercise will work similarly to rebooting a laptop or computer .That means, you are encouraging your own face to smile instead of grimace or scowl, which a lot of people do without realizing it, promoting to further formation of the fine lines and wrinkles.

12. Exercise For Eyes

face yoga exercises

Resistance exercises for eyes will help you reduce crow’s feet, winkles and fine lines.

It will help you firm, tone and relax the existing lines. It in turn will improve your confidence to smile.

To do it, you place the index finger on the outer corner of your eyes and then pull it gently upwards in a way as to pull the cheeks up and smile. Keep this position for several seconds before relaxing.

13. Some Lifestyle Tips

face yoga exercises

In fact, there is no practical way to avoid aging – it is a natural part of life – yet there are many things you could do to keep your skin as well as body looking and feeling vibrant and healthy. Exercise is obviously crucial, and if you could shift away from aerobics to sprint-type aerobics, you will have a great way to reduce your aging rate naturally. Perhaps, above all else, the real “fountain of youth” is a healthy, well-planned diet. Without this natural foundation, exercise is not likely to be as efficient. When it comes to the feel and look of your skin, diet is a necessary component. Make sure that your diet includes plenty of raw, whole foods, fruits and veggies. In addition, a good night’s sleep and appropriately addressing emotional stresses are additional keys to regaining your optimum physical appearance. Thus, the key here is to combine properly a healthy diet plan with a proper exercise regime.

Above are top 12 face yoga exercises and some lifestyle tips for you to know how to slim your face, allowing you to look younger than your calendar age. Follow them and you will soon see great results.

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