20 Ways To Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Without Medicine

Updates: 05/19/2024

Keeping the blood sugar levels well and balanced is necessary for everyone to help maintain energy levels as well as avoid complications which are associated with diabetes. All you need to do is to make some dietary changes, including certain foods and concentrating on others, also lifestyle changes, containing exercise and stress avoidance. This article will provide you with 20 tips to control blood sugar levels naturally without medicine you should do to get blood sugar under your control. Check them out right now!

20 Way To Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Without Medicine  

1. Eat Foods Of High-Fiber Content

When it comes to tips on how to control blood sugar levels at home, fiber-rich foods will be the first thing listed. Although diet that contains high fiber content does not provide too much nutrients or calories, it impacts positively our blood sugar. The soluble fiber that is soluble in the water is able to stabilize the blood sugar levels by slowing the carbohydrate absorption and boost the blood sugar regulation as well as lower the insulin requirements. Insoluble fiber, in contrast, does not soluble in water might enhance the waste eradication and help to prevent the condition of constipation. It is good for you to consume both fiber-rich foods and non-fiber carbs, like starch or sugar. Just concentrate on low-carb and food of non-starchy fibers, such as kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans. Other rich sources of fiber are corn, potatoes, peas, beans, lentils, whole grains, and cereals. Nevertheless, they are higher in starchy carbs.

2. Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are essential for those who want to control blood sugar levels. If you consume continuously high-glycemic index carbs, you will cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes as well. Eating healthy fats will allow you to boost your buffer carbohydrate absorption through slowing down the digestive process. Thus, try to avoid processed and fried foods which are jam packed with saturated fats. It is highly recommended that you had better include healthy fats originated from sources which are olive oil fish, and canola oil.

3. Get Moving

Exercises can result in heightened sensitivity to insulin. This is because your cells absorb more glucose, thereby leading to less glucose in the bloodstream. Besides, exercise is a great way to lower your blood glucose rapidly while still improving your overall health naturally. Include moderate exercise in your daily activities will assist people in preventing and managing diabetes. It is estimated that about 30 to 60 minutes of working out can provide the incredible benefits for the blood sugar levels control. Spend at least a few minutes each day on exercising like walking on your lunch break and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 

4. Lose Excess Fat

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can help you achieve normal blood sugar levels effectively. Even a small amount of weight loss can help to improve insulin sensitivity. Excess weight will contribute to the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes, a disease that is characterized by abnormal high blood sugar as well as insulin’s imbalance. As mentioned above, follow a portion-controlled diet which is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy and unsaturated fats. Contact your doctor or a registered dietitian to set up a personalized weight-reduction plan.

5. Drink Red Wine

One glass of red wine can lower your blood sugar if taken proper. Do not have more than one glass of red wine. Keep in mind that it should be red wine, not white wine, beer, or any other alcoholic beverage.

how to control blood sugar levels without medicine

6. Drink A Plenty Of Water

Believe it or not, staying hydrated could have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Is the effect a big one? There is a study showing that those people who drink water about 17 to 34 ounces per day are 30 percent less likely develop increased blood sugar levels than those who drink less water. It is recommended that when people are dehydrated, the kidneys will go into panic mode. They will retain water as well as increase blood sugar. So make sure that you drink plenty of water. By this way, you will reduce the risk of developing blood sugar and also cut down the long-term health risks.

7. Have A Cup Of Green Tea

Replace sugary beverages with green tea is a good way to cut calories, save carbs, and control blood sugar levels. It can improve the insulin sensitivity, though the evidence is not strong enough to make solid recommendation. In fact, a large number of people reflected that they see an improvement in their blood sugar levels and overall health after consuming green tea for a period.

8. Eat Cherries

Cherries include naturally occurring chemicals named anthocyanins that can help to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.According to a study published, anthocyanins found in cherries could decrease insulin production by 50 percent. Also, anthocyanin-loaded cherries might also protect against cancer and heart disease.\

9. Relax

how to control blood sugar levels in pregnancyDepression and stress can stimulate the nervous and endocrine system in ways that enhance blood sugar levels. Stress, literally can affect your emotional health, then it impacts the glucose levels in two manners. Firstly, when under stress, you will not eat right or exercise that can wreak havoc on the blood sugar. Secondly, stress hormones might alter the blood sugar levels directly. In order to reduce stress, you could try some breathing exercises or meditation practice. Do a few simple stretches or try a few yoga poses. Take time to do something you really enjoy or talk it out with your friend. Whatever you do, keeping your body tranquil will help to keep those blood sugar levels.

Learn how to relax effectively with: tricks to relax with meditation, and techniques to control stress and anxiety quickly.

10. Snack Smarter

Snack will not help your management of blood sugar levels. Candy bars or other sugary foods can cause your blood sugar levels out of control. But it does not mean you cannot snack at all. There are a lot of diabetic-friendly manners for you to snack. Olives, eggs, and string cheese will have small amounts of carbohydrate. Whatever kind of snack you pick, just make sure that there is something contributing to the health goals.

Plentiful information on how to create a diet plan for a healthy life is available in our website and you should discover now.

11. Eat Healthful Portions

As recommendation, overeating can raise glucose. Therefore, it is better for you to learn how to estimate portions with the common household objects or just with your hand.

how to control blood sugar levels with diet

For example:

  • A deck of cards will equal to the size of about 4 ounce portion of meat, poultry, or fish or a half cup of starch like cut-up fruit or rice.
  • The palm of a normal woman’s hand is similar to a half of cup or 4 ounces
  • A baseball is about the size of a piece of fruit.
  • A thumb equal to 1 tablespoon.
  • And the tips of your thumb to your first knuckle equal to one tablespoon.

12. Do Not Skip Or Delay Meals

Breakfast is extremely important for you to control weight and other factors of health. We have all heard that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. Indeed, this is especially true for those who have diabetes. If your meals and carbohydrates are spaced evenly throughout the day, your blood glucose will be regulated stably. Too many carbohydrates at any one time could raise the blood sugar too high, even when you take medicine.

13. Get More Sleep

Inadequate or poor sleep can affect the body chemistry. Too little sleep can disrupt the hormones which might lead to enhanced appetite, higher blood glucose, or a thicker waistline. Getting enough sleep will help the blood sugar levels retain its mode. People who sleep less than 6 hours per night will consistently 4 to 5 times more likely to get abnormal blood sugar levels than those who take enough sleep, from 7 to 9 hours. Lack of sleep can also lead to other health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, or stroke.

Find a sleep routine that works for you. If you have trouble sleeping, refer some nutrition tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and natural ways to stop snoring for good at here to stop your problems now.


14. Check The Blood Sugar Levels Regularly

Here are some ideas for you to check the glucose level:

how to control blood sugar levels naturally

  • At different times on different days instead of at the same time each day. Check before breakfast and after dinner. After one week, you will get good improvement of your blood sugar control.
  • Check after a meal 1 or 2 hours.
  • Whenever you try something new, whether it is exercise, food, or medication, just use the glucose meter to control your glucose level.

15. Keep Track The Blood Sugar Levels

The last but not less important tip on how to control blood sugar levels is keeping track your blood sugar levels readings. It is a good and also necessary thing for you to take your readings. If you are experiencing highs or lows, then follow the above tips or call the health-care provider to discuss some adjustments in your current routine.

By regular monitoring, you will compare the day-to-day results with the A1C. Also, you can mobilize something in order to get control over that blood sugar.

If you or someone you love is coping with the risk of diabetes due to raised blood sugar levels then you can check out some methods to get diabetes under control.

16. Eat Oatmeal control blood sugar levels with eat oatmeal

Oatmeal helps control blood sugar but don’t eat sweetened kind. According to nutrients, though oatmeal is a carbohydrate, but a good kind. In addition, oatmeal is a great source of fiber that’s slower for you to digest and keep your blood sugar in control. Because oatmeal contains soluble fiber so that it helps you feel full longer. Besides, oatmeal offers a source of energy that is steadier than that in white bread.

For those who suffer from type II diabetes and have the risk of obesity, it’s important for them to pay attention to improve their glucose levels by eating more soluble fiber in green leafy vegetables, fruits, too.

If barley is available in your living place, use this grain, instead of oats. The nutritionists from USDA suggest that whole grains like barley and oats are great choice for diabetics. And people can add boiled pearl barley in their daily meals, in place of white rice.

Besides, other sources lean protein like nuts, legumes, peas, seeds and turkey are useful. Consider consuming protein drinks with under 5g of sugar a day.

17. Eat Fish

Fish is rich in protein that doesn’t affect blood sugar as much as other nutrients and carbohydrates do. In addition, fish has less cholesterol and fat than poultry and meat. Many different types of fish such as mackerel, salmon, and herring are high in omega 3 fatty acids that can lower fats and promote heart health.

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18. Eat Strawberries

Though strawberries are sweet but this fruit is low in carbohydrates, so it doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels. In addition, strawberries also contain a lot of water, so they help you feel fuller longer. As a result, you won’t feel tempted by harmful sweet foods later on.

19. Consume Cinnamon control blood sugar levels with consume cinnamon

The German scientists shown that cinnamon has good effects (like insulin-like effects) at lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics.

In the research, the scientist assigned 79 diabetes patients into 2 groups. After 4 months of investigation, the test group consumed cinnamon extract 3 times a day and the control group used a placebo. The results indicated that people who took cinnamon extract had decreased blood sugar levels by 10%, compared to 3.3% of the control group. The researched also concluded that cinnamon extract had positive effects in lowering blood sugar levels in type II diabetic, and those who had problems related to controlling blood sugar.

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20. Control Calories You Consume

To control blood levels, do not forget to count how many calories you consume per day. Ingesting the correct amounts of calories can help you avoid taking excess foods and excessive sugar that affect your blood sugar levels worsen.

If you are a small or medium-sized woman, consume about 1,200 to 1,600 calories a day.

If you are a large woman and want to lose weight, consume about 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day.

If you are a medium or large man with healthy weight, consume about 2,000 to 2,400 calories a day.

If you are a medium to large man who exercises a lot, a large man at a healthy weight, or a medium to large woman who exercises a lot.

While there are many practical, simple ways to keep your blood sugar down, but not all of them are beneficial and suitable to you. You deserve the best care possible. Hopefully that these 20 tips to control blood sugar levels naturally without medicine above will work for you.

If you care about this article of the 20 easy ways to control blood sugar levels naturally without medicine, and want to contribute your ideas about this. Feel free to leave all your comments at the end of this post. We will answer all as soon as possible.

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