29 Positive Thinking Tips and Tricks for Good Health

positive thinking tips

Being a positive person does not mean pretending everything is great all the time. In fact, positive thinking is all about looking for good in people, situations, and experiences. In contrary, negative people concentrate on the bad and have health problems, stress, and limited social life. So, how to become a positive person? The answer is lying the word positive itself. It means that you deal with facts, view these facts in a positive way. It also depends on your lifestyle, your behaviors, and your actions. Also, there is a connection between optimism and happiness, and a positive thinker. Positive thinking is a critical skill that could be taught and acquired by anyone. With this attitude, you will achieve your goals, dreams, and deadlines. In the article, I would like to introduce to you 29 positive thinking tips on how to become a positive thinker from VKool.com. Here they are:

29 Positive Thinking Tips – Control Your Thoughts Positively

positive thinking tips

To become a positive person is one of the smartest ways to get succeed in life for everyone. Actually, we can get difficulties to get the goal due to many reasons. However, you can try some of following techniques to get rid of bad thoughts and you will be a positive, courageous, and kind person. Here are top 26 positive thinking tips and tricks that are good for your health and work. They include:

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1. Enjoy Social Activities 

positive thinking tips

Contributing to the community by enjoying social activities is one of the most effective positive thinking tips for you.  If you have time to think about bad things, why don’t you spend time to give your energy on some helpful activities in your countryside? You can volunteer to help poor people, go to some places to do charities, or you can enjoy some parties, yearly, monthly activities in school. They are very good in assisting you to think positively. Now get up and start a new day with some helpful actions. Do not waste time on thinking about sadness.

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2. Breathe Deeply 

positive thinking tips

Whenever you begin talking about negative things, you should try to breathe deeply. This routine will help you a lot no matter what your problem is. It is like the exercise of meditating but you can breathe deeply in a short time, try to calm your thoughts about bad issues. I know that some people get troubles when overcoming problems in work and life, but with some simple positive thinking tips in the writing, you can live with smile and gratification.

3. Try To Give Up Dreams 

positive thinking tips

Dreams prove that you have wishes, wants, and needs. But sometimes they are old and not good to your current life anymore. Have you ever dreamed of a thing but it makes you cry a lot? Give up it immediately because something makes you tear will make you disappointed. As the result, you should be courageous to give up it and dream about the better things in life.

4. Relax 

positive thinking tips

Overworking will create stress and anxiety. Obviously, you will feel tired of working all day without relaxation. Are you getting a problem? Try to relax or have some breaks if you are really tired. You are not a perfect person and I am not, too. No one is a perfect person and you have the right to rest and who knows, it will help you think about positive things and will get succeed in life and work.

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5. Be Creative 

positive thinking tips

Getting some creative things in your life will be good for your mind. Sometimes you will feel bored and tired of the same works in day and night, how can you overcome this thought? I think that you can enter a new place, a new idea that you have never known and dreamed. You can have some ideas for your work and give them to the boss. Try it and you might get further benefit from it. If you want to discover more other positive thinking tips and tricks to improve perfomance in work & life, continue reading this writing to know more.

6. Be A Kind Person 

positive thinking tips

Being a good person is another idea to help you have positive thinking in life.  In order to make your life happier, you should help many people as much as possible. You will feel wonderful when supporting someone and probably you will need them some future time. If it is not easy to get rid of negative thoughts, you should try to be a kind person to get the useful experience.

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7. Eat Favorite Healthy Foods 

positive thinking tips

Whenever I am disappointed, I want to eat. But make sure that you eat healthy foods and drinks. Eating healthily will lead to positive thoughts and it is associated with the function of cognitively. Therefore, you can try eating some favorite healthy recipes instead of thinking about failure you have got. Also, you can opt for some healthy snacks as well as eat the foods that can support you reduce stress or anxiety.

8. Trust Yourself

positive thinking tips

If you always distrust yourself, you will get more failure. Believe that you can conquer challenges and pass the exams. Believe that you are worth receiving happiness and you will get it. If you are always sad and feel negative, it means that you do not have confidence, which contributes significantly to get successful.

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9. Accept Support  

positive thinking tips

Throwing away the sorrow is not easy to some people, probably you are getting this. Actually, disappointment can make your health worse and it will affect your health a lot. If you cannot get rid of negative thoughts in life, you can get some help from beloved people around you. Do not deny those supports because you might need it more than you think and kindness from other people can make you happier and more confident to cut down anything bad in life.

10. Reduce Expectation 

positive thinking tips

Have you ever expected one big thing? Have you ever felt upset about the failure? Probably, you expect that thing too much and when the result is not good, you will feel down and disappointed. As the result, you should learn how to expect less and do not hope too much on the thing you are not sure.  You can start a plan from the small to the big instead of beginning with the big plan with big belief and sources.

11. Learn From Positive Materials 

positive thinking tips

One of the best positive thinking tips is to read positive materials. You can spend time reading some books, news, or some letters that can stimulate your positive mind. Why don’t you try to read some funny stories or watch some cartoons? They will help you live optimistically and negative thoughts will go away from your mind.

12. Learn New Language

positive thinking tips

You can learn a new language to think more positively. You can learn a lot of nice words from a new language and you will feel so interesting from it. For example, you can try to learn English, Italian, French, etc. Language not only helps you contact and talk with people, but it can help you communicate yourself. There are a lot of positive thinking tips and tricks presented in this writing, so keep reading it to learn more.

13. Do Exercises 

positive thinking tips

Exercises are helpful and beneficial for your health, especially for your mind and many people use this method to eliminate negative cognitions. You can start a day with regular exercises such as jogging, walking, yoga, etc. Or you can spend a specific time doing kung fu, dancing, cycling, swimming, etc. You can stay at home to do exercises or go to gym depending on what kind of exercise you choose.

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14. Visualization

positive thinking tips in hindiVisualization mentions to forecasting on the future through building up an imaginary scenario in the mind and that image of scenario reflects on an achievement of a goal. The visualizing ability will keep you motivated when dealing with something. Besides, this method also indicates some possible problems that might happen in your working process. Although the visualization might not be real it still makes you easier to work towards it and remains the demands for success alive in you. In some cases, after visualizing something, you recognize that you do not want it or want to choose something else. In this case, it will help you save time as well as energy instead of spending on what you do not actually want to do.

Another way to visualize is to form a mental picture of your success. Just imagine yourself achieving your goals. As your mind comes to terms with the picture you are visualizing, you will put the steps in place and achieve it.

If you are coping with some troubles of life, you can learn some critical tips to be happier in life with the secret bible to turn troubles into challenges.

15. Treat Other People The Way You Wish To Be Treated

Everyone always wants to be treated impartially. The way you treat others around you shows the kind of person you are. Sometimes, just a small action can reflect the whole personality of that person. It is not always true completely, but it is normal in our lives. So, to be more positive, you need to treat other people with respect and dignity. By this way, you will not only make them feel great but also make yourself feel better.

16. Turn Negative To Positive Thoughts Right Within Your Mind

Human has the ability to control the way they think. That means you have the total control ability of how you perceive situations you are in. Either you accept them or you make a change to them. It is better if you can view things surrounding with a different way. In fact, accepting the things that you cannot change will help you avoid disappointments. Meanwhile, try to change the things that you cannot accept (in a proper way).

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Just appreciate things that you had in life before craving for something better or deciding to make a big change.

17. Be Tolerant Others Progress And Your Own Progress

In daily life, we have some goals that are just others’ simple achievements; in contrast, others also want to achieve their goals which are our success. It is critical for you to be tolerant of your own progress. Do not compare yourself with others because that just pulls you down and even distracts you from what you intend to do. This negative thought is driven by the jealousy, slows down further your target, and enhances your own negative feelings.

You also need to tolerate others’ progress and do not let you be affected by their achievements. Each individual has different capabilities. In some cases, the other person might get better result compared to your; however, it does not mean in any way he or she will better than you. Do not let your goals be distracted by the jealousy.

18. Avoid Negative Self-Talk

positive thinking tips lifeOne of important positive thinking tips you need to learn is getting rid of negative self-talk. Self-talk involves the things that you mentally tell yourself. It also points out how you perform and interact with the world around you. If your thoughts just focus on negative thoughts, obviously, your self-esteem will be hurt. In that case, just take a moment to pause and assess the problem. Instead of talking negatively to yourself, you can become your own motivator by telling some positive things. When things go wrong or you falter, just remember that do not make excuses but say something like “That was my mistake, yet I can learn from that setback”.

19. Mediate Or Do Yoga

Doing Yoga can take your concentration away from your thoughts and bring your attention to your breath. Yoga is also so relaxing that can help to ease your mind. Yoga helps people stay present to their experience so instead of jumping to what can happen, it brought them back to the present –  the most important moment.

Want to know more tips for relaxation? You can check the book of simple tips for music relaxation out.

20. Set Clear Goals

In order to make things done, you need to follow a clear goals setting strategy. Positive thinking is also considered as the road to success. If you have no destination, then your journey is haphazard. If you write down ambitious but achievable goals, then you are already on the road to complete them.

21. Smile 

A smile can be a good way to promote the mood of the human being when facing difficulties. Although it is hard to smile when you are in trouble instead of continuously thinking about negative things, you can smile to make you feel lighter. With some people, it does not help so much to relieve stress; yet, it takes some of their muscles to smile than to frown.

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22. Surround Yourself With Positive People

It is usually said that you can have the same level of health, lifestyle, and even income as the 5 people you often spend the most time with. Therefore, in order to be fit, you can start hanging out with the fit people. For example, if you want to start a business, then you can hang out with businessmen. It is such simple. When it comes to thoughts, nothing is different. If you want to think positively, then you should hang out with positive people. Just remember that birds of a feather really do flock together.

So, when you are stuck in a negative spiral, just talk to some friends or family members who can put things into perspective and will not feed your negative thinking.

23. Do Not Play The Victim. You Create Your Life

It is said that in order to control the life, you need to control your thought first. Do not turn yourself into a victim of difficulties or troubles. Even if your living situation becomes unbearable; nevertheless, there is always a way for you to get out. You will always have choices to make change happen, just whether you aware them or not.

You can check the guide of ultimate secrets of mind power to improve your focus and harness the power of your mind.

24. Help People Around

Take the focus away from you and start doing something nice for others, from those who are living with you. Once you can do that, you can take your mind off things and feel better for helping someone else.

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25. No One Is Perfect – Let Yourself Move Forward

Dwelling on your own mistake is easy; nevertheless, overcoming the mistake, learning experience from it, and moving forward are not easy at all.  When coping with your mistake, the only thing you should do is to keep moving and promising that that mistake will not happen again.

Learning positive thinking also means you are learning to cope with and relieve stress, that way, you should get to know ultimate tricks to control stress and easy ways to get rid of depression in order to keep yourself moving forward without being interrupted by stress.

26. Sing

No matter your voice is beautiful or not, or even that you do not remember lyrics well when you do sing, you will feel better. Through singing, you are showing your feelings and relieving stress naturally.

27. Make A List Of What You Want To Change In Life With Positive Attitude

positive thinking tips and tricksPositive thinking does not mean that you are satisfied with the way you are or what you have but think of it with a positive attitude. That means you need to make yourself better and better over the time. List all your negative attitudes. If you cannot think of things to put on your list, ask people around or your family members. I will bet they will help you make it a really long list!

28. Write Strong, Life-Giving, Positive Affirmation Statements

This is one of easy and practical positive thinking tips that you can make use of it. Every day, you can spend time on making commitment statements and reading them out loud. Then, enjoy how great they make you feel. By this way, you are making progress, though you cannot see it yet. Just keep affirming the positive.

29. Recharge Your Batteries

One of the critical positive thinking tips that can be indispensable in your life bible is recharging your batteries. Literally, the human body is likely a machine. You need to feed it with the right energy. This may mean that you can take a few hours on the weekend to read a positive book or go for a holiday.

If you want to get more useful secrets on life and mind, you might visit our main Mind & Body page. So, these are some ultimate positive thinking tips that used successfully by many people all over the world. Hope that you have learned something new! Well, learning positive thinking tips might require much effort and patience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to make it successful.
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