17 Good Ways On How To Remove Negative Energy From Body And Mind

how to remove negative energy from body

Negative energy is something often coming to everybody either on a stressed or free days.  It is very important to find suitable ways on how to remove negative energy because it not only gives bad effects on oneself but also causes lots of disturbances even conflicts in your wide relationships, which makes you more anxious and stressed. This energy also limits your power from getting a great and happy life and achieving your dream besides taking tangible effect on your health.

There are a number of ways to get rid of negative energy from your life, which helps you restore balance in your vital relationships and harmony in your life. By the most natural methods to do at home or your workplace, you can easily release yourself from this type of energy so that becoming happier and more effective in any activities.

It is time now for VKool.com to show you 17 good ways on how to remove negative energy from body and mind on your own. All of the recommended ways are natural, effective, and quite simple to follow. For those who often suffer from negativity or would like to have a better state, spend a little time reading our article to get more experience.

17 Good Ways On How To Remove Negative Energy From Body And Mind

1. Laugh More

how to remove negative energy - laugh more

Laughing always exists around the human life, which is not only an effective way on how to remove negative energy but also helpful for your health. It brings real physical changes to your body thereby reducing your stress and pain as well as boosting your positive energy. In fact, it is quite weird to laugh out loud because of nothing ridiculous but try to force yourself sometimes then your laugh may become genuine.

With a fulfilled and very busy schedule, you may be deep in the trouble of both working and relationship, which sometimes makes you feel like a robot indeed. In other words, work-driven and serious attitude is the reason of your negative thinking and you can just become more positive when considering your life less serious and pulling yourself off the hook.

The simplest way on how to remove negative energy is laughing that helps lighten your mood and remind you to take life more simple. Do you find insensitive to laughing at jokes? It is because you are stressed with a tiring life just with work and no play. It is the time you should learn to laugh at anything ridiculous including jokes and even your mistakes so that your life may be full of the experiment in finding out various things making you happy and your negative energy will be replaced by positive one.

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2. Clap Loudly

It sounds like amazing that the sound and vibrations from loud clapping play an effective role in breaking up your negative energy and making them disperse. In other words, those loud and clear sounds are known as a cleansing method on how to remove negative energy at home. Even when you listen to loud sounds like the noise of thunderstorms, the sound of fireworks or church bells, your mind will be calm and cleaned.

The next time when you are troubled in stress and negative thinking, just walk around your home clapping your hands, particularly in corners, under the stairs, and on shelves to eliminating negativity from your space. Of course, the sound of clapping may be crisp and light so you should avoid slugging and heavy clapping to prevent negativity as well. In addition, you can use bells, drums, or chimes along with clapping as the ways on how to remove negative energy from your body.

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3. Yawn

While almost of people consider yawning is a negative posture that appears along with boredom or discontentment, it is really a good way on how to remove negative energy indeed. It is because yawning helps clear your body from unwanted energy so that releasing yourself into a free life. According to scientific interpretation, yawning is like a breathing exercise or a strong purposed-filled breathing that helps reduce anxiety and boredom indeed.

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4. Dance Alone

Dancing is really an effective way on how to remove negative energy from your mind.
It is because dancing makes your brain release endorphins that help create positive energy within and around you.

In addition, dancing is a way to communicate joy with the universe as joy is the highest forms of vibration in the world and you will be kept in this positive world as well.

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5. Change Thinking

how to remove negative energy - change thinking

The way you treat yourself plays a decisive role in your state of energy and spirit. By different thoughts, you can be your best coach or your best enemy as well, so try to change the first thinking. If you are finding a way on how to remove negative energy, changing your thought is the first step to follow because your positive life will be restricted by a stream of negative self-talk indeed.

The next time when you suffer from a negative thought, try writing it down then replace it with a positive one. For example, instead of keeping a thought that you couldn’t believe in the last terrible test, you can change it like you tried your best on this test but impossible and I would do better next time. In brief, changing your self-talk is powerful on the way how to remove negative energy.

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6. Close To Positive People

Surrounding yourself with someone positive is also a way on how to remove negative energy from your life. The reason is that your mind is easily affected by others often talking and sharing with you, who stimulates you to close positive people indeed. For example, if your friends are full of negative energy-suckers, you will gradually emulate their behavior and become similar to them about both ways of thinking and opinion about life. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to become more positive if your relatives don’t show or support positive behavior.

On the other hand, if you become more positive, your present friends may appreciate the new you even become resistant to the positive trend you change. Although changing is quite scary, everybody sometimes also needs essential changes to make their lives better, which means you are not only releasing yourself from stress but also pull others out of negative energy. On the way how to remove negative energy, positivity is a gradual process individually and a positive group of close people can be an escalator.

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7. Spend Time With Special Someone

Not only should you keep yourself close to someone positive but you should also spend more time with someone special as a step on how to remove negative energy from your body. If you are in a serious relationship, have healthy sex from your love with your partner to eliminate negative energy and replace it with the positive one. In addition, a love-filled sex in a serious relationship can relieve stress, boost the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

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8. Be Responsible

Being responsible for your thoughts is another way on how to remove negative energy from yourself. The thought pattern of people who always consider things happening to them causes a victim mentality is subtle and deceptive negative. For example, sentences like “I have to work” and “I couldn’t believe he treated me like that” indicate a victim mentality. In brief, blaming others and blaming circumstances only handicaps your decision to turn something negative into positive indeed.

If you take enough responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, and your whole life, you are on the biggest step how to remove negative energy. In fact, you have unlimited ability to create your own reality, change your thoughts, and change your life, so when you really internalize this, you may find that no one else can make you do or feel anything. The best way for you is choosing a behavioral and emotional response to certain circumstances and people.

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9. Turn Negativity Into Action

In fact, negative energy can be challenging and overwhelming to navigate also accompanied by not matured responses, particularly when related to people, relationships, and worrying about the future. This debilitates your positivity and makes you more worried and stressed indeed.

The best way on how to remove negative energy is turning your negative thought into positive action. For example, if you are in a complicated and troubled situation, just take a walk for a while closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths to release yourself. Once you are calm, continue dealing with your situation and problem, which is certainly more effective. This is the time you wrote down 4 or 5 necessary actions and solutions beginning to solve it. In other words, taking yourself out of charged negative energy by following the oriented-positive action will help you deal with more problems rationally as well as live in positivity.

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10. Help Others     

how to remove negative energy - help others            

For some people, negativity relates to their selfishness indeed. It has been indicated that people who live only for themselves often set no higher objective in their lives because positivity always accompanies purpose. Just think about the world in which you consider others responsible for taking care of you and when there is no one beside, your road to your purpose and fulfillment will be a longer.

In fact, the basic way to create a valued purpose and positive energy in your life is beginning to do something for others. It is, in fact, not difficult to help others around you with small actions like leading an elder to pass the street, spending space for a pregnant on a bus or helping a foreigner… By these actions, you may feel yourself valued and even more confident and receive the love from others as well thereby working as a way on how to remove negative energy from your body.

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11. Become Satisfied With Everything

Being satisfied with your own life at present is also a way on how to remove negative energy. Actually, it is easy and advised to believe that you deserve what you have. It is because an attitude of entitlement may put you become the center and set up an even unrealistic expectation which sometimes makes others cater to. The vain state of existence is a way to set you up for a life with negativity indeed and people living in this type of entitlement always find what they can do to get out of this situation.

In fact, people who often feel unsatisfied with their lives often stay in the state of lacking which makes them more difficult to live a positive life. More clearly, you should be more grateful and appreciate things in your lives in the ways of thinking small struggles makes you better or your lovely car that takes you anywhere, which means you are shifting your attitude from an aspect of selfishness to the other of appreciation. By this way, you may get noticed by others then your relationships may begin from this positive harmony. And instead of receiving, take more then you will be surprised with what you will receive from others. This may make your life more meaningful and plays a role in the way how to remove negative energy.

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12. Sunlight And Fresh Air

Nature always donates people with surprising power including positive energy for stressing days. For example, the sunshine and fresh air own incredible cleansing powers on how to remove negative energy from your body. There are some tips for you to absorb enough energy as follows:

  • Let plenty of fresh air and a little sunshine enter your house to improve positivity in your life at home.
  • Dry out your laundry under the sunlight and allow house plants to expose to sunlight time to time.
  • Open all the windows and necessary doors in the early morning and late afternoon to allow sunlight and fresh air to come into your house.
  • Stand near a window not only to expose your body to fantastic sunlight but also to absorb vitamin D that is very important for your whole health, especially bone and skin health.

13. Grow Plants

how to remove negative energy - grow plants

As mentioned above, nature always brings your surprising energy and plants can do so. You can see a number of people choose grow plants in their house as a way on how to remove negative energy after hard-working days or a method of entertainment in other words. There are many adorable plants and herbs you can grow to deflect your negative energy and balance your connection with the world out there. In addition, living plants make your house beautiful and green besides supplying you with more oxygen in your home.

  • Choose some living plants for different rooms like money plant, lucky bamboo, holy basil, sage, peace lily, orchid, aloe vera, jasmine, and rosemary to decorate and make your house clearer.
  • Make sure your living plants to have enough water and time of maintaining before bringing them inside your house and remember to remove dried, dying, and dead parts of the plants.

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14. Clean

After a hard-working day with a mass of negativity, you may be more comfortable and freer when entering a clean and clutter-free house, which is certainly opposite to the bad feelings in a dirty and cluttered one. In other words, the dirt and clutter directly attract your negative energy indeed.

For some people, cleaning is an effective way on how to remove negative energy, which urges them to do all the housework within their stress. Therefore, you can apply this method to your situation as well. By this way, you will not only release yourself from negativity but you will also make your home and workplace worthier for living in.

  • Clean and vacuum every room in your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom on a regular basis.
  • Clean all the doors, windows, even doorknobs in your space.
  • Pay attention to your kitchen after cooking and get rid of anything no longer need.
  • Keep everything organized in their designated place.
  • Throw toxic products away from your home.
  • Keep your laundry by a laundry hamper instead of putting them from there to there.

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15. Rearrange Furniture

how to remove negative energy - rearrange furniture

Along with cleaning, you can also rearrange furniture as a way on how to remove negative energy. Sometimes you will need objects to play with because changing them from time to time may give you the feelings of fresh. Just rearrange the position of some furniture in your house to break your negative energy.

  • Move the furniture around in your house whenever you find the trouble with your mind and remember to open more space in favor of your comfort.
  • Remove or donate furniture no longer use and throw away all the broken home décor items.
  • Experience the arrangement until you become satisfied with your house and your negativity is removed. Find some recommendation from your family and friends as well.

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16. Smudging

Smudging is known as a very old method on how to remove negative energy from home also popular among native American. In this method, people often use a herb called sage that may release a large amount of negatively charged ions when burned into the air and neutralize the positive charge as well.

In fact, negative ions help improve the sense of mental clarity and well-being along with relaxing and soothing properties. You can buy sage sticks much in the market or even make it on your own at home. Just take some sage sprigs, dry them out and tightly bind them together with a twine or string then smudge stick may be ready for use.

  • Clean your house thoroughly and open all the door, windows, cupboards, and drawers before starting the process.
  • Light a rolled sage stick and place it in a fireproof container in order to catch embers and ash.
  • Fan the sage with your hand or a feather.
  • Clean yourself by fanning the smoke lightly into your body from your head down to your feet to start off.
  • Slowly walk around your home and swirl it in a circular motion focusing on the walls, floors, ceiling, and corners. Remember to keep yourself on the left of the rooms.
  • Say positive affirmations along with your motions to promote positivity.
  • Remove the burning sage from your house then put it in another area to burn off.

Note: Cedar, pine, lavender, and other sweet-smelling plants and herbs can also be used for smudging along with sage.

17. How To Remove Negative Energy – Some More Tips

Besides various ways on how to remove negative energy above, you should also pay attention to some more tips that will help you more in the process.

  • Light scented candles, fireplace, or incense if you have as fire is a powerful purifying tool.
  • Burn orange or lemon peels so that their pleasant and uplifting smell help repel any negative energy presented in your room.
  • Put some scented flowers in small bowls the place in your room as the natural fragrances of flowers help expel negativity.
  • Lightly walk around your room and chant a mantra or prayer to pull positivity into your house. Alternatively, play a prayer’s audio recording daily in the morning or afternoon.
  • Regularly meditate in your home as meditation creating vibrations help expel negativity from you and your home.

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After reading our article on 17 good ways on how to remove negative energy from body and mind in our main How to page, hope that you can find out more ways to get rid of negativity from your mind and house after hard-working days. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about this topic by leaving comments below and feel free to share with us if you know other ways to remove negative energy.

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