How To Prevent Mrsa From Spreading At Home – 6 Tips

how to prevent mrsa

If you wait for seeing the obvious symptoms happen, for example painful pumps or marks on your skin, it may be too late to cure or prevent. The reason may be that symptoms of MRSA depend on the affected areas and people who have MRSA inside their nose do not see any symptoms early. As a result, you need to consider the good and bad effects of over-the-counter drugs and medicines in chemist. However, if you have caution and knowledge on how to prevent MRSA from spreading at home, you will be healthy and live well. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you some amazing techniques and nutritional basics in order to keep MRSA at bay.

How To Prevent MRSA From Spreading At Home – Amazing Techniques And Nutritional Basics

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is the contagious disease that can affect different parts of body, including your nose, skin and lung. Some people believe that some MRSA infections are not dangerous disease. However, if not treated early and carefully, it will be life-threatening. People of any age can have the chance of developing MRSA. MRSA can affect teenager, children, and adults over 65, pregnant women, especially people weakened immune system or chronic illness. When the patients get diagnosed with MRSA, they will see various symptoms depending on the affected areas. For example, these most common symptoms are sores and boils which are mild skin infections. Other complications of MRSA are more serious infections on skin or infect surgical wounds. Other parts of body such as the lung, the bloodstream and urinary tract are affected too. In addition to, other symptoms include high fever of 38C degree or above, aching muscles, pain, chills, dizziness, confusion and tenderness, swelling on the parts of body. Because MRSA is the contagious disease, MRSA bacteria will spread thorough contact, touch and talk.

For example, this disease will spread when you touch skin or cuts, abrasion of the people with MRSA. Especially sharing contaminated surfaces and items and living in the crowed environment such as prisons, hospitals create the chance of developing this disease. There are many factors of MRSA, including age, environment, weakened immune system, chronic illness and pregnancy. Despites these factors, the common treatment for MRSA is using antibiotics. But I cannot guarantee that you never get MRSA because antibiotics do not treat MRSA completely. Therefore, it is important for me to share with readers on some measures on how to prevent MRSA from spreading at home. If you concern, please read this article bellow to know more.

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1. Washing Your Hand Regularly:

how to prevent MRSA-washing your hand regularly

The first tip on how to prevent MRSA is washing your hand regularly and immediately as soon as you touch the particular objects or opening wounds. By touching shared objects, wounds and bandages, it is easy for bacteria, germs to sneak into your body. Therefore, it is important for you to wash and scrub your hand with soap before you eat, drink or touch shared surfaces such as phones, computer keyboard and door handles. Experts recommended that you should recite the alphabet when you wash your hand.

2. The Quality Of Sleep Is Important:

how to prevent MRSA-the quality of sleep is important

When you sleep, your body will have time to repair cells and injuries. It is recommended to have 8 hour sleep at night. Sleeping is the necessary tip on how to prevent MRSA at home because it can help your body repair and heal as well as fight against germs and bad bacteria. If you are sleep-deprived, your immune system may deteriorate and its function may decline. Therefore, it is the fact that sleep deprivation has as many bad effects as stress on your immune system.

In order to have a good sleep, you should not drink alcohol or smoke cigarette because these habits may interfere your sleep stages and worsen sleep quality.

3. Sip Tea:

how to prevent MRSA-sip tea

As effective way on how to prevent MRSA from spreading, drinking black or green tea will help to improve the skin cell function and boost your immune system. In order to achieve the better progression, adding honey into the glass of tea will be excellent and effective. The reason may be that honey has antibacterial properties.

4. Exercise And Keep Fit:

how to prevent MRSA-exercise and keep fit

Exercising and getting fit play the important role in the process on how to prevent MRSA because it regulates the blood flow through organs of body and boosts the activity of white blood cells that fight against bacteria. Fortunately, if you do not have time, it is not necessary to do heavy or intense exercise. All you need is walking around your house, your office, down stairs, up stairs.

5. Consume Foods Which Rich In Zinc And Protein:

how to prevent MRSA-consume foods which rich in zinc and protein

One of ways on how to prevent MRSA you should not skip is consuming foods with high nutritional value, especially zinc and protein. It is important to limit sugar because sugar can block the function of white blood cells to ward off bacteria. According to Tierno, getting an appropriate amount of nutrients and minerals as well as protein should be considered as a part of healthy diet. Instead of sugary, fatty foods, zinc and protein-high foods will help you prevent MRSA. The possible reason may be that zinc gives you the protection while protein will improve your immune system. Deficiencies of protein and zinc will lead to impairments of immune system. You can find zinc in oysters and wheat germ while eggs are the great source of protein.

6. Massage:

how to prevent MRSA-massage

Last but not least, in order to keep the MRSA at bay, massage is the effective measure because massage will keep you physically healthy. Tierno said that this tip on how to prevent MRSA will boost the blood circulation in your body. As a result, it will keep you at the wellness state. Therefore, I suggest massage for everyone who wants to not only avoid the MRSA but also live healthy.

These are 6 tips and nutritional basics that I want to share with you. In conclusion, as the ways on how to prevent MRSA from spreading at home, healthy lifestyle and balance diet play the important role. I hope you will get the effective information. If you have any questions, please leave them bellow. I will answer all.

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