Rocket French Premium Review – Is Marie-Claire’s Course Useful?

rocket french premium

Should you purchase Rocket French Premium? An honest Rocket French Premium review will give you the best answer via 7 sections below:

1. What Is “Rocket French Premium”?

2. How Does It Work?

3. Rocket French Premium Review – Benefits Of The Program

4. Cost Of The Program

5. What Will You Get When Ordering The Full Package?

6. How About Guarantee?

7. Does The Author Offer Any Support?

Rocket french premium program

What Is “Rocket French Premium”?

Rocket french premium real user reviewsRocket French Premium is developed by Marie-Claire Rivière, who comes from the beautiful country – France. French is her first language. This program is the fruit of the cooperation of Marie-Claire Rivière and Paul, her English speaking colleague. This Rocket French Premium review on VKool is based on the sharing of a real user called Teddy Nguyen. In fact, the program is the combination of three scientifically proven theories of learning. The three critical ingredients for learning anything are the environment, content, and learners.

According to the author, this program uses native hosts and fun conversations plus with clear explanations in order to make sure that people will understand precisely what is going on. Actually, the backbone of this program is the 32 repeatable audio lessons that each lesson’s duration is about 25 minutes. These lessons will prompt users to speak French out loud along with. This Rocket French Premium review aims to clear up any misconceptions about this program.  If you notice the other course, you will see that there are lots of lectures and much process to learn. Again, there are also many institutions as well as course books to learn French. However, all of them require lengthy and hard process to learn. Program is totally different. It does not only supply you with lecture sheets or something like that. It prepares people to talk confidently and fluently with French speaking people.

Learning french with rocket french

Besides, we all know that training the ear for French could be one of the things that learners find the most difficult to master. With the help of the testing tool in Rocket French Premium, you will be able to rate yourself how well you understand what the speaker in the audio track is saying. By using this system, you will cut the learning time in half and make your French learning process enjoyable and easy. Finally, you could move from being to a guru and even beyond that. No matter what your prior experience with French is, what your learning style, with the approach introduced in this e-guide, you will learn French effectively with little effort. My whole Rocket French Premium review will uncover to you some deep insights.

How Does It Work?

If you are serious about learning to express yourself a new language, then this program will be exactly what you need.

As mentioned above, the program focuses on three theories of learning. Using the scientific process named “chunking”, the Rocket French Premium breaks down daily conversations into small segments, allowing people to absorb and remember them easily. This method means that users can work on their conversational French in the comfort of their own home and overcome their fear of saying those wrong things.

Rocket french premium plus review

So, now you might be wondering that how this system could get you understanding French.

Generally, there are 53 Language and Culture lessons in the Rocket French Premium that cover ins and outs of the French language. Exploring these lessons will allow you to understand correctly how French works. The author, Marie-Claire Rivière, designed this program as simple and user-friendly as possible to help people absorb the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of this beautiful language. The lessons contain:

  • Explanations, step-by-step
  • Additional French vocabulary jam packed within audio tracks
  • The amazing rocket record which will assist you in learning what to say and how to say its

Rocket french premium membership site lloginSimilarly to learning Spanish, Chinese, or other languages, it is said that the best manner to learn a language  is in the low pressure environment with the support of a native speakers who are really prepared to give such honest accurate feedback. The tool of Rocket Record included in this system will let people listen to hundreds of words and phrases. Then, they can record themselves and playback or even overplay their audio with that of the native speaker.

This is considered as the good way to enhance your vocabularies of French words and phrases and concurrently improve your current pronunciation as well as accent.

In other words, the author also points out that one is rather challenging for those new beginners to figure out how the sounds turn into written words. Making use of the self-testing tool inside this e-guide will help you train your ear effectively and boost your writing ability at the same time. Furthermore, the program also incorporates some advanced learning techniques to make your learning easier and faster. Besides, the e-course allows users to track their progress and suggests the next greatest lessons for their own learning styles.

To summarize, this system features:

  • Audio Lessons
  • Vocabulary
  • Voice Comparison
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Culture lessons
  • Conversation practice
  • Online quizzes
  • Games
  • Progress tracking
  • Lifetime access

Here are some testimonials of this new e-course:

Rocket french premium success storiesTestimonial rocket french premium

Rocket French Premium Review – Benefits Of The Program

This Rocket French Premium review is designed not only to help you find out the features of this product, but also give you the most honest feedback from people regarding the benefits it offers. Following the lessons included in the Rocket French Premium, you will get some of the benefits below:

  • Using the Rocket Languages application for IOS and Android, you could bring your French every place with all features of this e-course like listening to the audios or doing the test.
  • There will be no initial skills assessment.
  • The self-evaluation tests in this e-guide will help you know if you are making any progress with your French, so you will know what you need to focus on and what you are doing well. Besides, there are also games and quizzes, so you can have fun while learning.
  • Users can easily opt for the CD format or the online format
  • You can improve your speaking skills dramatically
  • It can boost your memory power fast
  • You also can access to to the learners’ forums, allowing you to interact with French teachers if you have questions, 24/7.
  • You will have a lifetime membership to the learning lounge where you could access all the course materials, tests, notes, self-tests

Listen this audio to know how a user evaluate this program:

Cost Of Rocket French Premium

For this useful e-course, you might think it will cost expensively, yet in fact, it does not. The author offers you a really special price for this premium guide at just $99.95 – level 1; $149 – level 2; and $149.95 – level 3. After placing an order, you will immediately access to the product. In reality, it is actually much cheaper compared a short traditional course, yet it still covers all what you need to begin with French.

Or, if you favor CD format, then there is another option for using this product. With $299.95 – level 1 (level 2 and 3 are at the same price – $299.95), you will get 20 CD pack. The CDs have the Interact Audio course recorded at the high quality audio, which will be able to inserted straight into the CD player. The package will be delivered to anywhere in the world, free shipping cost.

Do not hesitate to take action now!

Rocket french premium order

What Will You Get When Ordering The Full Package?

When buying the whole system of Rocket French Premium, you will not only get the main guide, but also 3 super useful bonuses, including:

  • Bonus 1 – Rocket French Survival Kit (value – $49.95): this kit contains 10 Rocket French Vocab sessions coming with interactive audio which focus on necessary French words as well as phrases and the exact French pronunciation.
  • Bonus 2 – Rocket French Beginners MegaCards (value – $19.95): this fun memory game will help you test your knowledge of more than 150 words and phrases of French
  • Bonus 3 – Rocket French Advanced MegaCards (value – $19.95): consist of 100 key words and phrases to help you increase your vocab quickly.

Rocket french premium package bonuses

How About Guarantee?

Rocket french premium guaranteeDid you know that up to most users of this product are satisfied with it? The author confidently assures that this program will work for every customer because she offers the 60-day ironclad money back guarantee. You have up to 2 months to examine and make use of the lessons in this program. In case you feel it does not work for you, then let the author know and you will receive 100% money back. No hassle or questions asked.

So, believe me, you will never want to send it back!

Does The Author Offer Any Support?

If you still have any unclear point about this program, send off an email to this address:  support [at] rocketlanguages dot com

Leave your ideas below if you want to contribute any ideas about my complete Rocket French Premium review or any other entertainment information in our website. We will feedback soon!

Now, are you ready to become a master in French with Rocket French Premium?

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