Common relationship problems and how to solve them

common relationship problems

Marital or relationship problems can come in different shapes & sizes. If you are feeling distraught, desperate for a help, please remember that you’re not alone and find some solutions to deal with your problems. Below is a list of common relationship problems and how to solve them. Check them out on VKool site and learn to save your relationships successfully!

Top 6 Common Relationship Problems & How To Solve Them  

I. Common Relationship Problems

common relationship problems

In any relationship, there are times when things do not run smoothly as your expectation. Usually, this is because you have some conflicting expectations, you’re distracted with some other issues, or you have difficulty in expressing what’s on their mind. Sometimes, you just don’t try to know what and how to make good relationships. Even when you are ready to start your marriage life, you may not know how to solve it well. In this article, we are going to help you have an overview of the most common relationship problems and how to solve them. These issues include love languages, emotional matter, friendship problems, money matters and changing expectations in relationships. Finally, you will learn basic steps to maintain good relationships.

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1. Love Languages

common relationship problems

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, people give & receive love in different ways. And there are 5 common love languages are identified by him, including physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts, words of affirmation and quality time.

When it comes to common relationship problems, you may have troubles with one or some of these love languages.

You often give love in a way you want to receive it back even you may not know you’re his or her love language. Your partner may wonder why he or she is not getting love in a way he or she wants even your partner is showing love to you in that way. For instance, you’re giving him or her a gift but what your partner wants is actually quality time together.

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Be aware that the framework of love languages was proposed by Chapman who is an author, also a pastor. His suggestions aren’t supported by science or claimed as an academic work. So, it’s your choice to solve your relationship problems based on the 5 matters of words, gifts, touch, acts and times.

2. Emotional Support

common relationship problems

Next to common relationship problems most people experience, this is emotional issues. Some misunderstandings may happen due to your mood changing, but by understanding your partner’s emotion, you can also solve your relationship trouble with ease.

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Emotional support, therefore, is critical to maintain good relationships. This means you should learn to give your partner a feeling of supported or being backed or being behind her or him no matter what could happen. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with him or her all the times. In reality, no couple will agree with each one on all occasions. What it means is to treat another one in the way that say “I trust you, I love you and I will stand by you through any thing”. Moreover, get clear that emotional demands may damage your relationships.

Let it be natural and come naturally. So, you should learn the following quick tips related to emotional support:

  • Don’t try to insist that that person will spend all her or his time/life with you.
  • Don’t insist that your partner will give up all his or her friends and follow you.
  • Don’t insist that you will always approval of clothes he or she wears.
  • Make sure that you will have your private space and time to make your own decisions on how you spend your time and where to go.
  • Don’t make your partner feel guilty when you both spend time with your family or friends.
  • Also, don’t make sure that you will always be a winner in all arguments with your partner.
  • Don’t insist that you and your feelings are always the most important.

Each of emotional demand can be potential and damage your various relationships, including friendship and marriage.

Remember too, the words “I like being in this relationship with you” or “You are important to me” or “I love you” aren’t demands and they should be repeated always in any relationship!

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3. Time Spent Together & Apart

common relationship problems

Be ware of the importance of time when it comes to common relationship problems. Spending time with people can build up your relationships, but when leaving them too long, time can be a killer of your relationships. Also, time is a measurement of your depth in any relationship.

Check out what time you and your partner spent together. Share your real feeling about what you want from a relationship, in term of “Time”. Maybe, you will reach some compromises without feeling neglected, rejected or thinking of him or her as non-caring, inconsiderate or selfish. So, you just need to demand what you really desire, regardless of his or her needs, often ends up driving that person away.

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4. Friends

common relationship problems

When it comes to common relationship problems, get clear that friends can a factor affecting your friendship and other relationships. In fact, friendship is one of the purest relationships in your life among with your family relations. However, in different period of time, you should focus on certain relationships. For instance, when you are a university student, this is the best time for friend relations. When you have your own family, it’s time to earn money, care for your spouse and children. The more relationships you have with friends, the more problems you may have with them. For instance, your bad friends may cause your business issues, family issues, finance issues, some misunderstandings, even harm your family happiness or children.

For this, you should be aware of good and bad friends and choosing good friends is necessary to practice!

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5. Money Matters

common relationship problems

Money is the centre of many problems, including relationship issues. Earning money is not easy but using it in different relationship is harder for us to solve. So, try to answer the following questions, then you may figure out how you can deal with your money matters among common relationship problems:

  • What are you doing to handle money matters?
  • How your partner and you make decisions on handling money?
  • Are these decisions made mutually or individually?
  • If you are married, who pay monthly bills?
  • How are big ticket items such as rent, childcare, tuition and car payments decided on?
  • How much money of you and your spouse is saved (and for what purposes)?
  • Does each one control his or her own money (or is it pooled?)
  • Does your partner expected to contribute to a mutual income?

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If you see that your partner and you have many differing expectations, it actually makes sense you both should be open to talk about your common issues after stating wishes, feelings, and desires and after carefully listening to each other. Decisions that can be easy to carry out when you can make them just for yourself, yet may be more difficult once they involve other else. At that time, the best solution wouldn’t be things you thought of on your own. Cooperation and discussion probably don’t provide any practical solution to some hard-to-solve financial troubles yet knowing your partner and yourself will help you approach certain situation and solve it without stress and conflicts.

6. Dealing With Changing Expectations In Relationships

common relationship problems

The fact is that relationships can change over time, including mutual friends, marriage, love and family. This is neither bad nor good things, yet it’s just the truth in life. What you really want from a date might be different to what you desire after several years of your marriage. Changes in different parts of life such as relationships, jobs, perspectives may have critical effects on things you need and want from a relationship.

One of the most important things to handle relationship issues is to do good deals of respectful and careful listening to what your partner wants, also what you want. Change of any kind tends to be a little stressful, but as it’s inevitable, so welcome changes as a chance to enhance your relationships rather than suffering from any misunderstanding or unhappiness. It is recommended that you can plan for changes, and you are able to lead your relationships into the right and exciting places.

Bottom line:

You’ve discovered top 6 common relationship problems and how to solve them effectively. Hope that you could learn beneficial things to build up your great relationships and avoid unexpected situations. To comment on the writing, drop your words into the comment box below!

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