22 Fishing Tips And Tricks For Beginners That Work – Learn How To Catch Fish Like A Pro

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As a fishing enthusiast, you should learn fishing skills and enjoy this hobby with more fun. This writing will show you fishing tips and tricks for beginners. Learn to master basic fishing rules and experience more new fishing techniques.

22 Fishing Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Catch Prized Big Fish

1. Do Your Research

Before you start this hobby, make sure that you have basic knowledge of fishing. You must get clear about your ideas about what you are doing, what you will get. Some people just go fishing for fun. They plan to go to a fishing area on weekends and aim to catch certain fish with certain lure.

Basically, you can ask other fish enthusiasts about their experience in fishing. Besides, you can search for some fishing guidebooks. So, it’s not hard to start fishing if you have a great passion in this hobby.

2. Understand Basic Procedures

Once you know some basic fishing rules, get started on a nice day to practice what you had read on fishing guidebooks such as how to add fishing bait to your hook, how to cast your line and how to knots before drifting with wind in the boat, and so on.

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3. Choose Right And Good Equipment   fishing tips and tricks choose right and good equipment

When it comes to fishing tips and tricks for beginners, you should know that beginners can benefit from a specific reels and rods. Actually, they are simple for everyone who just begins to cast.  It is not recommended to open the fishing reels for what are just starting out.

4. Consider Fishing Baits That Suit Different Fish

Be aware of the kind of fish you want to catch and you will know how to find the right baits to attract that fish. For example, bream fish is attracted by insects like worms or crickets while catfish likes baits made from raw chicken liver.

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5. Consider Location

Find locations where fish often lives around. They are ideal fishing areas for you to practice your fishing skills. Moreover, different kinds of fishes choose different places to live. Some fish just live along rivers. Some live under the bottom of river, some live in the surface layer of water.

6. Check The Weather

The weather can decide your fishing trips. The overcast sky is the best weather condition that can make your fishing successful.

7. Dress For Success fishing tips and tricks with dress for success

Consider your dress when going fishing, because you have to be near water surface. Boots, a kind of must are beneficial when you unexpectedly wade into it. Besides, be sure that you wear layers since the weather can change through your fishing day. If you have long hair, wear it back like a ponytail.

8. Bring Food

Of course! You have to prepare baits to catch fish. But if you don’t have any food to consume at noon, you won’t have enough energy to continue your fish catching. So, remember to bring food for your lunch while fishing.

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9. Bug Spray 

Don’t forget to prepare a bug spray to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes near brushes and water. If mosquitoes disturb you, absolutely you will get itch and can’t focus on your fishing.

10. No Children – No Worries

If you have small children, don’t bring them to your fishing area. Because they can make you lose your concentration while fishing.

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11. Check The Right Time To Fish fishing tips and tricks with check the right time to fish

Many freshwater fish eat at dusk and down, so sunset and sunrise are ideal fishing hours. Plan to catch fish at the right time and you will fish prized big fish.

12. Fish In Areas With Clean Water

It is recommended that people should catch fish in areas where the water is clean and fish is healthy enough to eat.

13. Get The Fishing License

There are some places people are not allowed to fish freely and just one who has fishing license can fish. Moreover, fish catchers have to practice various fishing rules related to fish size, fishing time, the age allowed to get a fishing license, for instance.

14. Choose Fishing Rod & Reel

Shop for fishing stored and choose appropriate rods and reels. There are different kinds of these goods and you should choose ones that suit your budget. Typically, beginners should choose a pole in medium-length size and a rod that is roughly, flexible and strong enough to catch big fish.

There are 2 basic types of reels: bait cast reels and spinning reels. The bait cast reel vertically spool when you hold the rod while spinning reel perpendicular spool to the rod. In fact, spinning reels are common for beginners and that are convenient in closed or open varieties.

15. Choose Fishing Lines And Get Appropriate Hooks fishing tips and tricks with choose fishing lines and get appropriate hooks

The smaller lines and hooks, the better the chances of fish’s bites. You should match proper type of line to the pole you have. If you got a rigid pole, you might want to change strong test line. If you got a loose pole, get a light gauge as if possible. The rule is smaller line and more fish. Besides, when fishing, your hook needs to fit the specific fish you want to catch. When it comes to fishing tips and tricks for beginners, you should choose hooks that fits many kinds of fish (sizes from 8 – 5/0 are appropriate for many fish). When shopping for hooks, consider index of hook sizes such as 1/0, 1, 2/0, 2, 4, or 6.

16. Choose Baits

There are different baits you can choose to catch fish, such as live baits or synthetic baits (iridescent and elaborate plastic lures).

However, you should choose live baits to increase the chances of catching big fish and have authentic fishing experience. You can purchase live baits at local angling shops. Anglers can gather worms on the ground after a rain or at night with lights. You can also gather by yourself. If you live in a countryside where grasshoppers live along banks of streams, you can catch grasshoppers, crumbs or minnows with nets. Fish catchers have their own favorite baits, and you, as a beginner can consider using live baits such as worms, grasshoppers, salmon eggs, chicken liver, shrimp, cheese or bacon to attract fish and catch them.

17. Cast The Line

How to cast the line right? Many people cast side arm. Basically, you can do it with the following steps:

Bring the rod to your side in the direction that you want to cast. Release the line when you have pointed in the right direction.

Depending on the types of reels, you can release the line. If you have a spinner real, the releasing the line is so easy – straight forward. Push the button to release your line and when you point to the right direction, press the close button.

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18. Wait Quietly fishing tips and tricks with wait quietly

Many fishermen start reeling in slowly jerking the bait in order to give fish impression that bait is alive. Of course, you can do it or sit and wait quietly or experiment with various ways until you can get a bite. But, according to experienced fish catchers, you shouldn’t immediately start reeling as soon as you have cast. Since, fish are often startled by noise as well as thrashing. So, turn down your music and keep chatter to the lower rumble.

If there is no fish touch your bait for 10 to 15 minutes, cast somewhere else and make your fishing travel boring in that way.

19. Hook Fish

When you feel the line is taken or feel a tug on your line, you may want to start setting your hook. Simply give the fishing rod a firm and quick jerk up and backward. If the fish is on the line, it immediately fights back and the line will follow movements of that fish.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly whether you get a bite or it’s just a feeling you thing a fish is bumping into your bait. It’s the practice that can help you get right feeling and experience about it.

Pull fish in by vertically lifting the rod and simultaneously reeling. Never use your reel to pull in fish, (but you can do for small fish). Keep your line tight. Then, use your arms to pull the fish toward you, next reel in a slack line.

As a fishing technique, you should get a loose line. A loose line provides an opportunity for your fish to “throw the hook” right out of its mouth. By keeping tension on the line you will ensure that the hook remains in the mouth of the fish. As usual, modern reels include adjustable drags. Nylon line drags are adjusted by hand. Choose any types of reels if you think it is comfortable and efficient.
fishing tips and tricks bring the fish in with your net

20. Bring The Fish In With Your Net

When you get a fish reeled in, bring that fish in with your net. How to do this job? Actually, it requires some techniques. First, you carefully catch your fish in your net. Be wary of the sharp hook and sharp spines of fish as they can be sticking out through your fish’s mouth.

21. Keep Or Release Fish

Many organizations protect species of fish and they don’t allow you to catch any fish or bring them to the edge of disappearance. Moreover, you must have fishing license to continue your fishing. So, when you catch a fish, measure that fish by following certain standards. If that fish is small, release it back to water.

22. Remove Your Hook

Regardless of releasing or keeping fish, back the hook out gently so that the fish is saved from bleeding and it will increase its survive.

It’s hope that these 22 basic fishing tips and tricks for beginners are helpful for you. You should practice more, have more fishing travels so that you can improve your fishing skills to higher levels. Catch prized big fish and have healthy meals made of your own fish!

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If you need an ultimate guide on how to catch fish professionally, The Total Fishing Manual is the best guide you should read.

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