Basic and general facts about Down syndrome – 6 facts

facts about Down syndrome

Down syndrome will affect the child’s future and parent’s finance. Therefore, it is needed to have the primary and secondary prevention. Especially, when you are ready to give the birth, you should know 6 basic and general facts about Down syndrome during pregnancy naturally.

Basic And General Facts About Down Syndrome – Necessary Information Everybody Should Know

Down syndrome happens when a child has an extra chromosome. Chromosomes are the characteristic of genes which will determine whether the child develop healthily in the worm and after birth. The children will be normal if they have 46 chromosomes. The children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21. This change in chromosome will influence the body and brain’s development when they are raised in the worm and are born. People with Down syndrome are not able to act and think normally like others. Particularly, they have a low or moderate IQ which is a measure of intelligence and they are able to speak slower than other children.
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There are some features which help us recognize the people with Down syndrome, such as a short neck, a flattened face, small ears, protruding tongue, and wild space of toes and fingers. Almost people with Down syndrome can not live longer in the future because they are weak and vulnerable to some certain physical and mental problems, such as hyperactivity, autoimmunity, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto thyroiditis, diabetes, leukemia and heart disease.

Unfortunately, each year we have 6000 babies with Down syndrome born in the United States, which show that 1 out of every 700 babies may develop Down syndrome.
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Although the principle cause is still remained unknown, we have some information and facts about Down syndrome that I would like to share with the readers of These facts will help you have and basic and general knowledge to keep your baby from Down syndrome and infant death.

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1. Avoid Pregnancy At An Advanced Age: 

facts about Down syndrome

As one of basic facts about Down syndrome, some studies have found out the link between the age we are pregnant and the risk of Down syndrome. It is proven that advanced maternal age is the strongest trigger of this disease. The older they are, the more possibilities does it have to make changes in chromosomes. When the maternal and paternal ages are over 50, the risks will increase to 1 in 18 from 1 in 5. This rate suggests that the old parents should not have the babies and the mothers should avoid pregnancy. A program has been planned in Wales since 2002 when they ordered the family to complete by the age of 30. As a result, the numbers of babies who are born with Down syndrome reduce.

2. The Need To Take The Test During Pregnancy: 

facts about Down syndrome

There are two tests to predict whether the women have risks of Down syndrome. They are screening test and diagnostic test. Depending on the parent’s finance, two tests are different. The screening test is safer for the women and their babies than diagnostic test. However, the screening test is not able to provide the accurate diagnosis. Diagnostic test can harm the mothers and their babies. Knowing the facts about Down syndrome during pregnancy, you should try screening test or diagnostic test. No one can predict the chances of developing Down syndrome.

Screening test includes a blood test and an ultrasound. During an ultrasound, the picture of the baby in the worm can be seen and looking at the fluid behind the baby’s neck will predict the genetic problems. However this test is less effective than diagnostic test because it is easy to miss the problem that exists.
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Diagnostic test also divides into three types, including chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and percutaneous umbilical blood sampling. This test can provide the accurate results.

3. Taking Dietary Supplement – Folic Acid: 

facts about Down syndrome

In recent studies, taking folic acid, dietary supplement, is lightly proven to be effective on how to reduce the risk of Down syndrome when we ask for the facts about Down syndrome. Some researchers have shown that taking folic acid for above 5 mg a day will decrease the chances of developing Down syndrome. However, it is recommended to take only 5 mg of folic acid because the higher daily dose can bring some downside effects

4. Use Of Vitamin During Pregnancy: 

facts about Down syndrome

It is not strange way on how to prevent Down syndrome. A recent study has shown that antioxidant therapy (vitamins E, C, lipoic acid) is effective for patients with Down syndrome. The reason may be that injectable vitamin C can help patients with Down syndrome by restoring normal dilation of blood vessels. Moreover, vitamins deficiency, particularly vitamin C, will increase the rate of infection. Therefore, taking vitamin C daily are suggested to prevent chronic infections, especially Down syndrome.

5. Diet And Digestion To Cure Children With Down Syndrome:

facts about Down syndrome

There is no proven way for treating Down syndrome but it is important to know that diet and digestion can prolong the life of children with Down syndrome as one of the facts about Down syndrome. With a lot of scientific researches, we can protect the children with Down syndrome from suffering any chronic diseases, for example obesity. Most of children with Down syndrome are typically obese. It is noted that Down’s subjects consume about 42 % their calories from fat and carbohydrates (sugar). So, we need a low carbohydrates diet for children with Down syndrome. We have received progresses when the Down children who can live to the age of 50 are not rare.

6. Avoid Stress And Negative Emotion During Pregnancy: 

facts about Down syndrome

Stress and negative emotion can affect the baby’s health. So, the mother needs to make sure that they remain the balance emotions and thoughts. There are some tips you can try to boost your emotion and stop the risk of this problems in your babies, including a healthy diet, exercises and deep sleep.

These are 6 basic and general facts about Down syndrome I would like to share with you. Finally I want to note that this article is only for informational purpose. If you have any question to ask, please leave your feedback bellow. I will answer all.

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