20 Things You Need To Know For Beautiful Nails

Are Nails just old cells from the body? Or are they ever strong and durable coverings?

Certainly they are old cells, strong and protection, but without proper care and attention. Nails are also delicate and sensitive plates that can be stronger than expected with enough care. And for the pace at which nail art is advancing today with the various techniques, adequate awareness and caution is very essential. Many uninformed women have nearly destroyed their nails without any realization of the wrong method or limits of what they experiment. Besides it not causing much harm in all cases, the nail can still undergo a lot of wear over time. Chipping, dryness, staining, thinning of the nail and fungal infections are common things you would want to stay away from. Besides all that you wouldn’t want your nails to undergo, healthy nails can set up an amazing chance for nail art. Nail art can step up your outfit and add much glam to your overall look. And like most women, if you love nail art, these 21 things are just for you to save your nails for all the beautiful art you can do for the rest of your life and of course, to keep your nails gorgeous even with no polish.

1. Keep Them Dry And Clean

keep them dry and clean

Fungal infections are real, and they are the result of moist and wet conditions. Keeping your nails dry is as important as keeping them clean; keep hygiene a priority. Moist nails that aren’t well cleaned are a perfect combination for some of the worst nail conditions. Do you clean your nails well? Dirt can get accumulated easily in the nail gaps and look very unpleasant, so be sure to clean them well and avoid storage of bacteria.

Keep them well for making the most of your nails for the rest of your life.

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2. Wash Your Hands Regularly

wash your hands regularly

You certainly would’ve grown up listening to this and yet at times missed out on, “regularly”. Besides washing our hands just before meals and when they get too dirty, a good wash often will keep the germs away.

Avoiding moist conditions implied letting the water remain can be harmful, but be sure to wipe your hands after every wash and avoid much exposure to water.

3. Plan A Nail Break

plan a nail break

Do you know that your nails can get exhausted over time? They get exhausted by being covered with polish at all times, for long durations and by toxins in the polish.

These long polish durations can make the nails extremely dry and cause stains. Keep a plan in place and schedule breaks for your nail to regain its strength and look. Just like you crave for a vacation, your nails cry for it too! They can be quite strong but when exposed to many chemicals without a break, you will experience the sensitivity. You need them to glam yourself up don’t you? So, enjoy clear nails at times, they are the real deal.

4. Avoid Harsh Nail Products

avoid harsh nail products

Talking about your nail being sensitive, you also need to be cautious about the kind of polish you use. Many brands use a lot of toxins that can cause much damage to the nail by making them extremely dry and brittle. You would’ve come across the “3 Free” labeling on certain products, that’s exactly what you should consider using. “3 Free” indicates being free from sulfonamide, formaldehyde and toluene; the three most harmful chemicals in nail products.

Switch to the safer brands and be more confident to know your nails are safer!

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5. Use a Moisturizer

use a moisturizer

Everyone knows skin needs moisturizing, especially in cold conditions because, the skin becomes dry. So here is something in case you did not know it, even your skin needs moisturizing. Seems like much of contradiction that the nails should be dry and moist? The nail needs to be dry from extra moisture that stays in the nail gaps that can cause fungal infections, on the other hand, a moisturizer does not create a favorable condition for fungus but nourishes it and avoids dryness that makes the nail crack or chip.

6. Biotin


Biotin is a perfect solution for weak and brittle nails! If your diet is rich in vitamin B, nails should be doing well. Most people suffer the lack of vitamin B because of their diet that restricts its natural intake through wheat, egg yolk, etc. A proper dosage of biotin should suffice its lack and restore the nails to good in 8 months.

7. Quit Biting Your Nails

quit biting your nails

Most people have the habit of biting their fingernails and all would’ve done that at some points or the other. Stress, boredom, frustration can trigger such responses. The habit can lead to sore and peeled cuticles, which in turn will lead to many infections.

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8. Don’t Cut The Cuticles

don’t cut the cuticles

The cuticles are the most important on your nail for the purpose of protecting your body from getting infected. Many women tend to cut their cuticles, but it is only recommended to push them back with an orange stick. They act as a barrier to stop an infection from entering the body. Your cuticles play a larger role than they seem to, but you now know and can save them to save your beautiful nails.

9. Use Dish Gloves

use dish gloves

Most beauty experts, nail bloggers and many aware men and women wear dish gloves to avoid maximum damage to the skin. This is because much exposure to water can make the nails brittle and dry off the protective oils in the nail, which are needed for the nails strength and health.

The nails can be affected by water as much as the skin is affected, so remember to be concerned about your nails for most substances that can affect the skins.

10. Treat Infections Seriously

treat infections seriously

Most nail infections are caused due do moistness and open cuticles. Moistness leads to fungal infections caught from wet areas and damp conditions. Also, sportsmen’s are exposed to the possibility of infection because exercise results in sweaty feet. There are no specific reasons for this to happen, but it is predominantly caught for the above reasons and can be cured with proper care and early attention. Any sign of weakness, dryness and color change should be treated with no delay, as more delay will only make it severe.

11. Cuticle Care

cuticle care

As mentioned above, cuticles are very important to avoid bacteria from entering the body and causing infection. Besides not cutting it, the cuticles need a little more attention to play its role well. So along with your skin and nails, the cuticles need moisturizing too. Massaging it with cuticle oil and even using a moisturizer will keep the cuticles in place and strong to do its part.

12. Reduce the Use Of UV Dryers

reduce the use of uv dryers

Have you used a UV dryer in the past? You probably will not realize the impact it has in just a few uses. UV dryers use the same bulbs that are used in tanning beds which are known to cause wrinkles and skin cancer with over exposure. This process makes the nail thin and dry. Doctors recommend avoiding parlors that use UV Dryers but instead use LED lights.

UV dryers may not cause any problem in the beginning,

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13. Community Is Important

community is important

No human can live in isolation and without knowing what is happening around him. Nail art has seen rapid grown in its popularity in the past decade. With many advances in line, solutions to problems and techniques found, you need to be aware of them to be able to keep your nail art on track and along with it your nail health. A nail art community  is one of the most supportive communities where you can inspire and get inspired for more. Learning takes place in fun and innovative ways through art and sharing the fails. Get associated to a community to have enough exposure and keep your nail art and nail health going at a good and balanced pace.

14. Food


Did you know that even the food you eat has an impact on your nails?

Like any part of your body, your nails need proteins and vitamins for their strength and health. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin H(biotin), vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 are all favorable to and strengthen the nails from weakened a state also helps in staying strong.

15. Trimmed And Filed Nails

trimmed and filed nails

Use nail trimmers to trim your nails you want and file it to get the shape you want. Do not cut them too short! Also, longer nails can keep the nail bed safe and also gives a petty look. It is advisable not to keep the nails too long, as longer nails are quite hard to manage with the daily work most are involved in. By shaping your nails, you can also achieve the various nail shapes that you wish to try. Do not scrape the trimmer back and forth, it can damage the nail fibers and weaken the nail; gently run it in one direction.

16. Buff Your Nails

buff your nails

Buffing your nails is as important as filing and shaping them. While buffing your nails, gradually switch from the rough to the smoothest side as you complete the process. Do not over do the brushing as it can make the nails thin; run the buffer only in one direction, not back and forth. It is recommended to saw the nails only from the outward to the inward direction this is just to give the nails a smooth and shiny look.

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17. Try Baking Soda

try baking soda

At times to keep your nails clean, it takes a little more than just washing your nails. For the day’s activities that can involve messy work or even minimum dirt, the nail an start accumulating dirt and stains in the gaps. For this baking soda served best. Dip a wet toothbrush in baking soda and brush underneath every nail; this is done to make the nails white. Use lemon juice for extra whitening power.

18. Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers

acetone free nail polish removers

Nail polish removers without acetone use less aggressive solvents like isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate and propylene carbonate. Acetone is a more powerful solvent, but it makes the nails dry at a faster rate and in the long run with regular use, the nails can become brittle and start cracking.

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19. Use Clear Polish For Brittle Nails

use clear polish for brittle nails

This is important if you have brittle nails or healthy nails. It will keep your healthy nails healthy and avoid brittle nails from getting worse. Before using any color nail polish, it is always good to have a coat of clear nail polish or a proper base coat. It protects the nails from the toxic color polish’s and the stain they can leave behind over a long duration.

Whether you plan to have your polish for a short duration or for long, let the base coat save your nails.

20. Your Nails Aren’t Tools

your nails aren’t tools

They are quite helpful to do some stuff, aren’t they? But, don’t overestimate their strength and tolerance! Some people might have exceptionally good nail strength, but that’s just not the same for most people. Pulling off caps, scraping stickers and other nail related work can damage the nails making the fibers weak.

Certainly, our nails also serve the purpose of lending some help, but knowing the limit of its capability will keep them safe and pretty as they are.

Fingernails can be quite strong if they are kept well and nourished, but they can also get surprisingly weak if they aren’t given the attention they need. These 20 things will most certainly include just what you need to fix your nails or save it for being damaged. But just in case you are doing something quite differently with them, be conscious and stop. Ultimately, just nail polishes will not have the full potential to make you nails look best. The care and nourishment that goes into it all through will determine how good your nails will look; you will even fall in love with clear nails and flaunt them more.

Wouldn’t already good looking and healthy nails look even better with polish?

These 20 things are all you need to know to have beautiful nails and become your own nail expert! Save thousands of dollars by avoiding infections, major fixtures and regular treatment; now that you know how, it can be quite inexpensive and home done!

Say hello to beautiful nails!

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