20 Tips To Whiten Teeth Fast And Naturally At Home

Updates: 07/9/2024

Do not care too much about what fashions are ruling this season because if you have white teeth, you are always in vogue. Unfortunately, we are getting older and adopting more grownup habits that leave negative effects on our teeth every day. That is the reason why we have to work really hard to maintain white and healthy teeth. Thus, I am writing this article to offer some of my most favorite tips to whiten teeth fast and naturally at home that are really easy for everyone to follow. Discover yourself!

Top 20 Tips To Whiten Teeth Fast And Naturally At Home

 I. 9 Tips To Get Whiter Teeth

Now I would like to show you the first 9 advice and tips to whiten teeth that you can make use of to feel more confident in your smile. If you are among people who are really serious about getting white skin and shiny smile, you can also check out whitening teeth secrets to get more useful tips to whiten teeth.

1. Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade

Not many people know that the lip colors can make their teeth look significantly darker or whiter? You should learn how to pick up the proper lipstick shade for you. If you have grayish teeth, you should try to say “no” forever to the red lipsticks with blue tones. Instead, you can try cooler tones with a brown base. A doctor said that nude pinks with a brownish hue are the best lipsticks for people who have grayish teeth. On the other hand, if you have a yellow or off-white tone of teeth, you should never come close to deep, dark, and bright shades, as well as super-shiny glosses. Instead, Dr. Levine advises to try nude shades or pinks that have bluish undertones.

tips to whiten teeth at home

Lipstick is also a secret weapon for women to attract men, if you know how to choose the right tone of lipstick to get beautiful and bright smile, you can steal your man’s heart easily. For more ways to attract men, you can also try secrets of flirting with men a comprehensive love bible for a sexy and charming lady! 

2. Going For A Bronzed Look

You may not know that the tan and golden skin can make your teeth and eyes pop! Thus, instead of sunbathing on the beach and tanning beds, you should choose a safe sunless tanner to get glow and healthy-looking skin. Besides, oily skin is also a problem that can tarnish your teeth look. Thus, you should learn oily skin solution if you are living with oily skin. 3. Picking Silver And Rhinestone Jewelry tips to whiten teeth fast Maybe sometimes you wonder that why you need to add more sparkle to your outfit. Now I will tell you about it. In fact, wearing accessories which are made of silver, diamonds (even fake diamonds), and white gold will help highlight the accent white in your teeth. Nevertheless, you should better stay away from yellow gold or golden jewery because they can exaggerate any yellowish tones in your enamel.

4. Dressing To Impress

If you are a fashion follower, you should read carefully this rule: if you wear a bright white shirt, your teeth and your smile will never be accentuated. Therefore, instead of wearing white clothing frequently, you should sometimes choose a cream-colored or off-white shade. Reducing the contrary between your teeth and your clothing will result in your whiter, brighter smile. Besides, to attract people to look at your white teeth, you must have a nice smile. Thus, if you care for this issue, you can learn some facial exercises to get younger face and smile.

5. Drinking Through A Straw

tips to whiten teeth naturally

As all of us know, cranberry juice, red wine, or any chromogenic, pigmented liquids tend to seep into your enamel. They are the harmful impacts that can affect your teeth color negatively and even destroy your enamel. Therefore, you should better drink them through a long straw. Evenly, you should brush your teeth right after consuming a stain-producing beverage to prevent it from setting into your teeth molecules. If you want to get some drinks and healthy foods that are healthy for your teeth, I recommend you the 2 special e-books the juice suggester and super foods to get the healthiest recipes from nature.

6. Investing In An Electric Toothbrush

The product that I am going to introduce right now is the electric toothbrush. This device is the most efficient assistant that helps you remove the extrinsic stains, which stick to the exterior of your teeth surface, such as the plaque and calculus. They result from repeated interaction with tobacco smoke, wine, food debris, and other sources. Electric brush will work well for removing all this stuff to give you clean and brighter teeth for good and all because it is very strong with amazing brushing speed.

7. Crunching On Vegetables And Fruits crunching on vegetables and fruits Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. As you know, this is a natural way for you to lose weight and maintain your sexy body. In addition, this is a fantastic method to maintain your healthy smile. Raw celery and carrots are crunchy vegetables whereas raw apples and pears are crispy fruits. They are naturally abrasive, which indicate that they can polish your teeth and eliminate stains from your tooth enamel. With these powerful properties, you do not need to worry because they don’t erode tooth enamel, the outermost layer of one tooth.

Crunchy vegetables and fruits also stimulate your mouth to manufacture saliva, which is crucial as saliva aids in saving your teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Also, saliva has compounds which are called surfactants and enzymes that provide detergent effects. It means that much saliva in your mouth can fight against stains in your teeth.

Read on: Healthiest Fruits And Vegetables

8. Brushing Your Tongue brushing your tongue

An easy way for you to have fresh breath is brushing your tongue. This way also helps to thwart staining. Particularly after indulging with your foods, your tongue usually accumulates stubborn bacteria that can result in discoloration for your teeth. Take a soft toothbrush with long strokes and start at the back of your tongue. Finally, rinse your toothbrush right before each stoke. Through this way, the bacteria on your brush will be eliminated.

Brushing your tongue also makes you enjoy foods better. Therefore, apply this and brush your teeth at the same time.

9. Eating Vitamin-Rich Foods eating vitamin-rich foods

In this small part, I would like to recommend some foods that can help to get healthy teeth and you can enjoy them as well as be more confident with your attractive smile. You should opt for foods high in calcium content such as almonds, leafy greens, and cheese. Apart from, you can choose foods rich in phosphorus including meat, fish, and eggs. The American Dental Association proved that these foods will make your tooth enamel healthy and strong. It is thought that acidic foods and drinks can cause lesions on your tooth enamel. Meanwhile, calcium and phosphorus assist in re-depositing minerals for those lesions. Calcium is proven to be good for bones including the jaw. In fact, it is not difficult for you to look for vitamin-rich foods and beverages to consume. Recommended reading: Benefits Of Vitamin C

II. 11 Foods To Whiten Teeth

In the second section of the article, I will show you 11 simple foods and tips to whiten teeth that you should not miss for getting sparkle and white teeth.

1. Strawberries  tips to whiten teeth homemade

– This natural ingredient may be bright red, but the malic acid contained in this amazing summery fruit works as a natural astringent that will help you get rid of the surface tooth discoloration. You should eat fresh and juicy strawberries frequently because they have incredible effect on teeth whitening process. Strawberries not only taste great in any salads, cereal, and desserts, they are also widely available on the markets in summer, so you can find strawberries and add them to your daily meal easily.

2. Onions 

Although onions is not the ideal pre-date snack and they are famous for being the main cause of bad breath, you can totally make use of them to whiten your teeth effectively. As being totally colorless, onions will not cause surface stains, adding that after eating onions, you will be more likely to brush your teeth. If you want to get rid of the bad breath after eating onions, you can check out the bad breath report.

3. Seeds And Nuts 

Chewing seed and nuts to lightly abrase your teeth and using some other healthy hard foods to rub plaque and stain off the surface of your teeth as well as to help you get stronger teeth. Moreover, when you can get rid of stubborn plaques, you will absolutely get whiter teeth. You should pop a few almonds for a mid-afternoon snack because they are rich of healthy fats, protein, and the crunch you need to achieve pearly white teeth. 

4. Baking Soda 

You can take a toothpaste, mix with baking soda, and try brushing your teeth with this special yet common ingredient. This ingredient is a base, just like bleach, which contains actually a mild abrasive that will work to help scrub off the plaque and stains on the surface of your teeth. Thus, using baking soda once to twice a week to brush your teeth leads you to the straight road towards whiter and stronger teeth than which you have had ever before. 5. Celery And Carrots  tips to whiten teeth with braces The same high water property of celery and carrots makes these veggies really wonderful for your waistline and your overall health. They also help you whiten your teeth by accelerating the saliva production, which support the process of food debris washing and gums strengthening. 

6. Oranges 

This wonderful fruit contains citrus – a kind of acid that can destroy your tooth enamel if you consume it with large doses. However, it can make your teeth whiter effectively. So you should gulp down bags of oranges to get pearly white teeth and thanks to loads of vitamin C contained in oranges, your overall health will be also improved. To prevent some awful kinds of oral related diseases like tmj, you can read on natural remedies for treating tmj right now.

7. Water 

Drinking a lot of water is a good way to keep your smile bright and your mouth hydrated. However, while water help reduce the acidity in your mouth, you may have to suffer from the real damage to your enamel. If you drink too much sparkling water, it will be able to erode the enamel and harm your teeth. 

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8. Pears 

There is a simple thing you can do to get whiter teeth easily that is masticating a pear to neutralize the pesky that causes bad breath and cleans the bacteria colonies on your teeth. The increased saliva production you can achieve by chewing this sweet and tasty fruit can also help you wash food debris away, then leave you clean and sparkling teeth.  

9. Milk And Yogurt 

Milk and yogurt are really superfoods for teeth. These 2 ingredients contain high calcium that will help you strengthen your teeth and make your enamel healthier and whiter. However, there is one thing to remember that not all of the foods that are calcium-rich, such as spinach with its dark, stain-causing pigmentation, can leave your teeth the same positive effect. You should chow down on a high-protein yogurt for your snack, or a pair of cookies with a glass of cold milk to get the best result.

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10. Cheese

Consuming cheese after a meal can help thwart cavities and promote enamel remineralization. The casein and milk protein inside cheese, milk, and yogurt together with calcium and phosphate work effectively to make tooth enamel much stronger. With a tooth, enamel is the outermost layer and it protects dentin. When tooth enamel can be stained, the dentin will work to determine the color of your teeth. Consuming foods that can replenish phosphate and calcium is fundamental in maintaining healthy and strong enamel. Go to see a dentist if you have a problem with dentin discoloration.


11. Pineapples

In pineapples, the enzyme bromelain works as a natural stain remover. Bromelain assists in breaking up the hard sticky film and plaque of bacteria that usually accumulates on your teeth and your tongue. You will be scared to know that the bacteria in plaque manufacture acids that erode your tooth enamel and result in dental caries.

Pineapple is a fruit that can help with your unhealthy teeth. You can find it in the market or supermarket. Besides, eating pineapple also replenishes many essential vitamins for your body.


Besides, there are many smoothies that are really good for you to get your teeth color back to white, you can check out the best smoothie recipes

All of these 20 tips to whiten teeth fast and naturally at home are what I have used to get rid of my originally grayish teeth, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to get brighter-looking teeth and smile.

If you feel the tips to whiten teeth I offer in this article are interesting and useful, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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