How To Prevent A Hangover Before And After Drinking Wine

Updates: 07/11/2024

A hangover is the name given to the uncomfortable feeling after effects of drinking too much alcohol. Of course, the only certain manner to prevent hangover symptoms is to not drink any alcohol at all, yet if you plan to drink, then there are some tips on how to prevent a hangover before and after drinking that you can apply. Before discovering those tips, you should know some common causes of a hangover. Here they are!

I. How To Prevent A Hangover – Causes Of A Hangover

1. Dehydration

how to prevent a hangover before bedAs alcohol consumption enhances urine production, it makes the human body dehydrate, causing many common hangover symptoms, such as thirst, weakness, dizziness, dryness of mucous membranes, and lightheadedness. As sweating, diarrhea, and vomiting can also happen as a consequence of excessive alcohol consumption, the human body could lose fluids as well as electrolytes.

2. Gastrointestinal Disturbances

In fact, excessive alcohol intake could irritate your stomach and intestines, leading to inflammation of your stomach lining and postponed stomach emptying. Alcohol could also produce gastric acid, fatty liver, pancreatic and intestinal secretions. These conditions might cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

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3. Low Blood Sugar

In reality, alcohol intake can obstruct glucose production in the body and remove the reserve of glucose stored in the liver. As glucose is the major energy source of the human brain, low blood sugar will result in symptoms of weakness, fatigue, and mood disturbances during the process of hangovers.

4. Sleep Disruption

Those people who go through a hangover tend to have shorter sleep duration and poorer sleep quality than usual sleep. This will lead to tiredness during a hangover. Moreover, alcohol disrupts the daily temperature rhythm of your body. Also, it disrupts the nighttime secretion of growth hormones of your body. All of these problems will produce typical symptoms similar to “jet lag” during hangovers.

5. Headache

how to prevent a hangover when you're already drunk

After drinking alcohol, you may suffer from alcohol intoxication which leads to the expanding of blood vessels that could lead to headache. Also, drinking alcohol will impact histamine, prostaglandins, and serotonin. Those hormones contribute to headaches.

6. The Withdrawal Of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol too much will depress the central nervous system. Once you stop drinking alcohol, your central nervous system will go into unbalanced hyperactivity state or an “overdrive” state. As a result, you will get the condition of rapid heartbeat and tremors associated with a hangover.

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II. How To Prevent A Hangover – Tips To Prevent And Cure A Hangover

1. Do Not Drink On An Empty Stomach

how to prevent a hangover the next dayIn order to prevent a hangover, you should have big dinner or, even a light snack is still better than nothing. In fact, the more you are, the slower alcohol can affect you, and the large amount of alcohol you can drink. Thus, eating before drinking alcohol and eating afterwards will be a good way to prevent a hangover in the first place. You had better go for fatty foods as they can slow down the absorption of alcohol more effectively than other foods. Consider eating a cheese steak or a pizza, or smoking salmon, if you want healthier oils.

2. Drink Enough Water

When suffering from a hangover, you will experience a feeling of dehydration. Thus, in order to avoid a hangover, that also means you should take enough water. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages in order to ensure that you are not dehydrated when going to bed. At least, you should take one or two big glass of water before going to the bathroom.

Another idea is to go for milk. It seems so strange. Milk coats the lining of the stomach and could help minimize the amount of alcohol you will absorb. Though it is theory, many people make use of this advice. There is not clear evidence to support this theory, yet drinking a glass of milk per day is still a healthy habit for better health. There is no harm when taking a try this one.

3. Drink Olive Oil

how to prevent a hangover after drinkingWhen it comes to tips on how to prevent a hangover, this is considered as an old Mediterranean method that works on the same theory as eating fatty foods. You can dip some bread in the olive oil rather than slather it with butter so you will reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed.

4. Avoid Congeners

The opportunities of getting a hangover could be reduced by drinking alcoholic drinks which include fewer congeners, or other chemical compounds which contribute to the taste, smell and appearance of the drink. Some pure alcohol beverages, like gin or vodka include few congeners, while drinks, like brandy, whiskey and red wines include more.

5. Know Your Limits

It is important for you to know “how much” is too much. This depends on different things from body weight to radical types. In reality, a general rule of thumb is no more than three drinks in a 2-hour span, and less than five in a night.

6. Do Not Mix It Up

how to prevent a hangover after drinking wineMake it a wine night, or a beer night, or a vodka night, but do not mix it up. Most beverages do not mix well with each other. Your body will have hard enough time handling that rum without throwing in some gin.

7. Choosing The Right Type Of Alcohol

There are some studies showing that, drinks like wine and whisky are more likely to enhance the opportunity of a hangover. While there might be necessary for further studies, it is a great idea to know your own body. In case that you find yourself getting headaches with some beverages but not others, then do not drink the others.

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8. Skip The Bubbles

You should opt out of champagne as well as other alcohol which is mixed with carbonated drinks. The bubbles might cause alcohol to be absorbed more rapidly.

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9. Eggs

how to prevent a hangover yahooApart from being an easily digested food which is gentle on the stomach, eggs are packed with protein. Also, due to the large amounts of cysteine, eggs can help mop up alcohol’s leftover toxins. Though you might worry about the cholesterol levels, then you should not over-eat it in your meal.

10. Coconut Water

It is recommended that you can drink coconut water to cure a hangover. It is insanely hydrating, and one carton packs more potassium than a banana, which is the main nutrient for feeling better fast. Besides, coconut water is more flavorful than pure water.

11. Soup

Though often associated with various types of sickness, you can consume soup after drinking a large amount of alcohol. The salt in tomato or chicken varieties can help people retain the fluids. If you vomit, then you need take sodium and potassium in those foods, which return your electrolytes back to the baseline. A sneak advantage is: the salt induces you thirsty; thus, you will be forced to rehydrate.

how to prevent a hangover headache

12. Fruit Juice

For hangover fuel, you can take a piece of fresh fruit or a glass of total fruit juice. Fructose found in the fruit can help you boost energy naturally, and also increases the rate at which your body gets rid of alcohol’ toxins. Moreover, the fiber in fruit can aid the body in breaking down and absorbing the remains of alcohol in the last night. As booze could have a diuretic effect which helps you restore nutrients and vitamins which were lost from your previous night’s binge.

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13. Green Tea

how to prevent a hangover from wineBeing packed with a large amount of antioxidants that keep the body cells and organs healthy, green tea can help you get healthier liver, which in turn can help you recover faster if drinking alcohol. In case that you feel nauseous, just add lavender or rosemary to the tea you drink so they will calm your own stomach quickly.

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14. Ginger

If you wake up reeling from vomiting or nausea, just add ginger to your breakfast meal. A small dose of ginger could stimulate a stalled, post-drink digestive system, assisting your body in easing constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion, and even vomiting. Make use of two ginger capsules each hour with water. But, keep in mind that you have to eat something before taking that ginger.

15. Get Fresh Air

Actually, oxygen can increase the rate that alcohol toxins are broken down; thus, bundle up and go outside. Supplemental oxygen is another manner to speed up detoxification after consuming alcohol, without having to exercise. On the other hand, a little exercise will never hurt anyone; it even releases some endorphins to enhance that post-hangover mood.  Furthermore, it increases your metabolic rate that helps you clear toxins associated with metabolizing alcohol. Exercise also helps you deliver oxygen to your cells, which could promote the speed at which you detoxify harmful compounds.

16. Keep It Light

It is believed that darker drinks like rum or red wine contain congeners. They are substances produced in the fermentation and contribute to causing hangovers. So, skip these drinks and select lighter ones if you can.

17. Drink Milk drink milk

In fact, acetaldehyde is a toxic included in alcohol and becomes a main cause of hangovers. Beside drinking green tea, ginger tea or fruit juices that can eliminate acetaldehyde in alcohol, you can have a big glass of hot milk before drinking that creates a gel and slow down the amount of alcohol absorbed on your stomach. Hence, aid the digestive system to cope with alcoholic beverages.

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18. Drink Slowly

Remember that the way you drink alcohol can affect your hangovers. If you drink it too fast and too much, this is a way you are damaging your stomach and get drunk fast. Instead, drink slowly, do not drink more than 1 drink/hour for preventing hangovers on the following day.

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19. Take A Multivitamin

You should know that drinking can deplete some nutrients in your body such as folate and vitamin B12. To prevent this nutrient loss and get rid of hangover, pop a multivitamin for replenishing what is lost from your drinking. As a result, when you can keep these nutrients, you will keep your consciousness and energy on the next day.

take a multivitamin

20. Replace Lost Salts

Rehydration sachets are often used to treat diarrhea that also aid in speeding the recovery from hangovers. The truth is that salt sachets contain certain amounts of salts that the body needs and when you get a hangover, this remedy helps supply amount of lost fluids from the body quicker than water does. To start, mix 1 salt sachet with a cup of water and drink after you have a hangover. You can drink it before bedtime and do the same after waking up in the next morning.

21. Drink Coffee

drink coffee

In addition to popping multivitamin or replacing lost salt, you can have a cup of coffee that will help you relieve the feeling of tiredness and fatigue related to your hangover as well as aid in alleviating headache symptoms you may have.

22. Practice Down-Dog Pose

practice down-dog pose

Actually, this is a Yoga pose. By practicing this pose, you can get rid of a hangover effectively, according to scientists. It is also indicated that sun-salutations can whisk away hangovers while meditation and breathing .Yoga exercises in yoga help you get increased blood pumping and oxygen flowing for relieving stress and headache.

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23. Grab Some Potassium

When dehydrated, you lose electrolytes and water. By grabbing some potassium-rich foods like spinach or bananas, you can get your lost potassium back and get rid of hangover fast.

grab some potassium

24. Chewing Gum Aggressively

Yes! That’s it. Why don’t you try chewing gum fast but do not overdo it. Many people used this method and it really worked for them. In fact, by chewing gum a few pieces of gum aggressively at a time, your blood flow increases around your head areas, thus you will be awaken and get rid of hangover naturally.

25. Dip Your Head In Cold Water

dip your head in cold water

Another wild way for you to experience when having a hangover! Fill your sink with cold water, add more ice if you like, then dip your head in and out until you feel refreshed. Normally, you can take a cold shower that can have the similar effects for your hangover recovery.

These 25 tips on how to prevent a hangover before and after drinking wine have worked successfully for many people. However, everyone’s physiology is different; thus, what works for one person might do nothing for another. Hence, that said, you should find out a tried-and-true method for yourself.

Leave your comments at the end of the post of how to prevent a hangover to let us know your thoughts. We will respond all soon!

There are some products that work in preventing hangover before and after drinking wine. PreToxx for Hangovers is the best one you should use.

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