How to treat lupus disease with diet – 6 tips

how to treat lupus

Lupus is the dangerous disease that not many people know.

Lupus makes the body’s immune system hyperactive, hence resulting in many symptoms like swelling, inflammatory. Moreover, it affects the skin, kidneys, blood, lungs and heart. Therefore, it is needed to treat it properly and carefully. There are a lot of treatments for lupus, including medicines, drug or home remedies. However, on this article, I just want to refer the ways on how to treat lupus disease with diet.

How To Treat Lupus Disease With Diet – The Effective And Healthy Diet To Boost Immune System

As I mentioned before, lupus disease will affect the immune system and make it too weak to fight again the bacteria and viruses. The immune system can prevent you from diseases because of proteins which are produced under the normal function of immune system. These proteins are called antibodies which help your body fight against harmful antigens, including viruses and bacteria. When the patient suffers from lupus disease, their immune system can not distinguish the antigens and healthy tissues. As a result, the antibodies in immune system attack the healthy tissues, causing pain, swelling and inflammatory. Lupus is considered as an autoimmune disease which brings problems to your immune system. Lupus has several types, including systemic lupus erythematosus , discoid, neonatal and drug-induced. It is said that there are five million people who experience the lupus disease in the world. More women are affected by lupus than men. Most doctors have found out that the causes of lupus come from genetic and environment factors. For example, as environment factors, exposure to ultraviolet light, medications, smoking and extreme stress may develop lupus.

While lupus is very dangerous if not treated, not many people are aware of that disease. So, when you see such symptoms, including achy joints, inflammatory and swelling of hands and feet, fatigue, dizzy, rash, chest pain, hair loss, you should make an appointment with your doctor to get diagnosed. There are many treatments for lupus such as corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs and natural home remedies. Another solution for patient is to change their lifestyle, including diet and exercise to prevent stress and depression. This article only refers to help patients with diet. As the author of, I would like to share with you some diet tips that I find it effective and helpful. Therefore, if you are interested, you should read the ways on how to treat lupus disease bellow to know more.

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1. Change The Red Meat Into Fatty Fish 

how to treat lupus

It is the first tip on how to treat lupus. The reason may be that red meat contains saturated fat, which contributes to heart disease. So, instead of red meat, you can switch into fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel which are rich in polyunsaturacted fatty acids. The Harvard School of Public Health said that these fatty acids will keep you from heart disease. Moreover, fatty fish can help you reduce inflammatory in your body. That is the good news for anybody who can face the risk of lupus disease, right?

2. Drink Enough Water: 

how to treat lupus

Of course, this is the tip on how to treat lupus you should not ignore. The reason why drinking water is important is that water can keep you hydrated and release the harmful toxin out of your body thorough urine. It is recommended to drink enough 8 glasses of water every day. Replace the refreshment drink, including alcohol, soda and caffeine because it can make the problem worsen.

3. Consume More Calcium-rich Foods: 

how to treat lupus

If you asking how to treat lupus disease, I suggest that you should add more calcium-rich foods into each meal. Calcium can manage the symptoms of disease which is weak and vulnerable bones. The vulnerable bones can easily fracture if you do not consume calcium in your diet. Therefore, in order to prevent it from happening, the best solution is eating more foods which contain vitamin D and calcium to strengthen your bones.

I would like to give you some food as examples. There are low-fat milk, cheese, dark green vegetables and yogurt. If you feel that you can get enough vitamin D and calcium, you should opt for supplements.

4. The Need To Limit Saturated And Trans Fats:

how to treat lupus

Saturated and Trans fats are unhealthy fats which can affect your heart disease and immune systems. If you want to look for the ways on how to treat lupus, you need to get rid of these fats on your routine and choose a diet which has low saturated and trans fats. The reason is overweight people will face higher risk of lupus than normal people while steroids in these fats can improve your appetite and make you gain weight. With patients with lupus disease, it is important to keep on track your weight and what you should eat. The foods which is lower saturated and trans fats include raw vegetable, air- popped popcorn and fruit, so on.

5. Avoid Alfalfa 

how to treat lupus

You should not eat alfalfa if you suffer from lupus disease. This sprout has an amino acid which is called L-canavanine. The amino acids will make your immune system overdrive and draw your lupus symptoms, said Lupus Foundation of America. Patients who eat alfalfa may feel fatigue and tired. The doctor will advise them to change their life style if he sees the changes on their blood test results.

6. Salt – The Harmful Ingredient You Should Avoid: 

how to treat lupus

If you look for the ways on how to treat lupus, you should avoid salt as much as you can. Salt can increase the blood pressure and give you the more chances to face heart disease. Heart disease may develop lupus. Unfortunately, some restaurants may serve sodium on the customer’s plates. So, you should eat the healthy diet at home without sodium and cook with other spices such as lemon, curry powder and pepper to enhance the flavor. If you need to go out and eat in the restaurants, just ask the chefs to kip salts on your plates.

These are 6 effective diets on how to treat lupus disease. I hope that you will find these tips effective to change your life style. It is important to emphasize that this article is solely for information purpose. Nothing in diet may help you to cure the lupus completely. This diet only helps you reduce and control the symptoms.

If you have any question to ask, please leave your comments bellow. I will answer all.

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