How to prevent razor burn on neck and legs: 10 easy tips

Both men and women all had to suffer from razor burn, either on neck or on legs.

Nonetheless, razor burn is popularly associated with males who save their face frequently. Women could also suffer from razor burn after shaving the armpits and legs. In reality, razor burn is a rather common skin problem that happens while or after shaving the skin – that the skin becomes red, inflamed and irritated. It could be unsightly, painful, and particularly bothersome for those with sensitive skin. The causes of razor burn are various, ranging from using a dull blade, lacking of moisture, and having sensitive skin.

When it comes to tips on how to prevent razor burn on neck and legs, the prevention begins before the blade meets your skin. Some of the most crucial habits to develop contain washing and exfoliating the skin before shaving.

These rituals can help to eliminate the dead skin cells and oil that clog the blade as a dirty razor calls for a terrible burn. For a more detailed and specific routine for preventing razor burn, you should read the following articles collecting necessary steps for a safe shaving process. Check out from!

How To Prevent Razor Burn On Neck And Legs – 10 Simple Steps

1. Soften The Beard

how to prevent razor burn-soften the beard

For men, the first and foremost step on how to prevent razor burn while shaving is to soften the beard. A nice soft beard could be eliminated more easily than one that looks and feels like a brillo pad. Therefore, the best moment to shave is right after taking a shower. By using a hot steam, you could soften the beard, leaving it in primo condition for having a shave. Want to get the beard really soft? Use some hair conditioner and start rubbing it over the beard whilst you are under the shower. Leave it there for the process of having a shower and wash it off when you have completed your bath. That way, your beard will become soft as the baby’s bottom.

2. Exfoliate

how to prevent razor burn-exfoliate

As mentioned earlier, exfoliating is necessary to prevent razor burn while shaving. Exfoliating is not for just for girls, it is for boys also. Use a facial scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and bring the potential ingrown hairs out of hiding.

3. Make Use Of A Badger Brush

how to prevent razor burn-make use of a badger brush

When lathering up the beard, men could use an old school badger brush to lather up, helping get the shaving cream up under each whisker that results in smoother, better shaves.

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4. Make Use Of A Sharp Razor

how to prevent razor burn-make use of a sharp razor

Whether you like fancy or disposable types, finding the perfect razor is not always easy, yet it is very important. There are many razors available on the market today and each one works effectively with different people as well as hair kinds.

Let me ask you a question: have you ever tried to cut a tomato using a dull knife blade? Well, just simply imagine that tomato being your own face or legs. Rather than cutting the whiskers cleanly, the dull blade tends to create a lot of tears and drag at the whiskers, thereby increasing the odds of creating skin irritation ad ingrown hairs. Therefore, you should use a sharp, safe razor which you could change blades frequently and it will not cost you a leg or arm.

After shaving, you should rinse the blade often using cool water to eradicate shaving cream, whiskers and oils.

5. Use A Shaving Oil

how to prevent razor burn-use a shaving oil

Regarding steps on how to prevent razor burn, taking advantage of shaving oil is important. Applying shaving gel or cream can protect your skin and works as a good barrier so the razor can glide more easily rather than dragging. Because it is made up of essential oils, so it will replenish the moisture lost from shaving and prevent skin irritation. The skin which is pliable and soft might make ingrown hair more difficult to break. You can opt for vegetable glycerin as an alternative for costly shaving oil.

6. Use Short, Light Strokes 

how to prevent razor burn-use short, light strokes

Do not apply too much pressure on your skin while using a razor as it increases the odds of razor burn. The weight of a razor is sufficient to cut off the beard. In order to keep yourself from using too much pressure while shaving, you had better use short, light strokes as longer strokes might create more pressure on the razor.

7. Rinse The Blade With Alcohol

how to prevent razor burn-rinse the blade with alcohol

It is shown that one of the major causes of razor burn as well as skin irritation from shaving might be bacteria on the blade. Hence, you should kill the bastards by simply wiping down the razor blade using alcohol to rub over before you begin shaving. You can go to the stores and buy drugstore rubbing alcohol for this purpose.

8. Rinse The Face With Cold Water After Finishing

how to prevent razor burn-rinse the face with cold water after finishing

By using cold water, you could help close the pores and also decrease the chance of pesky whiskers building ingrown hairs.

9. Apply A Moisturizer

how to prevent razor burn-apply a moisturizer

After shaving using a piece of sharp metal across your skin, your skin might be a little unhappy. If you feel irritation after shaving, you should make use of a soothing balm or an aloe-vera based cream to help decrease irritation and redness. Go to the local drugstores and you will find cortisone cream or shaving balms easily.

10. Dry Off The Blade After Shaving

how to prevent razor burn-dry off the blade after shaving

After finishing your shaving routine, you should dry off the blade using a soft towel. As a result, it helps prevent that blade from dulling rapidly, keep it good and sharp for the upcoming shave. In addition, make sure that you use a holder for hanging up the badger hair brush so it can dry out on its own by air. Remember that using a wet brush might develop bacteria.

There you have learnt 10 out of most important steps on how to prevent razor burn on neck and legs. Follow these steps and shaving advice and you will be burn free in the next shave.

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