How to cure heart disease naturally without surgery

Heart is the important organ of our body. This organ is tough but fragile; therefore, it is needed to protect a healthy heart. The heart plays the important role in supplying the blood through body in order to keep the function of tissues and organs work well. When heart condition becomes worse, it may make you worry. However, there are many ways on how to cure heart disease without surgery naturally in order to reverse heart trouble successfully.

How To Cure Heart Disease Without Surgery Naturally – The Effective Tips And Home Remedies

When the patients get diagnosed with heart disease, this condition causes deterioration in heart’s function and keeps arteries and vessel from working well. The common type of heart disease which affects 12.6 million Americans is coronary heart disease (CHD). Coronary heart disease is also called coronary artery disease. If you have CHD, it means that the arteries are hardened on the heart’s surface. Because accumulating plaque on the artery’s wall, it is difficult for artery to function well. This plaque for a long time will narrow the arteries and block the way to transport the blood through the heart, so, gradually the blood clots are formed. Because of lack of blood, you will easily suffer from chest pain or heart attack. There are many factors causing heart disease. Firstly, if your parents have heart disease, you may have more chances of developing heart problems. Of course, you cannot do anything with your genes. However, some factors can worsen the heart issues, which you can control. These triggers include smoking, diabetes, excessive stress and depression, high blood pressure, high level of triglycerides, high level of cholesterol and low level of lipoprotein, over weight and obesity. Unfortunately, not many people aware that they are suffering heart problems until it develops stroke and heart attack. It is important to see the doctor regularly to check the level of cholesterol and triglyceride. If you see symptoms such as excessive sweating, feeling tired and weak, stomach upset and chest pain, it is time to take care of your health. On the, I would like to introduce to you some effective tips and home remedies on how to cure heart disease without surgery naturally.

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1. Exercise:

how to cure heart disease-exercise

As I mentioned before, many factors causing heart disease include obesity and lack of exercises. Therefore, as the first way on how to cure heart disease, regular exercise must be emphasized. Many exercises work for arteries. The possible reason may be that exercises will remove the irritating materials that block the arteries. In order to cure heart trouble, you should do exercise for 30 minutes a day. You do not have to do all exercises at once; however, it is better to sweat. You can improve your health by taking part in your daily physical activities. For example, walk more, park the car far away from the entrance and play around with children.

2. Meditation And Yoga Exercises: 

how to cure heart disease-meditation and yoga exercises

Doing meditating exercises, you will change your arteries. As a result, you make your heart healthy. All you need is to meditate one hour daily or engage in yoga practice. Yoga and meditation are the effective ways on how to cure heart disease because it reduces stress and tension.

3. Open Your Heart And Get Support From Your Family: 

how to cure heart disease-open your heart and get support from your family

It is proven that the support from your family and your friends will reinforce your efforts. As the way on how to cure heart disease naturally, love and support are powerful and magical tools. According to Dr. Onish, author of book “Love & Survival”, conducted many researches to show that people who receive love and support from their family and friends will live longer and have fewer chances of getting sick and diet prematurely than those who feel lonely.

4. The Need For A Healthy Diet:

how to cure heart disease-the need for a healthy diet

The bad diet may be the worst habit for people with heart disease. It will worsen the symptoms and lead to heart attack. Therefore, as the tip on how to cure heart disease without surgery, you should avoid fat and bad diet. According to the Reversal Diet, it is recommended to eat 15-20% protein, 10% fat. Your body and your heart will gradually recover by simply changing your diet and avoiding factors that cause heart problems. You should consume more healthy foods which are rich in protective and preventive nutrients. I suggest that a diet which has a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, soy products and whole grains will be not only good for your heart but also for your body.

5. Home Remedies From Cupboard:

how to cure heart disease-home remedies from cupboard

There are many home remedies on how to cure heart disease you can find in your cupboard. I would like to introduce some of them.

Bran is the natural foods which keep your cholesterol level under control. Other fiber foods which can help you treat heart disease include barley, whole grains, oats and beans.

Olive oil is recommended for people who want to treat disease naturally because it is monounsaturated food. According to the American Dietetic Association, trying olive oil instead of other vegetables oil will help to boost the heart health.

The idea that wine is home remedy on how to cure heart disease naturally sounds strange but it is proven to be effective. Health experts showed that drinking wine in moderate amounts (1.5 ounces of whiskey, five ounces of wine or twelve ounces of beer) is good enough to battle the heart disease.

6. Home Remedies In Refrigerator:

how to cure heart disease-home remedies in refrigerator

Besides the cupboard, refrigerator also has many home remedies on how to cure heart disease without surgery.

Eating three ounces of chicken daily will give you enough vitamin B6 that is necessary nutrient for heart health.

Spinach is the ideal salad for patients with heart disease because of B vitamins such as vitamin B6 and B12.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A; therefore, it is a good food for heart health.

These are 6 tips and home remedies that I want to share with you. Although this article is for informational purpose only, I hope that you will find it effective and helpful. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer all your questions

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