How To Be A Good Friend To A Girl Or Guy You Like

how to be a good friend to a girl or guy you like

Updates: 07/7/2024

Nothing makes the closeness of friendship fade away more than never talking or seeing each other. Friends play an important part in our overall happiness, yet it is often trickier than just simply spending time together. To be a good friend, you firstly need to discover what makes a bad friend. Here, we cover what you need to know to avoid being a bad friend and how to be a good friend to a girl or guy you like.

How To Be A Good Friend To A Girl Or Guy You Like 

I. How To Be A Good Friend – Things A True Friend Would Never Do

1. Project Your Negative Qualities Onto Your Friends

That means you think that if you think in a certain way, then people around and your friends also do too. For instance, if you are prone to talking about people behind their back, then you also assume that your friends also do the same. Finally, you start to blame other people and talk about how they did something though they never did. Your friend might know that and this actually gets annoying.

2. You Criticize And Blame Your Friends For Everything

how to be a good friend to a guyYou often feel like nothing is your own mistake and you are always right. You think that everything wrong is due to your friends. After that, you begin letting your friends know about how you feel about that situation or sometimes via non-verbal expressions. If so, you will lose your friends.

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3. You Just Spend Time With Your Friends If Necessary

Those people who are not true friends often reach their phones to call their friends for a purpose or reason. It turns to be a habit that whenever you text or call, your friends will respond “What do you need?” It is a warning sign indicating that you are a bad friend.

4. You Leave Your Friends To Take All Responsibility

When there is work needed to be done, it is common that you are not the one taking responsibility. You just sit in your back and relax. Such term of teamwork has no mean to you and you would rather do something else, or even nothing than just to help out.

5. You Do Not Think About How Your Friends Feel

Your words might hurt like knives that you may not even care or know it. It is because you are not interested in how your friends feel. Often, you do not stop for awhile to consider your decisions and your words, then they may affect your friends’ feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, just lack of action can hurt your friends most.

6. You Constantly Remind Your Friends Of All Favor You Did For Them

how to be a good friend pdfA sign of a bad friend is constant reminding of what he or she has done for others. It happens when you are going to do something for your friends or vice versa.

7. You Always Make Fun Of Your Friends

You constant tease your friends for most things, even everything. You could not go a day without taunting them for something. Just because you think it is harmless does not mean it is right.

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8. You Are A Mooch

You always borrow things of your friends without asking them or “losing” your wallet as you go out to dinner. Also, you always look for manners to get something from your friends.

9. You Do Not Listen To Your Friends

Your friends’ opinions mean nothing to you and it is often drowned out by your stuffs. When your friends are talking, you often tap your feet impatiently to get your turn of talking.

People know when you pretend to listen. Thus, stop doing so if you do not want to be a bad friend.

10. You Are A Copycat

Any time your friend gets new clothes or hair style, or does her make up in an amazing way, you instantly copy her. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, yet no.

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how to be a good friend guide

II. How To Be A Good Friend – Tips To Become A Better Friend

1. Make Time For Your Friends

While just some bonds of friendship might be strong enough to last over silences, most are not. If you want to learn how to be a good friend, then it is necessary for you to make time for your friends whether it is only an occasional phone call or text, or weekly get-together.

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2. Do Not Be A Burden To Your Friend

how to be a good friend essayFriendship cannot be healthy and long lasting if there is not equilibrium between the give and the take. Thus, to maintain a long lasting friendship, you first need to consider how much your friend can and cannot offer you and vice versa. Friendships that may drain you cannot last. If your friendship is currently imbalance, then take time to review all.

3. Be A Good Listener

Learning how to be a good friend also means learning to be a good listener. It could be the most difficult thing to do, in fact. Just simply listen to others’ thoughts before saying anything. In order to become a better listener, you can apply the following advice:

  • Make eye contact. Offer murmurs as well as nods to indicate that you understand your friend’s point of view.
  • Do not cut his or her sentences. If you plan your response while your friend is still talking, then, stop and remind yourself to focus.
  • Eliminate distractions while talking to him or her
  • Be careful with your advice.

4. Show A Different Side Of Yourself

One good want to do that is mixing friends from different areas of your life. You can throw a get-together with your college friends and your colleagues from work. You will find yourself opening up more, and also your friends will discover new things about you. Friendships benefit from a breath of fresh air.

5. Go Extra Miles When Your Friends Need Help

how to be a good friend lesson planWhen your friends ask for your advice or favor on something that is meaningful to them. It means that they value your idea and role. When he or she needs help from you, just show him or her that you care about his problem.

6. Do Not Ignore Them During Their Darkest Hours

If your friends are going through actually hard times, then they might start to close off from you. Even, they may hide from the world. This really annoys some people and finally they give up, yet good friends still keep trying.

7. Make Your Friends Feel Wanted

This also means that you should intently listen to everything they say. However, you should be comfortable enough in order to avoid being weird in that situation.

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8. Share A Secret

how to be a good friend bookIt is no surprise that telling a friend something sensitive would make her feel like you value and trust her. Yet, that is not the only reason why you should do so to get close friendship. Doing so can make your friends feel as if you value her much more than others.

9. Accept That No Friendship Is Perfect

No one is perfect, and friendship is not different. People mostly realize that fights are a common part of family relationships or marriage. Yet, when it comes to friendships, people are less comfortable accepting imperfections. It might cause friends to give up on their friendship when trouble comes. Thus, you have to handle with the disagreements between your friends and you. Do not be afraid of the occasional misunderstanding or tiff. Once you make it through, the bonds will be much stronger than ever.

10. Understand And Respect Boundaries

You do not have to be together 24/7. You and your friends need space to recharge. That does not mean you do not like your friends. Good friends are not pushy and do not easily get upset due to an occasional “no”. In reality, good friends will know how to rightly pick up where they left off no matter how long it has been since they last saw the other.

11. Make Small Gestures

You do not have to hold on a surprise party or give an expensive present in order to show your friends that you love them. Use your online comments on social media, leave your friends a compassionate voice message, or stop by your friends’ office with a latte if he / she had a tough day. It is simple yet so meaningful.

how to be a good friend download

12. Learn To Apologize

It may be hard to admit that you did something wrong. Do not be afraid of admitting to your friends that you messed up. It occurs to the best one. Someone who could swallow his or her pride and admit he or she is wrong is a good friend.

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13. Speak With Honesty

People naturally just want to hear sweet words and no one wants to hear honest truth, yet a good friend does. Though it’s hard to tell the truth, you should be honest to be yourself, then with your friendship. If he or she can accept that truth, your relationship may become greater.

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14. Be Ever Encouraging 

be ever encouraging

Everyone can send you compliments when you get successful in life, but just parents and great friends give you encouragement before. So, to build a good friendship, don’t forget to encourage him or her at tough time.

 15. keep your promises

keep your promises

Your words must go along with your actions. If you promise to do something for your friend, keep your words working and completing it at the right time or as soon as possible. Your promises can show your sincerity to do it and show your respect to your friendship. Once you skip your promises, your friend may not believe in you, stop trusting you and this can kill your relationship in silence.

Imagine that promise is a part of your characteristics and it goes along with your honesty.

16. Learn To Give And Take learn to give and take

Friendship or relationship is a 2-way street. If you just give or just take, you are not a good friend. It’s not fair and no one wants to make friends with you. Even it can happen that relationship cannot stay long. To be a good friend, learn to give your honesty, your truth, your time and learn to give your friends what they want to get from you like sincerity, love, empathy, or encouragement.

17. Build On Common Interests

As you can see, best mutual friends often have common interests. This is the way they share great time with each other, such as reading book, listening to Jazz music, drinking coffee, catching fish and a lot more.

18. Respect Differences                   

Actually, any relationship requires respect though this is pen friendship or real-life friendship. Respect can be shown in different ways. A good friend can see it from each other through the certain behaviors and activities. For example, a true love can be built from a long-distance relationship when they two understand each other. They can forget some differences about human races, skin types, and different languages and so on. When they have troubles in life, they don’t blame each other or show their negative thoughts. Instead, they are patient with each other, and overcome troubles by making a lot of efforts.

19. Make More Efforts make more efforts

No good things come easily. If you want to get awesome things that amaze people around you, make an effort and make more and more efforts. In a friendship, this rule still works. Each relationship has different types of troubles and challenges.

All that you need to do is to handle each difficulty with all your efforts. There are also different ways for you to give your support for an improve friendship such as a support on spirit or finance, or both of them.

Being a good friend is not easy, yet is worth doing.

We all want to have at least one good friend in our life. So, before finding for yourself the best friend, just becoming the best friend towards someone, then you can take the same thing. If you are interested in the topic of 29 ways on how to be a good friend to a girl or guy you like, feel free to leave your words at the end of this post. We will feedback soon!

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