18 Quotations About Mistakes In Love Relationships

quotation about mistakes in love

Finding an ideal lover is difficult, maintaining a sweet and passionate love is more difficult. Everyone tries even swears to make a beautiful love but they don’t succeed at all because of impossibility to protect their love against dire misunderstanding.  It is unavoidable to have some mistakes in love but it is not worth allowing them to cause regretful consequences in your relationship.

Making some mistakes in love is not wrong as people sometimes cannot control their emotions, especially the emotions of love. However, in a serious relationship, 2 both sides need to restrict themselves from exceeding events. Keep your love or marriage successful by avoiding these small relationship traps otherwise, dealing with them immediately and skillfully as a way to improve your love as well.

This time, VKool.com would like to show you 18 quotations about stupid mistakes in love relationships to avoid during living together. All of the suggested mistakes are really common and necessary to be removed from a serious relationship in order to protect and maintain this relationship.  For both men and women who want to develop their love with time, spend a little time reading our article to know more visible mistakes to avoid during the time together.

Quotations About Stupid Mistakes In Love Relationships

1. Lose Romance In Love

mistakes in love - lose romance in love

Among a number of mistakes in love, the first one is losing the romance in love, especially after getting married. Both of you might be very romantic during the period of building and nourishing the initial love but turn into forgetting to make something like that after a marriage. By anyway, romance is one of the key factors in a love relationship, so keeping this feeling of love is very important.

In fact, it is easy for someone to become complacent after a marriage, which makes him or her slack on trying to make romance as before. A relationship is exactly a work and any parts should dominate the best to maintain and develop this work. Romance, in addition, gives you the fun feelings and improves the love of your partner for you as well, so don’t lose your romance as one of the regretful mistakes in love.

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2. Always Control Your Partner

Always trying to control or change your partner is also one of the common mistakes in love.
Not only in normal life but also in a serious relationship, especially in marriage, the desire of controlling the others should be removed. Don’t think that you are good enough to make something crazy like that because this can cause a break-up anytime. Before starting a serious relationship, you and your partner may have been known each other well enough to understand and come closer, which means you have realized you are both unique individuals and appreciated this. So why do you change your mind after getting married to him?

In fact, it is ridiculous that people are usually drawn to someone completely opposite to them but tend to change him/her to be the same with them after that. For example, during the beginning period of love, a girl always loves her boyfriend because of his carefree and funny characteristic but when the relationship lasts for few months, she becomes so bored even frustrated with his jokes so that she wants to stop him and adjust him as the ways she does. In this case, the girl is troubled in mistakes in love which can sometimes make her boyfriend suspected if she has another man.

If you are thinking that your partner will be ready to change in anyway because of you, you may be wrong. It is more terrible if you always remind or ask him to do something unreasonable as a controller. Just think a scenario in which you are regulated and required to change according to the ways you hate, you can feel how crazy your man is. Keep your both naturally as the first meet then your love can last much longer.

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3. Be Jealous

Jealousy is an unavoidable emotion in a relationship but also one of the mistakes in love if it is exceedingly showed.  You may get angry with your partner when he looks at a sexy girl passing or even when he talks with a female colleague on the street. There will be nothing to say unless you exacerbate the stuff by always asking him about the girl he talked with, inspecting him, and making a large noise. And you’re your man reject to explain, he may become bored with you indeed, which mean you are troubled in mistakes in love.

In other words, jealousy is a funny way of showing your emotions through certain intensity that can make love better or worse as well. No one can cause you the feelings of such a terrible rage or horrible headaches other than the one you truly loved. Although jealousy is a natural part of the human to desire anything they don’t have, particularly when it is taken away after the time of being close, you should not show this aspect in your love exceedingly as this one of mistakes in love can lead your love to death possibly.

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4. Be Too Co-dependent

There are some women and men who rarely spend their time for themselves and staying with their partner too much instead. This is really one of the mistakes in love because this can make the other non-free and uncomfortable. Everyone, especially men, should find out a right way to step on their own instead of just depending on the other. You should also spend time doing what you love such as playing sport, joining a club, or going out with friends and allow your partner to do anything he/she loves. By this way, you all become happier with life and everything in your relationship may become easily dealt with.

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5. Become Boring

mistakes in love - become boring

That the boredom causes a relationship to break may sound ridiculous but this can totally happen and also one of the mistakes in love. When people start a serious relationship, they always want to make their lives more exciting due to something their partner does, so they may become disappointed if the life together is more boring than they have expected. If your life is not really interesting at the moment, try to spice everything up by adding a little of romance as you have ever before getting married. In addition, try to tell some interesting stories even in your workplace or do something crazy together like dancing or drinking. In other words, if you want to get the excitement back, you should always remember that your partner is a new love, a new relationship that you need to chase since then you have the motivation to make your relationship more interesting instead of being boring like that.

6. Expecting Perfection

Everybody expects to see someone perfect to stay with forever but it always fails. Finding your partner and getting married to her/him are the most important decision in your life, which means you have ever considered thoroughly and certainly believe in her/him as the best one indeed. But after your relationship starts, you always expect to a better perfection from your partner and from your love, which sometimes makes you disappointed because of the failure. You may gradually feel that the present relationship is unworthy of you and keep going out to find someone better or something more exciting, which can cause your relationship worse anytime. This is the reason why expecting everything perfect is another of the mistakes in love.

You should remember that you and your partner are all human who cannot live without mistakes, so never waste your time on unrealistically high expectation and alternatively try to nourish your love by making it more perfect on your own.

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7. Appreciate Your Partner’s Job

If you consider and believe your partner’s job is something making you happy or money is stuff to maintain your relationship, in other words, you are making one of the mistakes in love.  It is because any prolonged relationship starts from natural emotions not only from the financial convenience and your partner staying with you in order not to meet your all needs. If you sometimes ask him/her for some money and are refused, don’t think that he doesn’t love you and alternatively try to do something to support him. It is, in fact, impossible to fulfill all the demands, so never get angry or consider his money as your happiness. As a wife or a girlfriend, you should learn how to bring excitement to yourself and your partner who always closes with you to share everything. Love is based on communication, giving and taking, so you should be happy with yourself and independent before your partner makes something for you.

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8. Don’t Talk About Money

In any relationship, the clarity of financial aspect is always important. As mentioned above, you should not depend much on your partner’s salary and be independent instead, and additionally always clarify all of the consumption in common. You and your partner may be different from the backgrounds to the way spending money, which sometimes results in disagreement on your both account.  Refusing or ignoring to talk about money problem is one of the mistakes in love because this can cause misunderstanding between you both. Therefore, in a serious relationship, you have to ensure make anything related to money clear even if you own private money as well. However, you should just keep this in a right way otherwise, you will become a skimpy and greed person.

9. Lose In Communication

You might have talked to each other much before getting married but you feel it unnecessary to talk so much then because you believe that he/she can read your mind, which is also anther of the mistakes in love causing a break-up to your relationship. Don’t just think that he/she actually understands what you feel or need because he/she loves you thereby keeping waiting for some surprising things instead of talking it loud. If you fail to start an open and truthful communication then your relationship cannot flourish indeed. In other words, effective communication is a skill, so you have to communicate though you feel that you have made it a thousand times. And don’t forget to ask him for something he/she likes instead of just noticing your favorite ones and make sense of humor as well to keep your love more excited.

In addition, you should give up the hard feelings of getting your partner to a talk, one of the mistakes in love as well. In fact, there are many women saying that they cannot get their men to a talk, for example, their men often clam up or grunt even when an intimate conversation starts, which makes them feel shut out then their men feel misunderstood. On the other hand, there is the truth women don’t realize that men always want to talk, of course under right conditions. Men extremely want to talk with someone who can listen and share with him some burden, so if you are the one he loves, come to talk with him anytime instead of just standing looking at him. More surprisingly, men are more vulnerable than women indeed, thus, you have to ensure everything right before talking with him. In conclusion, to not make mistakes in love and keep your love alive, learn how to make the right conditions so that your men can feel safe enough to talk with you.

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10. Be Passive Aggressive

mistakes in love - be passive aggressive

There are various ways on how to be passive-aggressive in a serious relationship typically such as forgetting to do something you may not or agreeing with an opinion opposite to yours… You may feel safer while not disagreeing with something or outwardly objecting to a request your partner says but if you do this repeatedly, you may close off a route of communication because you don’t let him/her know your real feelings.

If you regularly forget to do him/her a favor, you are making one of the mistakes in love indeed. For example, you forget to wind an alarm before bed or suppose to do that for your partner’s better sleep not realizing of his/her early morning appointment, you are making him/her disappointed even angry with you as well. If you tend to do something passive aggressive like that though you are not alike at all, you should spend some time reflecting on what really bothers you and discuss it with your partner honestly afterward.

11. Constantly Question About Your Relationship

On opposite to lose in communication, you become addicted to questioning your partner about the relationship, which is sometimes unnecessary and also considered as one of the mistakes in love. There will be sometimes you sit around wondering if your partner will be still with you next week or next month. You can afraid to interrupt your relationship thereby always thinking or doing the wrong thing. You suspect your partner because of some evidence he/she is not interested in you and keep in mind the question whether he/she still loves you or not. Of course, it is important to keep communication with your partner but it should be done in a right way. You shouldn’t ask him/her for something stupid such as “Do you still love me?”, “Do you think we have done this incorrectly?”, “You are in a new relationship with her, right?”… Such questions always bring the other annoyance instead of care or curiosity. In other words, if you always ask your partner about your relationship, you may doubt it and feel less comfortable about commitments you have made for the future.

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12. Fight About Everything

There are certainly some cases in which you have enough a large dispute to a fighting. However, it is not worth making everything exaggerated then causing an argument with your partner. In fact, having a fighting sometimes and dealing with it for a while is also a good way to warm up your relationship but if you are too addicted to fighting, you are troubled in one of the mistakes in love. To maintain a good relationship, just think about all of the problems easy in any helpful ways for the 2 parts, sympathy, and share with each other instead of always fighting indeed.

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13. Feel The Failure In Relationship

There is nothing worse than depression indeed. In fact, people easily become depressed when something around processes in unexpected ways, which also occurs in a relationship. The feeling of depression makes you disappointed with everything, for example, you feel that you are not loveable at all and that your destiny is wrong even a failure in love. However, you does not actually fail and alternatively you are troubled in one of the mistakes in love that can cause your love to be more boring even break. You may lose the feeling control and need to be taught to know a more effective way to regulate it in order to keep your relationship always alive and passionate.

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14. Keeping Secrets From Your Partner

Keeping secrets from your partner is also considered as one of the mistakes in love. Before starting a serious relationship, you might have talked to him/her about anything including some crazy secrets but you ignore to do that afterward. Hiding or keeping secrets is the same to keep communication not open, which is advised not to do as one of the mistakes in love as above. Saying your secrets doesn’t mean telling to your partner every minute in your life but avoiding intentionally keeping something major from him/her. By this way, you are both comfortable with each other and become reliable in the other’s sight. And although you try to keep something from him/her, you will the feel slightly guilty as well, so share together soon instead of being late so that the both are free.

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15. Forget To Appreciate Your Partner

mistakes in love - forget to appreciate your partner

In any relationships including love, appreciation always needs to be kept. If you always say “thank you” or “sorry” to others, let do it with your partner as well and don’t forget to say “I love you” on a regular basis. Instead of shouting, keep calm saying to him/her particularly on the ground such as in a restaurant or on the street, and instead of claiming and criticizing, give him/her some compliments and support so that he/she can get up from the failure. Don’t forget to appreciate your partner as much as possible so that he/she can feel safe and helpful on the beside of you, especially don’t make him/her lose his/her face in front of friends, colleagues, and family as well. If you used to damage your partner in this ways, you are destroying your relationship as mistakes in love, so remember not to do again.

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16. Complain Your Partner To Everyone

Instead of directly talking to your partner about his/her mistakes, you complain them all to everyone around, which is an extreme one of mistakes in love. Not only do you give others a negative look at him but you also lose believe from him/her. Why don’t you complain something like that to him so that he/she can correct instead of letting him/her know your feelings from the others? You have to remember that there is no space in love and your partner will be the first one who shares with you everything. In addition, if you ignore to complain him/her, he/she cannot find out the mistakes and change in a positive way, so he will then continuously disappoint you. Complaining to your partner instead of saying around is also a way of showing your respect to him/her indeed.

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17. Don’t Take Differences In Core Values

You and your partner may have the same favorite music and enjoy time together, you may also have a hard time to get past major differences. You should take sometimes discussing some core values including things about the religion and morality, and the role of family, friends, money, and careers before moving your relationship forward otherwise, you will be disappointed later.

18. Give Up Your Partner

There will be sometimes your partner has to do through challenges such as suffering from a serious disease, losing a job, or even having an addiction. In fact, some people will give up his/her partner in these situations because there is no insurance for his/her future indeed. However, it is the time your partner needed your support and good cheer to stimulate him/her to overcome all though you may feel extremely stressed. Instead of showing your concern and feigning, it is more grateful to always stand by him/her taking care of your vulnerable person. In fact, your support and even your confidence help relieve your partner’s pain and raise him/her up from the distress. One day when he/she recovers, you can image how much love he/she will give to you from which your relationship may be more meaningful as well.

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With the article on 15 early signs he wants a relationship with you in the future in our main Relationship & Dating page, hope that you can find out the earliest signs of your man to whether develop your relationship or not. All the mentioned signs may be necessary for all the women. Leave your comments and questions below then we would reply as soon as possible and share with us if you know other signs he wants a relationship with you if you get.

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