33 summer date ideas – fun & cheap ideas are revealed

summer date ideas

Are you happy with your relationship? Have you ever felt that your love needs recharging? Actually, your relationship maybe breaks if you do not continually refresh it. Recently, Vkool.com released a writing of 33 fun and cheap summer date ideas for couples. This is actually useful if you are confused about summer date ideas. The writing will please you when it brings a lot of useful solutions to refresh your relationship.

Fun And Cheap Summer Date Ideas For Couples

1. Estate Or Yard Sales

estate or yard sales download

Now getting up early and beginning a new summer day by visiting yard or estate sales. You can start your date at 9 am with your partner with funny things and I am sure that you will have special time with your beloved one. Instead of spending lots of money to do the luxury anniversaries, you may take a few moments in yard to enjoy games, and have funny things to laugh together. With the summer weather, you will feel comfortable with this simple idea. Spending time at yard or estate sale is one of the most fantastic summer date ideas for couples that can save your tons of money.

2. Picnic

picnic download

Having a dinner at restaurant may waste you a lot of money. Why don’t you try to go for picnic at the weekend? The weather is so beautiful, is that right? To prepare for a special picnic, you should store meat, fruits, drink, cheese, wine, etc. So wonderful for both of you when breathing fresh atmosphere, as well as having a good time together, at your back yard or park near your house. Imagine that you will throw out the anxiety, stress, and work to enjoy beautiful weather, nice lake, and romantic view with green grasses. Let enjoy it and feel how restful you are.

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3. Beach 

beach download

It is a great idea to lie on the sand with the good weather. On the sand, you can play some funny activities such as playing ball or catching together. You can dip in the sea and experience the freshness of the water. Actually, going to the beach is one of the most effective ways to get fun and reduce stress when you can change atmosphere. Before going to the beach, you should prepare beer, favorite drinks, snacks, and sexy bikini. Certainly, you should not forget sunscreen to protect your skin. Going to the beach in the summer is one of the best and the most fantastic summer date ideas when the weather is very hot.

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4. Boating 

boating download

It is a good chance if you live near a lake or river. Leave your work and enjoy boating, I am sure that you will feel so relaxed when going boat with partner. This is a memorial time both of you will remember in mind. How wonderful if you and your friend have a boat and take a look at the landscape beside the river. You can have beer, some light dishes for lunch or dinner near the river on the grass lands. It is so peaceful with your spouse if both of you want to renew your love. Go for fishing on your boat, look at the countryside, or singing some songs together are the useful works both of you can do to improve your relationships. Go out and live with the nature is the best choice for summer date as it is so hot.

5. Outdoor Movie 

outdoor movie download

Do you have a lot of works to do? Are you tired with overwork at the office? Take a chance with your friend to watch an outdoor movie at any convenient time. You do not need to wait Friday night or weekend, take a break and watch the favorite movie outside. You just need to have snack, drinks, and blanket to watch outdoor movie when a lot of metropolitan places do this. It is not too expensive to delight in this activity because you will sit among the samplings and vineyards to watch the movie with your lover. While watching film, you may drink some wine or enjoyable drinks or you also taste some snacks beside your wife or husband. Of course, it is so convenient if you have a move room at home, in your yard or outside of your house, just when you have money. Watching outdoor movie is not only a good time for both of you to relax and warm up your love, but it is also a good chance to relish the wonder of environment or your town.

6. Fruit Picking 

fruit picking download

Do you like fresh fruits? Do you like to pick them in the garden? Berry picking may be a good idea for dating in the summer. By driving far distance from town to the countryside, you will have a goo chance to pick the favorite fresh fruits in a farm. Hold a basket and pick the berries with your beloved friend, you will have a lot of fun when you enjoy this activity. What can you do with berries you pick? Now you can make a homemade cake at home or taste it raw. Do you know that frozen berries are the perfect ingredients for cocktails, champagne, healthy dessert and wine? Picking berries with your partner in the summer days will be an unforgettable time in your life. You can choose raspberry, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, apple, or peach farm to pick fruits.

7. The State Fair 

the state fair download

The state fair is also an useful activity for your dating. It includes the scary corny houses, food oddities, and terrifying rides. The structure seems terrible but you can go together and comeback your childhood by enjoying some games, enjoy some fried pizza or favorite foods in the evening. Although it is not luxury or extravagance as the big cities, even it is too simple to have a date. But try to enjoy it and you will have different feelings.

8. Food Festival 

food festival download

If you are faithful in foods and drink, food festival is an excellent summer date idea for every couple. If you live in big cities, food festival is easily found in the summer. Mark the calendar and both of you can enjoy the festival and taste lots of favorite foods together. Well, sometimes, you may want to taste all of foods illustrated in the festival, keep going to such a festival in town and you will have a lot of funny things with your lover.

9. Baseball Game 

baseball game download

If you are engaged in sports or outdoor activities, watching baseball is also a meaningful sport you may enjoy with your partner. Buy the tickets and go to the stadium and watch the game. Even you are not a fan of specific baseball team; you may go with your partner and experience the new things in your life. At least, you make your boyfriend happy with your appearance. It is so amazing, of course, if you are a fan of baseball game. Among the fun and cheap summer date ideas, baseball is one of the best choices for you.

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10. Wine Tasting 

wine tasting download

Tasking a cup of wine with your friend is a perfect idea for summer date. Choose a comfortable place like park or river shore, sit among the vineyards, sampling to taste the wine together. Well, it is so cheap when you need for under $10 to have a memorial time. You do not need to have lots of money to do this thing because it does not include costs for place you sit. Sitting on the grass land, taste some wine, and focus on some subjects both of you are concerning about.

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11. Summer Bucket List Writing 

summer bucket list writing download

For lovers, everything is meaningful if they do together. Actually, there are variety of things both of you can do every day to improve your relationship or warm up your love. For instance, both of you can sit down, and write down the summer bucket list together. Both of you can choose the necessary things to buy in this list, or some unnecessary things you will not need in the summer.

12. Fishing Date 

fishing date download

Fishing together in a summer day is a good option to choose if both of you are tired of work and the atmosphere in big cities. Almost of the sates in America has Fishing Day so you can freely enjoy this activity with you partner. Even you are on the boat of sit at the dock, you can feel relaxed when go fishing. Whenever you have fishes, you will have delicious dishes at your home. If you do not enjoy in fishing day, both of you can choose a large river or lake for fishing..

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13. New Town Discovery 

new town discovery download

Why don’t you spend time discovering some new places to go to? You can drive motorbike and explore some new towns or big cities nearby your place. I am sure that you will have an incredible adventure. By finding the new town together, you will have new experience at the weekend, or have some practical times in the new locates.

14. Your Home Town Traveling 

your home town traveling download

Actually, you may not need to leave your town to travel and explore the new places, but you can stay at your home town and have an adventure around your city. Probably, you are too busy to go out and identify that your city is so beautiful with light at night, the lake, the trees, rivers, buildings, clubs, etc. Go out by walking, bicycling, or driving to explore the beauty of your home town, you see that you not only love your spouse, but you also love your countryside.

15. Park 

park download

Yes, park is an ideal place for couple. You can have picnic, go boating, go fishing, taste wine, or do something fun in the park. You may bring some balls, some sport equipments and bring some favorite foods and drinks to taste after doing some activities there. Both of you totally can enjoy games in the park with the satisfaction. Obviously, recharge your love seems so simple, is that right?

16. Rock Climbing 

rock climbing download

If you engage in hazardous activities, rock climbing is the best one to choose for both of you. Before climbing rock, you should check the weather, prepare careful the equipments you will take for sure of safety.

17. Vacation Planning 

vacation planning download

If you want to have a long time with your partner, vacation time is great for both of you. Spend your vacation plan in the summer doing the meaningful things in your life. You can choose to stay at home and do the simple but momentous things like cooking the dinner, having lunch or dinner at restaurant, watching film, or visiting some wanted places in your towns. In vacation days, you may have a travel or leave your home town to explore the new places.

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18. Grocery Store

grocery store download

How funny it is when you hunt grocery store to find out the essential ingredients for your meals. Rarely your husband goes to buy foods with you, is that right? Asking him to go to grocery store with you one day and buy the necessary things like cards, ingredients, bowls, blanket, etc. Making new love does not mean that you have to have big events or expensive anniversaries. Keep this simple thing; you will see the best results from it.

19. Dog-Gone 

dog-gone download

If you have a lovely dog, it is also one of the great summer date ideas if both of you spend time for dog-gone in the park. Be sure that your partner also loves your dog, too.

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20. Dinner 

dinner download

If you do not want to go out, cooking a tasty dinner at home is also a suggestive to do. You can enjoy your time of preparing dinner with your partner. This is a funny way and meaningful moment you can perform at home, every day, to refresh your relationship. It is so boring and separate if both of you come back home late every day. Spending time talking together in a delicious dinner with tasty dishes, and light candles is the good way to improve your relationship.

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21. Dinner Party 

dinner party download

To have a great time together, you can have a group date though the dinner party at home. You can invite your best friends and enjoy your dinner party. By the way, you can appreciate cooking skill of your wife. Having dinner with your friends, you will be very happy when you lack of fun events for a long time. You can have a small picnic in the park or in the small backyard, or you can cook with your friends at home with lots of funs along with your conversations. Through the dinner party, you will learn a lot of cooking skills or experience from your friends. Your friends and you may cook together to keep closing and learn each other about the new ingredients or dishes. Cooking meals perfectly like restaurants do will be the excellent way to enter your boyfriend’s heart. Ask him some helps such as arrange the dinner table or prepare wine.

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22. Sunset Stroll Taking 

sunset stroll taking download

Taking a sunset stroll in the park or water park is also the effective summer date idea couples. No matter your condition, age, or work, seeing sunset will be the cheapest and the best romantic thing in your life.

23. Biking To The Favorite Places 

biking to the favorite places download

You may take a bicycle and travel to the favorite places. Biking to the beautiful places is not only the great choice among summer date ideas, but it also a beneficial exercise for your health. Instead of staying late at home in weekend, you should take a bike and travel to the new locates or favorite landscapes.

24. Outdoor Summer Dance 

outdoor summer dance download

If you know how to dance, let go to the club or bar to dance. If your partner does not know how to dance, you can turn on the music and teach her. By dancing, you will feel closer to your partner and your love will not ignored by passed time.

25. Cultured Activities 

cultured activities download

Actually, there are a lot of things you can do to renew your relationship. Just going out and enjoy outdoor movies or classical concerts on the large screens. If you do not know the summer date ideas, getting cultured activities are the best choice for couples.

For people, who like staying at home, you can take a laptop and watch film or music performance in the backyard with wine or favorite drinks with your partner. You also can mark calendar about the entertainment that both of you like on the TV to watch together.

26. Money Saving Activities 

money saving activities download

In reality, to have romantic date in summer, you do not need to spend lots of money, but you can save your money by choosing the low-cost date activity. For instance, you can rent a canoe and spend time with your partner there. Or you can read the book, have outdoor visits, or learn some things new together. Having physical activities or sports such as bowling, mini-golf, or baseball game is also a good choice for you to save money.

27. Hiking

hiking download

Why don’t you try to hike and walk through the mountains why you live new the natural scenery? Hiking will include lots of fun and it is one of the best summer date ideas for people, who really like hike the mountains. Hiking is also a great exercise to improve your health without lots of expense.

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28. Taking Campfire 

taking campfire download

For men, you may show your manliness by having fire, the grahams, marshmallows, and chocolate. It is one of the greatest ways to cap off the night. You do not need to spend a lot of time for this action, but it is really one of the cheapest and the most  fantastic summer date ideas because women loves the simple and romantic actions from their lover.

29. Cooking 

cooking download

You can cook and grill the ingredients together. Prepare favorite ingredients and cook together. I am sure that you will find a lot of interesting things beside your partner. While both of you are too busy for work, try to prepare a little time in the evening and enjoy the delicious recipes together. Your love will be warmed up quickly by the simple things you implement every day.

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30. Star Gazing 

star gazing download

If you ask me what the simple and romantic summer date ideas are, I am sure that star gazing is among of the answers. It is difficult to gaze stars in big cities due to light. If you like the natural light on the sky, drive far from your town to gaze amazing star through the night sky.

31. Zoo 

zoo download

If both of you like animals, zoos are perfect places you should visit to. By the way, you will see many kinds of animals and learn how they live with the specialists there. Going to the zoo is also a funny and cheap way for both of you among the cheapest summer date ideas you can refer to.

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32. Kite Flying 

kite flying download

Summer with windy day, you can grasp a kite to fly and this activity will bring you back to your childhood. Flying kite is one of the easiest summer date ideas if you want to save money, too.

33. Horseback Riding 

horseback riding download

Horseback riding is one of the most perfect summer date ideas that you can refer to. This activity is easy if you have horses and trails near your house. However, you should learn how to ride horse for safe and you can ride horseback along the beach with your beloved person.

To see all of our dating tips, go to our main Relationships page. After reading my writing of 33 fun and cheap summer date ideas, I hope that it will help you gather the most useful ways to refresh your love. If you have any question, you can leave it below and I will respond to you. Now are you ready to apply those tips to improve your relationship?

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