70 Facts About Guys That Girls Don’t Know But Will Never Forget

facts about guys

For a woman, understanding a guy may need more things than just experience. You can date a few guys, yet this cannot help you understand men better. Understanding guys may take you some time and in case you are in a hurry to know everything about a guy, the following facts about guys might be helpful.

Facts About Guys – 70 Things About Men Women Should Know:

Actually, apart from similar lines about a few things, girls and guys have a lot of different thoughts. Now, read this article to discover random facts about guys, so you can understand guys better! If you want to learn more about relationships and amazing things about guys that you do not know, keep your eyes on this article.

  1. Men will feel threatened with ease when their girlfriends flirt with another guy. Nonetheless, a guy may feel like he is a King in case his girlfriend keeps doing this right in front of other guys. So, by making your guy feel lucky when there are many other men who want to date you out there, he may love you more.
  2. According to a study, men also want to talk with their partners about their feelings, but they could not. So, if you want your boyfriend to share his emotions and thoughts, you should not make him feel threatened by asking him tons of questions. Make intimate conversations and of course, he will open up to you.
  3. Actually, guys do not look after only good-looking women. They prefer presentable girls.
  4. At the first sight, men are just attracted by the woman’s physical appearance, not always a perfect body. Some other things that you can attract a guy include a lovely smile, the way you flick your own hair or the way you look at him.
  5. A man can like you for a moment and forget you later on.

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  1. Men may flirt around all day; however, before going to bed, they just think about the woman hey actually care about.
  2. It is amazing that every man can love a few girls at the same time. Most of them have loved by a few girls at least once in their lives.
  3. Among facts about guys that you should know, you should know that when a man really likes you, he will accept all of your bad things.

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facts about guys in love

  1. Men may want to hide a fact that they were attracted by porn since they were so young. Actually, they are curious about everything related to the female anatomy and according to an article [1], they will always watch porn videos even when they are dating a sexy, beautiful girl and they are also in a good relationship. Therefore, you should not hate him unless it turns into an addiction.
  2. According to a research [2], men also love receiving compliments similar to women. They do not often receive compliments from their friends, so when hearing them from such a girl who they are attracted, they will never forget it.
  3. Guys can do anything to get the attention from the girl they like. So, this is one of the facts about guys that you should know.
  4. Guys go crazy over the smile of a girl or when a girl touches their hands.

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  1. Most of the men love girls who have female action and men do not consider it as a cheat if they see their girlfriend kissing another girl.

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  1. Guys do not like it when you tell about your ex. Actually, it is one of the most well-known facts about guys that you should know.
  2. Among amazing facts about guys, this may be a well-known one. Men love sex, but they will not always be ready for it. So, you should not expect your guy to get ready for sex for only a few second. In case you put pressure on him too much, this can make your guy lose an erection.

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facts about guys in relationships

  1. Guys can cry in front of you and this means that they are really hurt or in pain.
  2. It is worth noting that all guys are highly self-esteem creatures and they hate asking others for help. So, they will avoid asking for help when they can still do and finish their chores by themselves.
  3. Guys often try hard to impress the girl who they like and this makes it more difficult for guys to accept their failure.

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  1. Men feel extremely powerful when they make their partners orgasm. And the better a woman orgasm, the more men will be proud of themselves.
  2. One of the well-known facts about guys is that they hate nice boys.
  3. Men love their women even when they do not often use the sentence “I Love You”. When it comes to their feelings, they are not always vocal. Instead, they may feel more comfortable when letting their girlfriends know about their love via their own actions.
  4. When it comes to random facts about guys, you need to know that a man often thinks about girls who like him; however, this does not mean that he likes them.

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  1. Men love a girl who seems coy and cute in public, yet turns into a sexy girl upon being in bed. This is one of the well-known facts about guys that you should know.
  2. One of the facts about guys that you should know is that the weakness of guys is girls.
  3. According to a study [3], men are very competitive. Therefore, they often have anxiety when they are losers, both in sports or in bed. So, if you feel that he is suffering from a commitment phobia, this may mean that he is thinking it carefully before he decides to have a new relationship.
  4. You can test a man first before you decide to believe him, but you should not let him wait so long.
  5. Men can pretend that they could not hear you when they are too busy working or playing. It might be the simple way for them to get out of difficult chores or conversations.
  6. A sign showing that a man likes you is that he often teases you.
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  7. Men do not feel comfortable when they are thought not to be good at something, especially male things.
  8. Guys cannot keep secrets that women tell them. So, you need to be careful when you want to share your secrets with your boyfriend.
  9. Most of the guys think that they are strong and powerful. So, they hate going to see a doctor as this may make them feel emasculated and weak.

facts about guys for women

  1. Guys’ fantasies are unlimited. In fact, it is one of the amazing facts about guys that you should remember.
  2. Men do not understand the reason why something that a woman says means something else. Therefore, in case you want your guy to do exactly what you say, say it straight.
  3. Guys are often serious with their relationship and they can become too possessive. They may often watch out their girlfriends.
  4. When a man is in a relationship with his girlfriend, respect may be the most craving thing. When you give him respect, it is sure that he will love you more and when you control this relationship, he will surely shrivel into a shell.
  5. It is difficult for a man to let his girlfriend go after they broke up, especially when the relationship is more than 3 years.
  6. Generally, guys are easy to manipulate. However, all guys do not want to be manipulated into acting something.
  7. When a man pretends that he is okay, you can see that he feels nervous. Check if he is sweating.
  8. Guys are more likely to be emotionally vulnerable. And heartbreaks may affect men much more than they affect girls.
  9. Among facts about guys that many girls do not know is that guys do not really make final decisions.
  10. The shortest way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. Thus, if you want to attract a man, you should learn to cook well.
  11. If a man starts to seriously talk, listen to him. If he keeps silent, say something to stimulate him to share his thoughts with you.
  12. A man does not mind if his girlfriend watches porn videos. Actually, it may even turn him on when he sees his girlfriend watching these porn videos.
  13. Guys can be more talkative than girls, especially when they talk about girls. So, it is actually one of the amazing facts about guys that you should remember.
  14. In case you try confronting your guy’s friend and ask him whether your man is cheating on you, perhaps he will lie to cover it up for his friend.
  15. Guys really think that their girlfriends have unpredictable decisions. However, they still love their girls.
  16. Guys like helping beautiful girls who need a support.
  17. When guys have a problem, they often keep themselves cool, but the fact is that they are thinking of a way out.
  18. A guy will surely be turned on in case a beautiful girl accidentally brushes herself against him.
  19. When you see your guy cheating on you and he wants to get a second chance, you can give it to him. However, if you catch him again, forget him.
  20. Guys actually want to tell their girlfriends many things, but they could not. And, they only gain courage and spirit to tell you after drinking.
  21. If you see a guy praying sometimes, he actually has good intentions.
  22. When a guy makes excuses or makes an “umm” when you ask him for a help, this may mean that he does not like you.
  23. Guys seek for advice from a girl, not from a guy.
  24. One of the random facts about guys is that they could be romantic.
  25. If a man says that you are so beautiful, this means that he likes you.
  26. If a guy tells you about his own difficulties, the fact is that he only needs a person to listen to him. You do not need to offer him an advice.
  27. Men are liars and on an average, they often lie 6 times a day, more than women do.
  28. A man has to experience hurt and love to help him become matured.
  29. Higher levels of testosterone in men cause higher levels of aggression, competition, self-assertion and self-reliance than in women.

facts about guys and girls

  1. A man wastes time over video games and football matches while a girl will do over romance novels and make-ups.
  2. Another one of the amazing facts about guys is that the weakest point of guys is at the knee.
  3. When it comes to amazing facts about guys, there is a fact that men hate women who overreact.
  4. Another one on the list of facts about guys is that they like women who are like their mums.
  5. When a man is conscious of his appearance, he may not be good at fixing things.
  6. Men learn from experience and failure, not from romance novels [4].
  7. When a man looks at you, either he is criticizing you or he is amazed at you
  8. When a guy says he could not sleep unless he hears your voice, the fact is that he also tells it to other girls.
  9. When a man suddenly asks you to date with him, ask him the reasons first.
  10. Other facts about guys that you should know must include the fact that men have strong passion, yet have weak will-power to change.
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The fact is that men are as complicated as women. Above are some amazing facts about guys that can help you know your man more and improve your relationship. By using these facts and tips, you will be able to attract the guy you like.

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If you want to get more information related to relationships and dating, visit VKool.com site regularly. After discovering 70 amazing facts about guys, we hope that this list will be helpful and then you can make use of them for good. Remember to share this list with other people around you who are concerning about this topic. Finally, if you know other facts about guys aside from those as I mentioned above, leave them in the comment section below.

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