What Women Want From Men: 10 Secret Things Are Exposed

what women want

A woman really does not want much from a man. There are only some specific things that she is looking for in a life partner. Though these things are hard to find, they are qualities of which every guy is capable. Discover what women want from men by reading on top qualities that women most desirable in men, collected by VKool.com!

What Women Want From Men – Top 10 Secrets From Women

1. A Man Who Respects For Her 

what women want

When it comes to this quality that women want in men, most men think “It is too easy”. Yet, you had better take a serious look at whether or not you really respect your wife or girlfriend. Most men often think that they know everything in life and consider themselves always better and more talented than women in all aspects. If a man thinks his partner is merely a housewife or a hot lover in bed, does he really respect her?

Respect must be built gradually. If men do not believe that their partners have many great qualities and are much better than them in some aspects, then it is difficult for them to really respect their partners. In this regard, the advice for men is to learn to respect the woman they love to get the sincere love and respect from her.

And, on the other hand, women also love the men who can give compliments sincerely. Yes, women like to be told that they are beautiful. What is wrong with that?!

Many of us could be judgmental about this fact, yet the reason for this is deeper than one might expect. We are not talking about simple vanity here; praising a woman’s beauty is crucial because she wants to know that a man sees her.

That should be a man who can see her light, her radiance, her uniqueness, and her heart.

Again, it is necessary to be really clear here: it is not the job of a man to convince a woman that she is beautiful. In fact, he cannot. A woman must have enough self-esteem to accept the compliments from men. If she does not think she is pretty, there is no way she will believe that a man do really praise her, either.

However, many women will be able to take in a man’s praise, and if she can, she will wish to hear it often.

This is just part of being a woman — men should accept it as normal. That way, the women will brighten and this means much more light for this world.

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2. A Man Who Loves Sincerely 

what women want

Men can give their girlfriends or wives expensive jewelry or luxury vacation. Yet, did you know that it is absolutely not the meaning of love? True love is sharing of each problem encountered, and each moment of the life. You do not need to flaunt your love, pamper her overly in such a crowded place, but just do little things for her to make her understand how meaningful her presence is to you.

When you love someone sincerely, all of your actions, gestures and interests will come naturally. So, right now, you should contemplate whether or not you care about her feelings? Would you please to listen to her complaint after a hard working day? Are you looking forward to relaxing moments when both rely on each other to watch TV? For women, things that might seem small and inconsequential really worth it; that is a sign that you love them sincerely.

3. A Man Who Can Protect Her 

what women want

A woman, no matter how independent she is, still wants to stick her life with the man she could rely on in difficult situations. Women always want the attention and care from men in any circumstances. Hence, guys please consider whether you are such kind of man or not? Do you think your woman absolutely believe that you can solve all the problems?

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4. A Man Who Is Worthy Of Admiration 

what women want

All men have a role model; it can be an oil tycoon, a star soccer, an athlete or bodybuilder. You admire them for what they achieved and because they inspire you to become a better person. If you really want to know what women want from men, then you should become the person you admire.

In order to have her admire, it is not necessary for men to earn tons of money or win the Nobel Prize. However, if you can make a difference in your own way, you can become the man women adore. For example, you can have a talent in speaking, or be good at swimming, playing guitar or anything special. As long as she is impressed with you, she will be proud and love you more.

5. A Man Who Has Passion And Enthusiasm 

what women want

Women love men who are more passionate and enthusiastic, not only in the bedroom, but in all aspects of life. A man full with passion is always inspiring and mysterious in the eyes of women.

This is like the Amazon jungle explorer or animal enthusiast, you do not understand why they were fascinated by it, and women too. They are simply fascinated by the man who has passion and enthusiasm. So, the advice for men is to put passion into something meaningful, such as: business, a hobby of making appliances, writing, or painting. Make sure she will love you for the new passion you bring to her life.

6. A Man Who Is Trusted 

what women want

When it comes to what women want from men it is the trust. Women want men become the “cedars, cypresses,” so they rely on. Such men will not let his girlfriend or wife manage a cart filled when going to the supermarket or repair household appliances by themselves. Such guy always sees it as something that men should do. To become a trusted person, you do not need to do all the work. You just need to be with her at the right time when she needs.

Women appreciate honest, trustworthy men; and those men are “people who should not be missed.” Many men also express his desire to become mainstay for women. However, when asked, most women say men generally unreliable or may not become a prop for anyone. According to the psychologists, that is a wrong assessment because men will become credible when they really care about the women they love and put a serious relationship with her.

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7. An Elegant Gentleman With Classic Traits 

what women want

The gentleman was “old fashion” in the 60s, yet the majority of women when asked said that they always love and admire a man with classic elegance. Every man knows what to do to become more elegant, but surprisingly, most of them believe that becoming elegant is synonymous with faint and less manly condition. In contrast to this perspective, the psychologists said being elegant is not a sign of weakness, but is how you show respect for “the other half of the world”. If so, women will respond in a respectful way.

8. A Man Who Can Take Care Of His Appearance 

what women want

Do you want to date woman who looks sexy with perfect curves, cute, polite and speaks in charming ways. Similarly, women also want to date those men who know how to take care of their own appearance.

Life would be fair to us if we know to implement fair and think realisticly. What women want from men, apart from good qualities, is also in terms of attraction in appearance. If you want to date a beautiful girl who also has good qualities, you need also to attempt to become perfect as possible in her eyes.

9. A Man Who Has Ambition 

what women want

The ambitious men can be laughed at first, but when successful, you can tell those folks who used to scoff

It is easy to be ambitious, but if you do not plan on specific ambition to become a reality, then no one will care about you. An ambitious man is not the man who thinks big things but who carries out these things. Becoming an ambitious man will not only make your woman but also other women fall in love with you. It is simply because everyone loves guys who dare to think, dare to do and succeed.

10. A Man Who Knows The Dream And Imagination 

what women want

Imagination and dreams sometimes make life more poetic. Women are always prefer a man who knows how to dream smartly, because he could talk to her about the prospect of a better future and tells the story of the miraculous when swinging on a hammock, sitting and watching the stars with the lover.

Ladies like those men who are rich in imagination. His imagination will help her feel refreshed after a tiring day, helping moments of being together become romantic. That man can create great surprise, great talks and all happy moments when life becomes boring.

Above are top 10 things about what women want from men that guys should keep in mind in order to become a better guy in the eyes of their women.
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