21 Fun Things To Do With Boyfriend At Home

fun things to do with boyfriend at home

Sometimes, you want to enjoy the wonderful moments with your boyfriends at home instead of staying out. There are a few fun things to do with boyfriend at home that you can learn and follow right now.

Things To Do With Boyfriend At home – Top Fun Things To Do At Home

If you are saving for your future and do not want to waste time and money on nights out for movies and restaurants, you may want to learn what funny things to do with boyfriend at home instead. And now, in this article, I will show you some of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home in details. If you want to know more about relationship facts and the best ideas on what to do with boyfriend without stepping out of the doors, discover and learn these ideas from this article night now.

1. Play Games Together

The first out of funny things to do with boyfriend at home that I want to mention in this article is to play a game together.

Keep in mind that most guys love video games, so you can make use of this opportunity to understand more about his hobby. If you are good at gaming, you can challenge your boyfriend on your favorite game match until you or your boyfriend is tired. If you are not good at playing a video game, you can just play it for him. This action can make your guy love you much more and love the period of time you spend together. You should play as many kinds of video games as you can, maybe you can find a game that you really loves. Also, you should not be too competitive as this can result in unwanted arguments.

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Otherwise, if you want to get some fun, use cards and make a bet. Poker is a great way to spend time at home with your guy and then you can bet anything from who gets the TV remote control to who washes the dishes.

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2. Create Your Own Games

If you want to play a game that you have not played before, you can create your own games.  You can create your own game that you and your guy can play outdoors, or create a drinking game that both of you can play together indoors. Your own games that you create do not need to be entirely logical, you just need to have fun from playing them. Nonetheless, these games should end up as a real game does, you can note down the rules of playing so that you can play them with your guy, friends or family members next time.

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3. Start A Home Workout Routine

You want to get a good- looking body without needing to go out or visit the gym, consider practicing some exercises, whether it is a video workout or a jog around the house with your boyfriend at the comfort of your home.

Having somebody who can practice with you is really great. If you want your workout to get more fun, try using Wii workout exercises with your boyfriend. According to a research about Wii games [1], these exercises will help you burn excess calories and have more fun together.

A good option for two of you is to challenge each other while working out. And after the workout, you will get a night watching a great movie together while eating some snacks without feeling guilty.

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4. Watch Childhood Cartoons

This is another one on the list of fun things to do with boyfriend at home that I want to include into this article and want the girls to know and remember to follow this idea as soon as possible.

There are many old cartoons that you and your guy used to watch when both of you were children. So, other fun things to do with boyfriend you should know must include watching childhood cartoons together. Simply, you and your guy take a seat and start watching some episodes of cartoons to remind you of your childhood. According to a study [2] this activity can remind you of memories and stories of your childhood and then you can share them with your guy that you may find difficult to mention in your normal conversation. There are a few new things that you can share with each other after watching childhood cartoons together.

5. Do A Language Course

things to do with boyfriend at home - do a language course

Doing a language course together is also one of the fun things to do with boyfriend that you should not look down. You can learn a new language online with your boyfriend without getting out of your house. According to a study [3], doing a language course together is a great way to motivate each other. You can have fun time together when pronouncing some unpronounceable words or remembering words that do not belong to any language. If you really want to learn a new language, always keep each other on track with a motivation to travel to a country where the new language you are learning together can be used.

6. Get To Know Each Other Better

After a period of time both of you are in a relationship, there may be no longer getting to know and understand each other. But, the fact is that you can learn something about each other per day and there is more about your boyfriend that you do not know. Therefore, according to a study [4], you should ask some questions, even silly ones to know each other better.

For example, when you enjoy some delicious dishes and wine, try playing Truth or Dare game. Remember to keep it innocent and romantic, dare each other to do fun things and know each other better. Also, avoid taking any illegal action when both of you are together.

In fact, this is one of the funny things to do with boyfriend at home that a few couples have been following and having fun from that.

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7. Stay In Bed

The best place for you and your boyfriend is sometimes in bed. Prepare some favorite snacks and then watch favorite movies together. Both of you should turn off mobile phones or set them to silent mode and spend the whole day together without getting out of your bed. Actually, keeping away from the real world can be something that both of you need to be relaxed and share this romantic time with each other. You can watch your favorite films or some new romantic movies. Also, make sure to talk to each other when watching and wear something comfortable.

Actually, this is also one out of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that you should know and make use for good.

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8. Have A Spa Day

There is a fact that your boyfriend wants to be pampered, but he is also afraid that can change his manly image. Let him know that this cannot affect his image and then consider giving your guy foot rubs, facials and massages that he wants to try. Make your boyfriend relax with the spa products available in your house.

Simply, you prepare hot bath water and add some drops of essential oils and some rose petals to the water. Next, massage each other while sipping some herbal tea or champagne. Actually, this is a wonderful experience for both of you.

In fact, having a spa day is one of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that you should not look down yet try to make a plan as soon as possible to heat up your relationship.

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9. Sing Karaoke

Other fun things to do with boyfriend at home that I want to mention in this entire article and want all of my readers to consider applying must include singing karaoke together. If there is no karaoke machine at home, you can use the list of your favorite songs on Youtube and sing love songs together. Singing karaoke together can help both of you enjoy romantic moments.

In fact, this is also one of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home, so you should give it a try and then enjoy the romantic time.

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10. Take Photos

Taking photos is something that you should not skip, especially if you want to have fun at home. You can put on masquerade dresses and take fun photos together or take some fun shots of each other. Also, you can set the camera timer and have some poses together. Remember to take as many photos in different poses as possible and have fun in the process together. Some photos can look weird and wonky, so you can keep them as a secret or post them on your social media networks.

If you want to discover other fun things to do with boyfriend at home, continue reading this entire article and then follow these ideas for good!

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