8 Physical symptoms of depression in men and women

In the chaos of the current life, people have too many things to think and deal with. Pressure from work, from friends, from life, the mental shocks…can leave serious impacts on the nervous system of each person. That was the cause of the pathology of neurological disorders. One of which is depression.

Top 8 Physical Symptoms Of Depression Men And Women Should Know

physical symptoms of depression - physical symptoms of depression

Depression is a medical illness related to the mental and physical. It affects to how they feel, think, and act of each individual.

Depression can lead to a variety of emotional problems as well as physical. Those patients will have difficulty in performing normal activities daily.

Depression can occur in all age groups but most of it is commonly in 18-45 ages; women have twice the incidence of many men.

This rate is approximate because it depends on every different culture and country. According to the World health organization (WHO), depression takes average 850 000 lives each year. As predicted by 2024, depression is the second disease among the world’s most common diseases with 212 million people infected. But only 25% of them are timely treated and get proper methods.

An estimated 3% to 5% of the population has markedly depressive disorder. The frequency of risk depression is 15-20% in life.

According to the statistics above, we can see the potential danger of the depression issue. The more Society grows, the higher the number of people who have depression is. Depression is a chronic disease which usually requires long-term treatment, like diabetes and high blood pressure. The early determination of the disease will help so much in treating it as well as bringing back normal activities in everyday life.

Therefore, this article will show readers the physical symptoms of depression in men and women that you can detect. The detection of the first depression signs will not only help you have a suitable plan for your own body but also allow you to know how to balance your life to reduce the risk of the disease. Besides, it provides readers with basic signs to identify people around and can help them in this difficult period. One disease could be due to many causes and a factor can cause many diseases. Therefore, we hopes that after reading these symptoms which author synthesized, the reader should ensure to have a consultation of doctor for the symptoms to diagnose exactly the problem they are facing.

This article will give the physical symptoms of depression, which occurs in both males and females. Accordingly, depression has the following symptoms:

1. Pessimistic Thinking Before Every Problem

physical symptoms of depression - pessimistic thinking before every problem

This is one of the most common physical symptoms of depression in men and women. They always have pessimistic thoughts about the problems they met. In everyday life, when there is any event occurs, they always look the problem with negative trend. They see all the way to the finish is all deadlock, with no way out. For those who are still in the stage of “mild illness”, if they are shared, helped by family members or friends, they will be able to overcome this stage in a shorter time.

Pessimistic thoughts going along with all problems sometimes cause negative consequences. Identifying and finding solutions are essential for patients. Besides sharing with people around, each individual should find their own method to have positive thinking and optimism in life. Daily we should relax and take the time to set goals for motivation as to themselves always think in a good way.

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Depression can leave several consequences in our daily life, so watch out of its symptoms!

2. Frequently Fall Prey To Anxiety, Bleak

physical symptoms of depression - frequently fall prey to anxiety, bleak

A common symptom that is easily recognizable of depression is that the patients are always in a state of anxiety, insecurity and looks very bleak.

The survey shows that there is a relationship between anxiety disorders and depression. In fact, men are anxiety less risk than that women when depressed. Women at risk for anxiety disorders is 2 times than men and men enjoy sharing with doctors this feel with doctors more easily than women. They often mention the difficulties hindering the lives of themselves and their families. Anxiety disorder occurs in 30-40% of adults, so it also leads to a large number of people with depression. Many experts have shown that the depression is common mental problems today.

The reduction in the rate of depression by limiting anxiety is essential. As symptoms pessimistic about life, anxiety makes pressure on everyone’s nerves. We should resolve anxiety by relaxing the mind, to share with those around him about his problem and work together to find a solution. We always create a comfortable atmosphere to study and work, not to raise a serious problem we have. That would allow these fears vanished. In brief, this is also among the most common early physical symptoms of depression in women and men that people should not look down!

3. Hesitating To Contact With Others

physical symptoms of depression - hesitating to contact with others

One of the typical physical symptoms of depression in women and men that many depressive people have is that they hesitate to contact with others. People with depression often aloof and do not want to communicate with friends and people around. Depressive people always feel like alienating those around, they also make up a barrier to isolate themselves, making other people feel that they are distant and unapproachable. Patients of depression are afraid of contact and want ensconced in their own casing and invisibly makes people surrounding gradually alienated and do not want to talk to them. Most of them often feel that they do not belong to the world around, feeling that the surrounding people do not understand them and cannot share their problems. Therefore, the pressure becomes even more heavy pressure that their isolation will make them increasingly encroaching into these emotional states and make them feel that there is no way to escape. To break the barrier of contacting with people around, besides go to the psychiatrist, patients have to open themselves more to actively share and interact with others. Actively participate in the social community in order to allow themselves to always learn good skills in public communication and to have good relations with the people around.

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4. Tired, Sluggish, Difficult Concentrating Minds

physical symptoms of depression - tired, sluggish, difficulty concentrating minds

Another one on the list of the most common physical symptoms of depression in men and women that I want to introduce is the tired, sluggish, difficult concentrating minds.

Depressive people have to experience a physical and mental change. No decision was hesitant, but there is a hard work for them to deal with the situation whether it is the ordinary expression of life. All their reflexes become less sensitive, and even it takes a period of time for them to be aware of their problems. When having depression, the information processing capabilities of people are weakened, so the ability to concentrate on work is also weakened. These negative thoughts gradually cover their sense and they cannot concentrate on anything.

According to the researchers, men have more risk of body fatigue than women

To solve this problem, the patients have to always put the body at consciousness and base balance. By applying the method to maintain health as diet, exercise routine and the time reasonably, Patient should also refresh by some small changes or retrieve spirit with a trip away with friends. Also, to always set themselves and get quick solution in every operation, it requires patients frequently exercise and interact with daily around.

5. Loss Of Interest In Life, Love

physical symptoms of depression - loss of interest in life, love

Walking slowly, feeling of heaviness, tiredness and have no longer physical strength to work properly are some physical symptoms of depression in men and women. Moreover, they always think the matter will happen in bad situations and they will not get a share from the people around. All these things make them not interested in life, and they do not have any motivation for life and even do not know what goals of their lives are. They have bad mood and want to separate from the world around them, making the sense of their lives become blurred and gradually lost. In love, the lack of focus and solve their own problems has kept them busy and revolving in their orbits so they lost interesting in love as well. Love is the vibe between two individuals but with the depressive people who are tired and afraid of contact with others, it also impacts negatively on the feelings of each individual.

The solution for this symptom is often finding inspiration for the patients themselves, along with regularly refreshing life and finding a friend to share.

6. Sleep Less Or More Than Normal

physical symptoms of depression - sleep less or more than normal

This is a most dangerous one on the list of physical symptoms of depression in women and men I reveal today and want readers to watch out for good!

Depression is a mental disorder, so it can also cause sleep disorders. Sick people feel tired, do not want to think much about the deadlock problem. They tend to spend most of their time sleeping because they think that will not get stress anymore. Some are caused by too anxious to sleep though the body does not want and the mind is very tired.

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7. Eat Less Or More Than Normal

physical symptoms of depression - eat less or more than normal

These are among the most obvious physical symptoms of depression in women and men. The depressive people fell hungry and eat so much, even when they have recently eaten just 15 minutes ago. Eat is a way to forget the worries of the patient inside, and they eat more to make myself not to think about the pressure added to the problems around their life.

However, there are those who feel tired and found indifference to food, even if it is their favorite dish.

Eating more or less than usual is not only one of the common physical symptoms of depression in men and women, but also can cause other health problems. Thus, adjusting your daily diet and provide your body with enough nutrients daily for good.

8. Suicidal Thoughts

physical symptoms of depression - suicidal thoughts

This is the last but also a very important one on the list of physical symptoms of depression in women and men that I would like to reveal in this article. When being depressed, as the patients have to bear too much pressure, they see their life in a negative way and feel completely obstructive as they do not have anyone around to share and talk with to solve problems. As they do not have an interest in life, they gradually have suicidal thoughts. It expresses a negative thought and the patients have no way to get out of it.

According to research, when being depressed, women are at greater risks of suicide thoughts than men but men have the 4 times higher mortality risk rather than women if they try to find ways to commit suicide. The reason for this is because men tend to choose more lethal ways, especially in older men.

The above are the common, recognizable physical symptoms of depression in men and women today. I hope that it will be useful for readers to discover timely and has the best solutions for the treatment and prevention of this depression. Besides, the reader should refer to 10 Best Natural Herbal Remedies For Depression. This article provides readers with the best herbal treatments for depression. Readers can read this article and apply the tips and tricks it reveals in daily life to treat and limit the undesirable consequences that depression brings about. This is really a useful article because it synthesizes and shows details about useful natural herbs that have positive impacts on the depression issue. Making use of this article is a natural way to deal with and beat off this mental issue without using any medicine and medical intervention. The article is the result of a thorough understanding as well as an in-depth study of the author on this issue. This article combines the methods selected from an unlimited number of depression treatments. These methods have been widely used and have positive effects so that readers can be assured about their effectiveness and safety.

After reading this article, the reader has a basic knowledge resource on the disease, and can recognize the symptoms that one specifically, the authors hope that the readers will share more people known to this article, which helped them get a better understanding of the physical symptoms of depression in women and men. Despite that, each one of us needs to equip yourself to health knowledge. However, people make the community, so that sharing this article is a great way for you to contribute to the community development.

Additionally, in the writing process, despite thorough researches and studies, there could be still some inevitable mistakes so I expect to see the feedbacks and comments from readers. Leave your feedback and comments in the section below to help me perfect my very next articles and give readers quality outputs.

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