Top 21 guitar playing tips and tricks for beginners!

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What is it about music that can bring so much joy to so many people? The majority of people are interested in playing guitar but they do not know how to learn guitar to maximize their ability as well as satisfaction. Learning guitar is a goal for many of them, but far too few ever turn that dream in to a reality. While it is true that learning to play guitar can take some time and effort from learners, the learning process can be a lot of fun. Just take a look at these 21 guitar playing tips and get started to transform yourself into an awesome guitar player in just a few easy steps:

1. Get Familiar With Your Instrument.

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Learn what type of Set-Up you like. Do you like the strings set high or low in relation to the fretboard? Once you figure it out, you should get a professional Set-Up done every year.

2. Warm Up.

This is one of unique guitar playing tips that every guitar player should not omit. When you first pick the guitar up every day, only take a few minutes to play slowly. Let your fingers get used to feeling the instrument. Whatever you are playing, play it with very little tension. If you are a beginner, you have to exercise new muscles in your hands; they are going to get a little sore. Even after you have been playing for a while, warming up will help you avoid injuries effectively.

3. Slow Is Fast.

There is a serious mistake of guitarist, especially beginners who have little experience in playing guitar that they usually try to play it as fast as they can. However, this is not the right way to go about learning difficult material. You have to dissect each passage, and then learn it inside and out. Play it slowly and correctly and focus on techniques. If you can master the passage at a low speed, then you can increase the current speed. You can use a metronome to assist you in doing this. Once you have mastered it at a slow speed is when you should increase your speed.

4. Use And Develop Your Ears.

One of the most important guitar playing tips that you should know when playing guitar is the value of your ears. No matter how good your guitar techniques are, you still need to develop a good and sensible ear. When playing out a melody without any sheet music or tablature, it is essential for you to have well-trained ears.  In order to start training your ears, firstly, you need to try learning simple songs by your ears. By this way, you can realize chords and melodies quickly when you hear them. Especially, it also helps you improvise whenever you playing.

5. Learn Guitar Music Theory.

Playing the guitar is great fun, and you can certainly knock out a tune or two without really knowing what you are doing. However, if you really want to have fun, then you will want to get creative. Obviously, a basic understanding will make you go a very long way in playing guitar. Then, creative guitar playing is easy once you understand that music is just a language, and your guitar is just the tool that you “type” this language on.

guitar playing tips for beginners

You can learn how to play an electric guitar with tearing  it up learn heavy metal guitar to broaden your guitar skills and get to know more guitar exercises with the ultimate shred guitar course and essential guide to guitar virtuosity.

6. Play With Friends Or Other Musicians.

It is actually useful and rewarding if you can play guitar by your own while still joining in pass-time activities. You do not have to start a band, but having friends to play with will motivate you to learn your part and learn it well. Playing with other musicians is really fun and it can help you coordinate what you are playing. You might be more creative while doing this.

7. Never Stop Learning.

Always continue to challenge yourself and learn new things. If possible, you should learn a new chord, or a new scale or lick each week. Learn to play blues, then jazz. Learn several new songs, or whatever which is related to guitar. Do not stay in one place, if you stay stagnant your guitar playing will stay stagnant. Just learn and it will turn you into a much better musician in the long run.

If you want to discover more about guitar notes, you can refer the guide of guitar notes master.

8. Recover From Mistakes.

If you make mistakes from time to time, learn how to get through it and keep playing. Taking advantage of a metronome is a great way for exercising. Even when you cannot hit the chord, the beat and the music should keep. Do not stop every time you mess up; just catch up at the next downbeat.

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9. Learn The Whole Song.

It is better for you if you can learn every bit and piece, the solo, the rhythms, and the melodies, the scales. Also, you need to learn the names of the chords you are using. Learn the key and others as much as possible about the song. When you know it from inside out, you can memorize and recognize elements of it in other songs.

10. Practice More And More.

Without practice, you will not get very far. It is not only true with playing guitar but with other kinds of instruments. You can practice in small bite sized chunks and focus on a particular technique. Do not let something disturb you during practicing. After practicing, you can go outside or do whatever you like for a while to rebalance. Your brain will continue to wrap itself around the things that you practiced while you are doing other things.

11. Try To Play With Other Instruments.

This will help you improve your sense of playing and hearing. If you play electric, try out with acoustic. If you play acoustic, try out with electric. Even if you have tried all things, learn Flamenco. Take up different kinds of musical instrument or other types of art, you will improve your ears more and more.

If you are interested in other kinds of instrument, you can refer the guide to learn piano in 30 days or begin drumming book.

12. Go Dancing.

It seems to be not relevant; yet, if you seriously do it, it can improve your rhythm.

13. Figure The Song Out By Yourself First.

If you like a certain song, you can initially figure it out by yourself before searching for it on Google. You can learn from your own trials and errors. Once you do this enough, you can improve your ear over the time and you will be surprised at how quickly you can play a song.

14. Relax.

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The most important thing to remember if you want to increase your speed is to relax. So, learn to relax when you are playing guitar. Do not push the muscles beyond what they can give. Tension is symmetrical. If you squeeze too hard with one hand, the other will follow. Relax your entire body, from fingertip to fingertip while you play. If you are already a musician, then you know that the music happens more easily when you stay relaxed.

15. Get Sensitive.

“If you are playing your electric guitar, pick up an acoustic. There is something relating to sense when you play the acoustic guitar that can make you think about songs. And, if you play solo versions of your favorite pop tunes, you will become more aware of how bass lines and harmony fit together. Then, when you go back to electric, you will play more empathetic solos.

16. Read Websites About Guitar.

By learning and reading new information in websites or forums about guitar, you will update new things that are growing day by day. Do not be afraid of posting questions in the forums. Or, you can bookmark the ones you love. It is a great manner to train your guitar skills continuously.

Check these guides out to discover more lessons of guitar techniques: adult guitar lessons and unlocking i iv v.

17. Take Care Of Your Guitar.

It is necessary for you to take care of your musical instrument appropriately. You need to pay attention to fix or modify the strings when they are worn out.

18. Repeat Over Again.

When you are stucked by some certain riffs, just keep repeating them over again, from 80 to 100 times. By this way, you will help your brain remember the skills and turn them into your nature.

19. Invest In Buying A Quality Guitar.

If you are serious about playing guitar, you should spend money on a decent guitar. Top quality guitars will have better quality and be easier to play than ones where the manufacturer just tries to churn them out and sell them as fast as possible. You should never decide to buy guitar hastily.

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20. Play With Emotion. 

Once you have developed proficiency, you can use the guitar for freedom of expression. You can feel the music in your blood, and make other people feel it, too. Remember, the greatest musicians of all time, the ones who are most deeply respected, are the ones who could move others emotionally with their music.

21. Get A Nice Hardwood Chair.

It may be funny, but it is really useful for those people who are serious about playing guitar for a long run.Try and play in the same chair every time you play guitar. The tip is to find a chair that you will be comfortable with and stick to it.

With these great guitar playing tips that I mentioned above, hope you have learned something new!

Well, the process of learning guitar playing tips might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that the guitar playing tips introduced in this article will be useful for you.
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