How To Stay Cool In The Summer Without A Pool Or Air Conditioning

how to stay cool in the summer

Updates: 07/11/2024

Staying cool during the summer does not necessarily mean you have to run the air conditioner all day long. There are many natural ways to help you stay cool easily and effortlessly. Here are 27 tips on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning you might not have considered.

How To Stay Cool In The Summer Without A Pool Or Air Conditioning 

1.      Eat Spicy Foods

how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning

Many people wonder why ones who live in the world’s steamiest places, such as Thailand and India, usually eat spicy foods. You might be one of them, right? If people eat spicy foods, they will sweat. When sweating, the body will cool down. Therefore, this way is one natural method to help people stay cool during hot summer. The advice is, in hot summer, you should consume chili peppers as well as devilishly hot condiments and foods to stay cool safely.

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2.      Hang Wet Sheets, Close Your Curtains

If you own blinds or curtains hanging in the windows, just close them. By this way, you can keep the light in the outside from shining in your room and heating your own home. An alternative to closing curtains is dampening some sheets with water before hanging them in front of the open window. When the air blows, these wet sheets can make cooling impacts.

3.      Wear Flip-Flops

how to stay cool in the summer without swimming

This tip on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning seems so simple, but it is really useful for everyone. Flip-flops are comfortable summer footwear and help to keep the temperature of your body down. When your feet sweat, flip-flops will enable the sweat to evaporate better than closed ones. As a result, this evaporation process will cool down your own body.

4.      Build Your “Air Conditioner”

In case that you do not have an air conditioner right here while it is hot out there, what will you do? The recommendation is placing a big ice bowl in front of the fan. It is necessary for you to place the fan so it can blow directly and instantly on the ice. When that ice melts, the air surrounding will be cooled and your fan will blow that air towards you.

5.      Stay Downstairs Or Move Out

When heat rises, the upper floors of multi-floor houses may be warmer than lower levels, especially the ground level. Therefore, when temperature increases, you should go downstairs to stay cool. Or, the best way to cool off your body’s temperature when the heat is in its peak is going to a movie theatre or a mall where it is fully air-conditioned so you could relax and enjoy the day. Then, you can go back your home when the sun sets and it is little cool outside.

6.      Place Ice Cubes On Pulse Points

how to stay cool in the summer without ice

The majority of us often think about ice as something to supplement for our drinks during a heat wave. However, ice is not only for keeping drinks cool. You can fill one glass with ice cubes, and then wrap cubes in or plastic bag or a towel. After that, you place that directly on the pulse points which are the fastest cooling spot of your body. Wrists, neck, inner elbows and knees are some of easy-to-find pulse points.

7.      Cook Oven-Free Foods

One of the most rapid manners to raise the temperature of your house is to turn on the broiler or oven. Rather than firing up the stove in the hot summer, you should cook foods that do not require making use of the oven, like crock-pot recipes or salads, or microwaveable meals.

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8.      Change The Bulbs And Turn Off The Lamps

The next tip on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning is to limit using the heat-emitting appliances during the heat wave. Ceiling and table lights emit heat. If possible, turn off lights as you could. In addition, ensure that you switch your light bulbs to the eco-friendly fixtures, like LED or fluorescent bulbs that may emit lower energy and heat level.

9.      Avoid Heat-Manufacturing Appliances

how to stay cool in the summer with water

In case that you cannot avoid operating the dishwasher or washing machine during the hot summer, at least, you should not use the dishwasher’s drying cycle or the dryer. These appliances emit heat that makes your home uncomfortable. Instead, you can let the clothes dry or the dishes dry naturally by the air.

10.      Keep Yourself Hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated is always good for our health. More importantly, keeping yourself hydrated during the high peak of summer can cool down your body naturally. Because the body loses water each day through urines, skin, and intestine, so it is necessary for you to replace the water loss by keeping your body hydrated. Drinking large amount of water and other fluids such as juices or sport drinks always keep you healthy and cool. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least seven to eight glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration.

11.      Choose Cotton Bedding

Many of us have difficulties in nodding off in a room warmer than 75°F. So, keep you cool with cotton sheets. Cotton is a breathable fiber which lets air circulate. So, you body heat could dissipate to the surface and swear could evaporate. In case that you suffer from night sweat, then this also is a good way to relieve your problem.

For better quality of sleep, people can refer quick tips to get rid of snoring and methods to get a good night sleep.

how to stay cool in the summer with cotton bedding

12.      Wear Light Make-Up

Most girls all love to look beautiful and trendy, so they apply make-up or wear fashionable dresses. Yet, in summer, heavy make-up should be avoided because it just only impedes the sweating resulting in your body’s increased temperature. The advice is to wear a moderate light make-up as well as foundation or substitute it with a tinted moisturizer and sunscreen. If possible, you can try applying waterproof make-up because sweating can spread it all over the face. In order to avoid direct sun-rays and heat wear a wide-brimmed hat because it will help you feel cool on your face at least.

13.      Wear Light Colored And Loose Clothes

In hot weather, the human body sweat which can evaporate and make the skin cool, and the body temperature reduced. If you wear tight fitting clothes, you will keep the heat trapped inside your body surface, leading to exhaustion. Hence, it is recommended that you should wear loose clothes made from cotton as well as light colored clothes. By this way, you can let your body feel cool from inside. Moreover, the light colored clothes also reflect back the heat while the dark colored clothes absorb heat, resulting in more sweating and discomfort as well.  Loose clothing enhances air circulation boosting the sweat evaporation and preventing any type of heat illnesses. And if possible, you should try to cover the face with a scarf to avoid tanning.

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14.      Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine

how to stay cool in the summer avoid cafein

Most of people tend to drink alcohol and every individual likes to have tea or coffee; however, these need to be avoided in the hot seasons as they are diuretic that causes heat related sicknesses and dehydration. Mainly, the intake of alcohol should also be avoided as the more you drink alcohol the more difficult it gets to realize whether you will suffer from heart related disease. Therefore, you should think about the outcomes before drinking them.

If you want to quit alcohol for good, do not overlook the tips right here.

15.       Take Bath Frequently

Bathing in summer always is something cool and comfortable that people can make. This simple act will reduce your body temperature and cool you down from within the body itself. In summers, everyone gets sweat and tired because the physical activity done all day. When in summers, the moisture and humidity is often high so, to kick off tiredness as well as sweatiness, you could take a bath at least 2 or 3 times per day. By this way, you can feel fresh and cooler the long day. In the morning, you could make use of cold water, yet at night, it is recommended to take a little warm water shower after the whole day because it will get rid of all your fatigue from the body. And, if you want to have a relaxed day, you can go for a spa in your free time. This will refresh your mind and body and help you stay cool at least for few days.

16.      Eat Water-Based Fruits

It is critical to stay hydrated and eating water-based fruits is a good way to do so. The fruits, such as cucumbers, grapes, and watermelons should be added into your meal menu during summers. Be sure to chill them for extra effect.

how to stay cool in the summer with eating fruit

17.      Head To Cooler Climates

If your budgets and schedule are flexible and affordable, consider getting rid of the heat areas. Go for a cooler climate and bask the lower temperatures. Want to know places to consider? Banff, Canada, where the summer highs average about 70 degrees, or other places at the south of the equator where you could feel yourself like in the midst of the winter chill. 

18.      Find A Cooling Indoor Activity

A heat wave could be a great time for you to get winter-sports craving satisfied. You can check the local listings for nearby ice skating rinks. Some hours on the ice can do wonders for your overheated body.

People can get more simple tips for traveling safely and ways to control jet lag effectively for having a “cool” trip.

19. Turn Off Electrical Appliances When Unused

When electrical appliances run, they produce the heat. So when you don’t use these appliances, turn them off such as fans, lights, laptops and TV.

Alternatively, to stay cool in the summer, you can use safe and effective personal cooling devices. Flexi Freeze Ice Vest is the best personal cooling device you can give it a try.

20. Find Free Cooler Places find free cooler places

Instead of staying in your room without cool air, why don’t you approach a cooler place with free air conditioning, free magazines, free Wi-Fi? Actually, this is a great way to relieve stress and have happier hours on a hot day.

Besides, you can plan to go shopping, especially in big supermarkets where have a big air conditioning system and you can buy many things there.

If you want to get natural cool air and atmosphere, go to a green park near your living place where is covered by many big shadowed trees.

21. Use Your Fans Right

When it comes to tips on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning, using fans in the summer is a common way to relieve hot air. But remember to use fans in the right way. Normally, you can put a fan near your seat so that you can directly get the cold air from the fan. Yet, you will feel hot soon. If you can, set 2 fans near the windows, turn them on, one brings cool air in, one pushes hot air out to make your room cooler from both inside and outside.

22. Open Windows At Night open windows at night

If it is hot and windy, you still need to close the windows to stop hot air coming your room. Instead, open the windows when the hot air has gone and let cool air in the room.

23. Make Bottles Of Frozen Water

Some bottles of frozen water may help you feel cooler! You can use these bottles in several ways for drinking, applying on your neck, face, front. With this tip, you can enjoy a movie in your sofa or your bed more comfortably. Try it once in this summer, guys!

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24. Take Advantage Of Natural Light

As you know, incandescent bulbs emit more heat and consume more energy than compact fluorescent lights. So, if you can, replace old incandescent bulbs by compact fluorescent ones.

Plus, remember to turn off your lights to keep your room cool after dark.

25. Hang Out

To stop hot air going inside, you can hang big bamboo shades or woven screens in the front of or outside the window that can help reduce 60 to 80% of sun’s heat.

26. Encourage Cold Feet  encourage cold feet

Your 10 little toes are quite sensitive to temperature as there are many pulse points in the ankles and feet. So, cool down your body by cleaning your feet into cold water before you start hitting the hay. If possible, keep a water bucket near your bed and dip your feet whenever you feel hot throughout the day or night.

27. Camp At Home

This is an idea for you to relieve hot air in the summer. Get access to an outdoor space like a courtyard, backyard or roof. Practice camping skills by pitching a big tent to stay cooler.

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The 27 tips on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning are very simple to follow for most people, so you can make use of them to make your summer be cool and enjoyable instantly.

If you love this post on how to stay cool in the summer without a pool or air conditioning, then leave your ideas in the comment section to let us know what you think. We will answer all soon!

Alternatively, to stay cool in the summer, you can use safe and effective personal cooling devices. Flexi Freeze Ice Vest is the best personal cooling device you can give it a try.

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