5 nutritional needs for elderly people to combat senility

nutritional needs for elderly

The health decline in the elderly (senility) is due to the body aging in the increase of age. A scientific nutritional plan can help people with senility consume sufficient amount of nutritious, stay healthy, and inhibit the aging process.

Many studies show that people feel delicious when eating is thanks to the senses: the nose helps to smell the fragrant of food; sight-seeing – the eyes – help to see the attractive colors of the foods, tactile helps to identify whether or not the foods are warm or cool, the gustation helps to identify the taste of the food: sour, bitter, salty, sweet … The senses will stimulate the saliva secretion ready to digest food. However, in the elderly, the senses are aged and impaired: no more well-visible eyes, the nose is bad, the tongue touches the foods but do not realize whether or not the taste is good or not, the tactile is insensible so that people feel the foods no more delicious…

Nutritional Needs For Elderly People With Senility – Best Nutrients For Elderly People:

However, there are also elderly people with senility who are still healthy and get appetite when eating foods, meaning that they still feel delicious. In contrast, weak ones often feel bored of foods and not hungry. On the other hand, people with senility feel it hard to swallow due to atrophied chewing and jaw muscles, shaken teeth, teeth lost, so they are lazy to eat, resulting in most elderly people prone to malnutrition. In the elderly people with senility, the salivary glands are also atrophy and get fibrosis, so they will secrete less saliva and the digestive activity of the saliva is also poor. In this entire article, I will reveal some of the most important nutritional needs for elderly people with senility, including:

1. Energy Needs: 

nutritional needs for elderly

This is the very first out of the nutritional needs for elderly people with senility that I want to reveal in this entire article. People with senility have less physical activities, and their muscle mass was also reduced by about 1/3 compared with them in younger ages, so their energy need is also reduced, only about 1,700 – 1.800 kcal per day. Elderly with senility should take the advice of the ancients: “People should eat to fill just half of their stomach (do not eat too much), then they will not get any disease in life”. For good, elderly people, especially those who are living with senility, should add light foods that can provide them with the sufficient levels of energy – not too high – to ensure the long-term health

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2. Protein Needs: 

nutritional needs for elderly

In elderly people with senility, their protein digestion, absorption, and synthesis abilities are all poor so they are vulnerable to protein deficiency. The breakdown of protein in the colon, especially protein from meat, will create the rotting waste and toxins that if their constipation is prolonged, they will cause adversely negative effects on health. Therefore, the elderly should limit the intake of meat, especially fatty meat. Fish dishes are very good alternatives to meat because fish contains easily digestible proteins and have essential fatty acids for the body. People with senility should eat fish three days in a week. Also, they should eat more vegetable protein sources such as tofu, soy milk, beans, green beans, black beans, peas…In fact, this is actually one of the most important nutritional needs for elderly people that I want my readers to learn and remember to ensure in the daily diet in moderation for good!

3. Glucide Needs:

nutritional needs for elderly

The absorption of glucide in the elderly will also be gradually reduced so that if they eat a lot of this nutrient, they will be more prone to hyperglycemia, especially rapidly absorbed sugars, such as sugary water, candies, cookies, and soft drinks. Elderly with senility should eat coarse, pre-processing grains, such as rice, cassava, corn, sweet potato, beans which are cooked into usual dishes. The tubers are easy to absorb and also have rich amount of fiber which can help to prevent constipation. Rice is the staple food, and people should choose plastic rice, not too finely milled. You can also eat brown rice because it is rich in vitamin B1 and fiber. This is actually one of the best nutritional needs for elderly people with senility.

4. Lipid Needs: 

nutritional needs for elderly

Due to the activity reduction of the enzymes which help to breakdown the fat tissues, elderly people with senility are prone to having excess fat in the blood, resulting in creating plaques which cause the hardening of artery, leading to hypertension. Therefore, the elderly needs to limit the consumption of fat, especially animal fat, and instead, people should eat vegetable oil. Elderly with senility should not eat a lot of animal viscera and egg yolk because they are very high in cholesterol. For good, people should eat just 3 eggs a week.

However, people should remember not to eat too fat because cholesterol is a substance which is composed of the membranes.
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The excess amount of cholesterol will lead to atherosclerosis and cerebral embolism.
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However, the lack of cholesterol will also weaken the membranes and make them prone to cerebral hemorrhage, especially when people are getting hypertension. LDL-C is the low-density cholesterol which is likely to cause atherosclerosis, and HDL-C is high-density cholesterol which has cardio-protective effects.
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If you eat foods with animal origin can easily make the levels of bad cholesterol increased, and regular exercises will help to increase the good cholesterol. In brief, this is also one of the most important and necessary nutritional needs for elderly people, especially those who are suffering from senility so that readers should not look down.

5. Water And Micronutrient Needs: 

nutritional needs for elderly

This is the last but not least of the nutritional needs for elderly people that I want to reveal in this entire article.

Elderly people with senility are vulnerable to water deficiency because they do not feel thirsty as frequently as usual. Therefore, they need to drink water regularly even when they do not feel thirsty, especially in the dry season. Along with nutritional deficiencies, the elderly people are vulnerable to some types of vitamin deficiency. Therefore, in the daily diet, elderly people with senility should eat fruits, vegetables, and tubers to get more essential vitamins. It will be best for them to choose soft fruits, which are easy to swallow and rich in fiber, such as bananas, papayas, oranges, grapefruit, dragon fruit, litchi, grapes … The fruits which are too sweet, such as longan, durian, mango, jackfruit…should be eaten in moderation because elderly with senility have poor glucose tolerance. The antioxidants, anti-free radicals are found in vegetables, green tea, and herbs. You should note that elderly people with senility are prone to osteoporosis so the calcium supplementation is essential. Foods rich in calcium are milk, but you should choose low-fat, non-sweetened milk and drink about 1 to 2 cups per day.

One another thing that people should do after reading this full writing is that you should read a different article named 21 Natural Tips On How To Prevent Memory Loss article – the full gathering of natural and effective remedies to combat with memory loss – a common mental condition in elderly people. These home remedies are proven useful and safe for everyone to apply so that people should make use of the information within this article without concerning about any harmful side effects. These home remedies are 100% natural and proven useful so people should feel secure that they will work for any case and any health condition. However, for good, readers should follow exactly the steps and tips that the article revealed.

This is the entire article revealing the best and most important and necessary nutritional needs for elderly people, especially for those who are suffering from senility so that many readers of VKool.com and other people who have the same problem should learn and make use right at the comfort of their own home. These nutrients and the recommended consumption for them are proven by science so people should feel totally secure.

If you think that the nutritional demands revealed and recommended in this article are exactly for you and your own situation, and if you really want to share this list with other elderly you know who are also suffering from the senility problem, you should not hesitate at all. Remember to leave your feedbacks and comments below to show me your own thoughts.

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