Good qualities of friendship – 8 necessary qualities

qualities of friendship

In this life, we have a lot of emotional supports. Besides the family members, the second emotional support for everyone is the friends. They are the people who come with us on every path of life to help, support us, and encourage us at hard times. Friendship is not limited in ages, social classes, and it is always necessary for life. Friendship is the foundation for us to build other relationships, and the friendship makes us grow up and become more “ourselves”.

Good Qualities Of Friendship – Necessary Qualities For Every Friendship:

qualities of friendship

In this life, each person will have a separate concept of friendship and everyone among us also knows the importance of a good friendship. Can you imagine a life without friends? Perhaps we would cower in between the “shell” of our own.

Unlike our families, friends can help us and share the joys in life without any barrier, the force, or any framework, and friends can make us confident and believe in ourselves. In the article today, I would like to show you and other readers some of the best qualities of friendship that people should know before choosing a person to make friend with.

1. Altruism:

qualities of friendship

The first out of the good qualities of friendship that I would like to introduce in this article is the altruism.

People who only care for their own interests and feelings cannot be a true friend. Friendship is a two-dimensional relationship, and its existence is based on giving and receiving; and there is no long lasting friendship which contains a just-giving person and a just-receiving one. Therefore, if you want to find a soul-mate, you will need to remember and appreciate this quality.

2. Consistency:

qualities of friendship

Some people seem to have no consistency. They can enthusiastically take part in an activity, but then they quickly feel bored and fascinated by a new target. The fickle and inconsistent person like that will not be able to build long lasting friendships.

3. Loyalty: 

qualities of friendship

Two friends in a friendship have to be loyal to each other and they need to understand each other so that they will not suspect the other due to any reason and aspect. We do not highly appreciate those who are willing to believe in the gossip about their friends. Those who are easily influenced by the gossip could not become good friends. Therefore, loyalty is also one of the most important qualities of friendship that people should not forget.

4. Trust: 

qualities of friendship

There must be the mutual trust between the two friends in a friendship so that these 2 people can feel safe to talk to each other about their own secrets. However, there are also those who cannot keep their stories and the stories of their friends in secret. Those who like gossiping with other people about their friends’ stories cannot build a lasting friendship with anyone else.

5. Full Sympathy: 

qualities of friendship

This is also one of the most important qualities of friendship that people should not look down.

To have a long lasting friendship, people should learn how to sympathize with the goals, interests, joys, sorrows, desires, and preferences of their friends. At where there is no such mutual sympathy, friendship cannot exist there.

6. Share Things Without Any Barrier Or Strain

qualities of friendship

Unlike our family, just good friends will help us share the joys of life without any obstacles, strain, or framework. They are always accompanied us to grab our hand when we stumble and may well be the last people who are the fulcrum for us to stand up. They will make us trust and love this life, and look everything with its certain importance, not decline over time. This is also one of the good qualities of friendship that people should know before choosing a person to make friend with.

7. Always Helps Us Unconditionally: 

qualities of friendship

Each of us needs to be supported to come forward. No one is perfect, and sometimes we feel sorry for what he had done or wish that things would be better. One of the most respectful things for us when we have good friends is that they always stay by our side no matter how we are. Friendship is especially useful when you are faced with a number of life events, such as losing a loved one, failure in business, and more.

8. Help Us Full-Grown: 

qualities of friendship

When people are more mature, our friendships will be also more mature over time and your friends will become more intimate with you than ever. At that time, they will become our best friends. This is one of the factors that help you mentally grow up fully in life. At a deeper level, a friend can make us more mature, becoming honest, and above all, lofty.  The necessary virtues of a true friendship such as loyalty, trust, kindness, generosity…will help us morally complete ourselves. Good friends always try to help each other become better. They help each other, rely upon each other when getting trouble; therefore, each person should find a best friend to be able to share all the difficulties and challenges in life with. This is also the last of the good qualities of friendship that I would like to introduce in this article.

This is the list of 8 good qualities of friendship that might be useful for anyone, including the readers of because a good friendship is very important in our life. These qualities are socially proven by the experiences of many psychologists and people who have been through great time of good and long lasting friendships.

If you think that the qualities of friendship I released in this article exactly and these are the things everyone needs to know before deciding to have a long lasting friendship with another person, you should share this list with them and do not forget to leave your comments and feedbacks below to show me your own opinions. As an author of Vkool, I really welcome my readers’ personal opinions.

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