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home remedies for alopecia

Alopecia in general, alopecia areata in particular, is not a rare hair issue. It can “attack” any people, whether you are male or female; old or young; adult or child.

Home Remedies For Alopecia Areata – Best Home Treatments:

On average, each day you lose about 50 to 100 hair strands. To find out whether or not your hair is weak (or strong), try checking your hair by “pulling” the hair fibers. Hold a handful of hair, about 15 or 20 strands, and keeping them in between your thumb and forefinger. Grasp and pull the hair slowly. After the checking method, if there are more than six hair strands fall out of your scalp, then your hair is really in trouble. Hence, you are probably suffering from hair loss, or alopecia areata.

home remedies for alopecia

This condition can negatively affect your life and make you lose your own confidence when standing in front of the crowd or showing off in the public. That is the reason why today I would like to introduce some of the best home remedies for alopecia areata that people should learn and make use of for good! The home remedies I am going to reveal include:

1. Prevent Stress: 

home remedies for alopecia

This is the very first out of the home remedies for alopecia and alopecia areata that I would like to introduce in this entire writing.

Stress is one of the reasons for your increasingly pre-gray and falling hair. To reduce this, you should avoid stress causing situations as much as possible. You should also relax by massaging your scalp while brushing hair or stop thinking too much and negatively, so you will not get headaches or stress anymore. You should also remember to relax and reduce the intensity of work if needed.

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2. Make Use Of Coconut Oil: 

home remedies for alopecia

Use coconut oil to apply onto all over your scalp and massage your head skin and hair gently from the hair roots. This method is very effective because coconut contains a large amount of essential nutrients which can help to nourish the hair. In addition, you can use vitamin E tablets to substitute for coconut oil, and this will also bring about a similar effect.

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3. Shampoo With Tea: 

home remedies for alopecia

This is among one of the most effective and also cheapest and simplest to apply home remedies for alopecia areata that I want to introduce in this entire writing. You just need to mix 50 g of tea with one litter of warm water and use it as a natural shampoo to apply after your usual shampoo.

4. Apple Cider Vinager: 

home remedies for alopecia

Warm the cider vinegar and use this solution to apply onto all over your scalp. Let it stay for about 1 hour before rinsing it off with clean and warm water. This method will not only work to prevent hair loss effectively but can also help to stimulate hair growth faster. Therefore, this is exactly one of the best home remedies for alopecia areata that people should learn and make use right at home with just some simple to find and cheap natural ingredients. Do not skip this!

5. Aloe Vera:

home remedies for alopecia

You can drink 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice every day to help to “strengthen the resistance” of the hair and reduce the risk of hair breakage. Also with aloe vera, you can “manufacture” your own lotion which can help to prevent hair loss effectively. Applying this method is very simple. You just need to take about 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel (or aloe vera extracted products), and then add a little juice of the cumin leaves. Use this mixture to apply onto the hair fall area at least 3 times a day. Keep applying this tip within 3 to 4 months, and you will be able to see the wonderful results as you always desire.

6. Pepper And Lemon Seed:

home remedies for alopecia

This home remedy for alopecia is very simple to apply. You just need to puree lemon seed and black pepper and mix them together. Add a little water to form a loose dough solution. Use this mixture to apply onto the hair and scalp, and you might have to endure a little burning sensation. However, just after a short time, your hair will not fall out again and can avoid being excessively broken effectively. Instead, you will be able to gain brand new stronger and healthier hair strands.

7. Fresh Sesame Seed And Rice Rinse Water: 

home remedies for alopecia

This recipe is also very simple to make and apply at home without the need for spending too much time, money, and efforts taking care of the falling hair as the ingredients needed to make this natural shampoo solution are very cheap and available anywhere. With just 40 – 100 g of fresh sesame boiled with 2.5 to 3 liters of rice water, you will have a wonderful and magical shampoo solution. Let the solution warm and use it to shampoo your hair. After drying the hair, rinse it off again with clean water. Every day, you just need to apply this tip once per day. In fact, this is actually one of the best home remedies for alopecia that people should not look down!

8. Cover Hair And Scalp With Wet Towel: 

home remedies for alopecia

This might be the simplest home remedy to reduce hair loss that I am revealing in this article as you do not have to prepare many ingredients. You just need to soak a towel in hot water and then squeeze out to reduce the water. Use that towel to cover your head for about 10 minutes, and you should apply this simple home remedy at least 1 time per week. And do not forget to add a little almond oil in a hot water bath to soak your towel if you want to improve the results.

9. Hibiscus: 

home remedies for alopecia

Hibiscus and coconut oil are one of the natural hair loss treatments which can help to stimulate hair growth and hair thickness that people observed and learned from those who live in Kerala, India. Hibiscus has rejuvenating properties – it can help to nourish the hair, prevent premature aging hair, and also help to treat dandruff effectively within a short time period. The regular use of hibiscus flowers can also help to hair loss. You just need to crumple a few hibiscus flowers and mixed with coconut oil or sesame oil to apply onto the scalp and hair. Let it stay for a few hours and then rinse your hair and scalp off with a mild shampoo and cool water.

10. Chicken Egg:

home remedies for alopecia

This is the last but also very important to learn home remedies for alopecia areata that I would like to reveal in this entire writing.

Eggs are an abundant source of sulfur; they also contain a great deal of protein and minerals, including iron, phosphorus, iodine, selenium, and zinc. Therefore, eggs can make our hair grow extremely effective, especially when they are combined with olive oil. Take the egg white of one chicken egg and mix with a teaspoon of olive oil. Whisk the mixture evenly to form a viscous mixture and apply onto the overall hair and scalp. Hold it for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse your hair and scalp off with a mild shampoo and cool water.

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This is the list of 10 most common and effective home remedies for alopecia areata that many readers of and other people who are suffering from the hair fall issue should learn and make use of for good! These remedies are 100% natural and safe for using so that people should not worry about the possible side effects that they can bring about throughout the treating process.

If you think that the entire list of home remedies for alopecia areata that is introduced in this article are exactly what you and other people you know who also concern about the hair loss problem and want to stop it naturally, you should feel free to share this list with them and make use together. Do not forget to leave your feedbacks and comments in the form below to show me your own thoughts. As an author of Vkool, I always want to know my readers’ personal opinion.

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