Top 10 Anti Aging Essential Oils For Skin You Should Not Ignore

top 10 anti aging essential oils

Everyone, sooner or later, must suffer from aging; however, you can avoid and control premature aging to a great extent. If you experience premature aging signs, your skin will have age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and youthful, thus taking away its charm. I am sure that nobody wants these premature aging signs to appear on the skin. Hence, let look for some remedies to get rid of this premature aging process. Do you know that proper caring your skin, having a healthy lifestyle, a sound sleep for 6 -7 hours per day and maintaining a good diet may aid you a lot in maintaining the youthfulness of your skin. Additionally, there are numerous anti aging essential oils which can also help to keep aging signs on the skin at bay. Therefore, this new article in VKool page aims to provide you with a list of effective anti aging essential oils. Let read it and you will clearly understand about essential oils helping to prevent premature aging as well as how they can do this.

Top 10 Anti Aging Essential Oils For Skin You Should Not Ignore

1. Pomegranate Seed Oil

anti aging essential oils - pomegranate seed oil

This is one of the excellent anti aging essential oils you should have. Pomegranate seed oil, in fact, contains powerful antioxidants which are able to combat and repair damaged free-radicals caused by the UV rays and environmental factors. Besides, this oil is loaded with polyphenolic compounds aiding in the prevention of wrinkle formation. Pomegranate seed oil is proven to strengthen the epidermis layers as well as repair the dermis layers of your skin. Moreover, you can use it to stimulate the production of collagen for improving your skin elasticity.

In a study published in 2006, researchers highlighted that pomegranate seed oil is capable of regenerating epidermis, which is a vital process for fighting aging signs. This study indicated that this oil is packed with antimicrobial, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting your skin health. You can apply it on both your face and body and it is absorbed easily and will effectively moisturize all types of skin.

You simply use a bit of pomegranate seed oil to gently massage the skin once per day or mix it with some drops of rosehip oil and you will see desired results after applying it for a period of time.

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2. Neem Essential Oil

There are many anti aging essential oils and neem essential oil is one of them. Thanks to the antifungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial property content in it, neem essential oil becomes an excellent oil for preventing skin infection as well as anti-aging signs. The antioxidants in this oil will protect your skin from being affected by environmental toxins causing premature aging. It may even assist you in purifying your blood, thus supporting flawless and healthy skin. Plus, neem oil also has a rich source of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which will be able to keep premature aging at bay. A study published in 2001 indicates that polyunsaturated fatty acids are very beneficial in protecting your skin from UV rays.

  • You just mix 1 tablespoon of this essential oil with 1/3 cup of lukewarm coconut or olive oil and then use it to massage the skin for 3 to 5 minutes before the bedtime.
  • Let it stay on your skin for overnight and remember to do this daily.

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3. Rose Essential Oil

When it comes to the most effective anti aging essential oils for face skin, you cannot miss the rose essential oil. This oil can provide you with benefits in every way because it is known as an excellent brightening and hydrating agent. Also being a cicatrizant, rose essential oil will fade any kind of scars or marks on your skin.
This makes it become a powerful anti-aging agent. In addition, it has a high content of antioxidants, helping to prevent and slow down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, the anti-inflammatory property content in it aids you a lot in easing inflammation and redness. Apart from using it topically on the skin, you may inhale its soothing scent to reduce stress.

  • To apply it for inhaling, you mix any of your favorite carrier oils with the rose essential oil in a bowl at the ratio of 3:1.
  • Then you use this oil mixture to massage your skin in circular motions for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Allow it to stay on your skin for overnight and rinse off with water in the next morning.
  • Keep doing this once every day to keep your skin always look young.

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4. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Like many other anti aging essential oils, carrot seed essential oil is also loaded with skin regenerating properties, keeping your skin flawless and young for years. Carrot seed essential oil is extracted by the wild carrot seed steam distillation. It is rich in vitamin A which is known as a strong antioxidant for protecting skin cells from free-radical damage. Besides, it has carotenoids that assist you in rejuvenating skin cells and aid in detoxifying, thus providing you with a glowing and healthy skin. Plus, carrot seed oil is able to protect your skin from being damaged by harmful UV rays as well as helping to restore damaged skin tissue.

  • You just use this carrot seed oil to regularly as a massage oil for your skin.
  • Also, you can add a bit of carrot seed oil to your face mask to slow down the premature aging process.

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Keep reading this writing if you want to get more anti aging essential oils for the skin!

5. Myrrh Essential Oil

Also acting as an anti-aging agent, myrrh essential oil is another among top 10 anti aging essential oils. The natural antioxidant in this oil is able to prevent free-radical damage and also reverse the oxidative damage, thereby combatingage spots, wrinkles, and various premature aging signs. Besides, it can improve your skin texture with aging. Myrrh essential oil even has a rich source of anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties, helping to heal skin problems and improve the skin tone. Plus, it will protect your skin from being affected by harmful UV sunrays.

  • You just combine 2 or 3 drops of this oil with your regular body moisturizer or face cream.
  • Then you dab this mixture thoroughly on the skin and gently massage for 2 minutes.
  • Keep applying this twice per day and you will see an amazing improvement.

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6. Neroli Essential Oil

This oil is known as one of the most famousAyurveda beauty secrets which can keep your skin resilient and strong, even when you move into the golden years. Neroli essential oil is very effective for sensitive, oily, and mature skin. It possesses a natural chemical named citral that is beneficial in regenerating cells and keeping premature aging signs at bay while the natural antioxidant will help to fade fine lines and tone the sagging skin. Moreover, the antiseptic property in this oil is capable of preventing skin infections.Apart from these benefits for skin,neroli essential oil has a nice aroma, soothing and relaxing your mind as well as preventing stress. All above benefits are enough to prove that neroli essential oil is one of the anti aging essential oils.

  • Now, you mix 2 tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil with 5 to 7 drops of this essential oil in an empty glass jar.
  • Shake it well and apply a bit of this oil mixture on the skin every day before going to bed.

7. Geranium Essential Oil

anti aging essential oils - geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil is a good choice for people who want to keep their skin young as well as prevent premature aging signs.Like other anti aging essential oils, this oil owns antioxidants, helping to tighten your skin and improve its elasticity, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Geranium essential oil is also responsible for stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin surface, which is very necessary for flawless skin and also overall physical health.Plus, it is also a natural cytophylactic, which will promote cell health, encourage the dead cell to recycle and the new cell regeneration.Besides, you can use this to regulate the production of oil and ease acne breakouts.

  • To use geranium essential oil, you simply mix 5 or 6 drops of this oil with a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil. Then you thoroughly massage your skin with this oil once per day before sleeping.
  • Also, you may add a few drops of this oil to your daily face or body cream and apply it as usual.

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8. Frankincense Essential Oil

anti aging essential oils - frankincense essential oil

This is also one of the truly unique anti aging essential oils that can offer many benefits for both of skin and health.Known as a cytophylactic in nature, it is beneficial in protecting existing cells and also encourage the growth of new cells. Cytophylactic is also a vital factor which will keep your skin radiant and tight for years.Additionally, it assists you in restoring the skin elasticity, tightening sagging skin under your eyes, and easing crow’s-feet and wrinkles under eyes.

  • At first, you dilute the frankincense essential oil (6 drops) in any unscented carrier oil (1 ounce).
  • Then you shake it thoroughly and apply the mixture directly on the face skin or any other skin areas which have become saggy, such as skin area under the eyes, abdomen, and jowls.

9. Rosehip Essential Oil

You can use rosehip essential oil as another of anti aging essential oils for enjoying healthy skin.Like geranium oil, this oil contains antioxidants, helping to improve the skin elasticity and also decrease the aging sign appearance including brown age spots, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Rosehip oil contains retinol (vitamin A) that can get rid of the visible aging signs.It may even aid new skin cells in growing and regenerating, thus inhibiting skin aging signs. Additionally, the rich amount of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds in it helps you to manage skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

  • You just apply some drops of rosehip oil directly on the damp skin and then massage for a while to help your skin absorb this oil effectively.
  • Do this every day before sleeping and you will have your desired skin

10. Lavender Essential Oil

When coming to anti aging essential oils, you cannot give the lavender essential oil a miss. You can use this oil for any skin type.Thanks to the high source of antioxidant, lavender oil will prevent harmful free radicals from damaging your skin as well as combating UV rays of the sunshine. In addition, it has the ability to ensure a good sleep which is the best weapon behind the younger-looking and flawless skin.

  • First of all, you prepare lavender essential oil (10 drops) and extra-virgin olive oil (1 ounce).
  • Then you mix two these oil together and massage your skin with this mixture in the morning.
  • After that, you can repeat this process before going to bed.

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Anti Aging Essential Oils – Additional Tips

Apart from applying suitable anti aging essential oils, you have to keep in mind some below additional tips for getting the expected results:

  • You should remember to have a small test on the inner forearm before applying any essential oil for ensuringthat you do not have any allergy to that oil.
  • You should use undiluted essential oils as mentioned above, avoid using others because it can cause side effects.
  • Because some certain essential oils are not advised for women during pregnancy, young children, and nursing mothers, you should consult your doctor’s advice firstly before applying any essential oil.

With 10 these anti-aging essential oil, hope that they can aid you in owing flawless and radiant skin. These oils are safe, but you should still keep in mind some above additional tips above to avoid any side effects. If you need more information about other beauty problems, let visit our main Beauty page. Besides, you can ask me anything about anti aging essential oils by commenting on the comment box and do not forget to share with us if you have any other anti aging essential oils. You are always welcome!

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