Learning Tips To Sleep Better At Night During Pregnancy

Sleep is very important in your life. You will get lots of health problems if you have difficulty in sleeping. Do you sleep well these days? Do you have any plan for your sleeping problem? If you are seeking the solutions for sleeping well at night, especially during pregnancy, keep reading this article of top 28 tips to sleep better at night during pregnancy from VKool.com. The remedies shown in this article is very natural so you will not need to worry about the risks but you will have full of energy in a day long, have a shaper mental health, and balance your emotion.

Discover Tips To Sleep Better At Night During Pregnancy

1. Keep Your Sleep Schedule 

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If you cannot sleep at night day after day, night after night, you should have a specific good plan for sleeping. By setting a well-plan strategy, you will fight the sleeping enemy and promote your night sleep better. Of course, you have to find out the most proper and effective for you. One of the best tips to sleep better at night is to keep a normal sleep plan every day such as getting up at the same time, going to sleep at the specific time you plan, and doing something to stimulate your sleep quality at night.

Different people will have different hours to sleep at night. So you need:

  • Have a regular time to go sleep every night. Choose the time when you feel tired and feel asleep and try to keep it even in the weekend. If you are a pregnant woman and want to change bedtime, keep adjusting the minimal minutes such as going to bed 10 minutes earlier or later every day and you need time to connect with your body with the bedtime change.
  • Wake up the same time in every morning: if you have a regular bedtime at night, you also should wake up in every morning at the same time without alarm although they are vacations or weekends.
  • Snap: if you get sleep problems for so long, take some snap in daytime to avoid sleeping late at night. This will help you prevent insomnia better and promote sleep-wake rhythm. However, if you get insomnia, snap may get worse, so you should snap at noon less than thirty minutes only.
  • Solve your drowsiness: avoid sleeping after dinner time because you will get more difficult when going to bed at night. To avoid falling asleep early in the evening, you may wash the dishes, choose clothes for the next day, talk with your husband about your baby, or call some friends, etc.

2. Adjust Your Sleep Time 

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Controlling your sleep by regulating your cycle of sleep-wake is one of the most effectual tips to sleep better at night. Light exposure may control your melatonin so you should turn off the light whenever sleeping at night. However, if you spend long time in day in the office with the light may make you fall asleep. Then you turn on your light at night from computer screen or TV may limit the melatonin production and lead to sleeping difficulty. In order to boost up your melatonin production, you may follow some solutions as below:

  • During the day: get out your sunglasses in every morning, take your time outside, and import much light into your house like open the window until night.
  • At night: turn off your computer, television, electronic device. Be sure that your room turns dark when you go to bed. If possible, you may go to the bathroom at night with a flashlight.

3. Relax Before Bedtime 

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If you want to get useful tips to sleep better at night especially during pregnancy, you should try to relax before going to bed. By this way, you will fall asleep easily and deeply. It also helps you reduce stress or anxiety very effectively. Here are some ways to relax your mind:

  • Decrease noise around: do you feel noisy around your house? Keep away from the noise by a sound machine or turn on the radio with music because you may be able to get rid of natural noise from dog barking, traffic, or people talking around your house, etc.
  • Some activities to help you relax at night is to read book or newspapers by the comfortable light, take a warm shower, stretch softly, listen to the music, or prepare clothes for the next day, etc.

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4. Eat Properly 

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Among tips to sleep better at night, eating plays an important role, in particular, it is very helpful for pregnant women when you eat right. You should take care of some activities as below to reduce sleep difficulty:

  • Do not eat lots of foods at night: bedtime is time for you to sleep, try to eat right in the dinner time, try to eat early in the evening and avoid the rich or heavy foods about hours before bedtime. Your stomach will get difficult to digest with fatty foods, spicy foods, or acidic foods.
  • The pregnant women also feel hotter than the normal people, so keep away from the hot foods at night before you go to bed. Stop drinking alcohol, which reduces the sleep quality significantly. . In addition, drinking lots of water or liquids in the evening will make you go to the bathroom more frequently and you cannot sleep well as you wish.
  • Try some light snack before bedtime can help you solve the sleep problem better. You may eat some foods such as a banana, yogurt, low-fat milk, low-sugar cereal, whole-grain, sandwich, etc.
  • Certainly, you cannot go to bed when you are stuffed or hungry.
  • Drink some warm milk before going to bed.

5. Do Exercise Regularly 

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To learn tips to sleep better at night, you should do exercise regularly at least 20-30minutes every day. You can walk, do some light housework, swim in the afternoon, tai chi, yoga, gardening work, etc. Riding bicycle is for normal people, so you should avoid this activity. Moreover, you should avoid exercising too late in the evening, plan the exercise in the morning or early afternoon is the best time to get benefits of exercise. Especially, yoga is the best exercise for future mothers because they are easily to practice and you will get lots of interests from it.

6. Reduce Stress 

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Stress is particularly bad for people as it leads to many health problems such as headache, high blood pressure, or some other harmful diseases. Stress will affect your life expectancy including sleep problem. Worries will be very dangerous to your baby’s health, as well. Make sure that you check your stress or anxiety regularly and try to reduce it as much as possible. Stress will keep you awake and you cannot sleep at night although you want to close your eyes and forget all the stressed things in your work. Relaxation is not only beneficial for everybody, but it is also good for pregnant women. You may try to eliminate stress by breathing deeply, relaxing your muscles, or viewing some peaceful places around your house. Around your husband’s arm and visualize some restful place. It will help you fall asleep easier and your baby will grow better with this technique.

7. Learn To Get Sleep Back 

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Usually, you will wake up at night if the sleep problem visits you. It is probably to sleep back but you will fall asleep back if you try these things:

  • Lie on the bed with the position that you feel relaxed most. You should not think of sleep difficulty and try to throw away the feeling that you cannot fall asleep again.
  • Try to think about techniques of relaxation that you learned. Pregnant women always wake up at night due to the baby’s activities; however, you may breathe deeply, meditate, get out of the bed and visualize something peaceful.
  • Be quiet at night and avoid making noise. Make sure that you turned off the iPads, light, or some noises from the electronic devices.
  • Take notes something that makes you worry at night and you will solve the problems in the daytime. Drinking some herbal teas is also a great choice for better sleep at night.

8. Manage Sleep Disorder 

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Sleep disorders will affect badly to your life and your work. It will reduce your concentration, energy, and mood. In addition, it will increase the risk of mistakes, injuries, or accidents. It is highly bad to pregnant woman because it will get dangerous to baby. To prevent sleep disorder, you should avoid long commute, limit irregular shifts, avoid drinking caffeine at night, and avoid taking break, debt sleep in the weekends, or change sleep schedule suddenly.

9. Keep Away From Digital Devices 

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There are many devices or the furniture that can improve your daily life but they may cause sleep problem that you cannot recognize such as blue light, digital clock, or cell phone. The waves from those digital devices are also bad for your baby’s health. As the result, the pregnant women should keep far away from the suggestive devices if possible.

10. Avoid Long Daytime Naps

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A short nap at noon may be good for your health if you get difficult sleeping for a long time at night, but naps in daytime may make your sleep disorder worse. Do some activities to break the naps like chatting with friends, drinking a cup of water, walking shortly, etc. Getting tips to sleep better at night, you should give up the routine to take long daytime naps, which increase struggles to your sleep quality. The best time to take nap is less than 30 minutes in mid-afternoon.

11. Choose The Pillow And Mattress 

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If you always feel back pain during pregnancy and it disrupts your sleep, take a pillow between the legs to reduce the lower back pain and stress on the legs. For the normal people, they also can apply this technique. Also, if you feel tired in neck, your pillow is your enemy. Choose the proper pillow and avoid choosing pillows that are too flat or too fat. The pillows should support your neck. Furthermore, mattress is very important because you may get itchy, sniffing, or sneezing from the mattress. Choosing the mattress that is not too soft or too hard for your back.

12. Cut Down Caffeine 

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Caffeine is one of the most factors that cause your sleep disorder worse. It is also not good for pregnant women. For people, a cup of coffee in the morning may bring some benefits but drinking caffeine in the afternoon is not a good routine. If you want to sleep well at night and grow your baby at best, cut down caffeine immediately.

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13. Get Useful Drinks 

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Water is very necessary for pregnant women, however, near the bedtime, you should limit drinking water or liquids such as orange juice, fruit juices, or fresh water. However, you may fall asleep easier if you take some chamomile tea or warm milk before bedtime.

14. Quit Smoking 

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Give up smoking if you want to sleep better at night and improve your health overall. Smoking is very bad to your health and it will lead your insomnia problem worse. Do you want your baby get healthier? Quit smoking if you have ever smoked previously.

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15. Keep Away Pets From Your Bed 

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Do not welcome your pets on the bed because it will limit your sleep quality as your dog may bark or your cat may cry at night. Their fur may cause some health problems such as allergies or coughing for people, especially for pregnant women. However, you may ask the trainer how to take care of pets without risk for women who are pregnant.

16. Say No With Sleeping Pills 

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Abuse sleeping pills is not a good idea for everyone, especially for women during pregnancy; they totally cannot use pills, drugs, or supplements. Sleeping pills will cause side effects to the users if they use without any prescription from the doctors, in particular, for pregnant women, sleeping pills is forbidden to use.

17. Consider Bedroom Temperature 

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Temperature is one of the fundamental elements that cause sleeplessness. For pregnant women, their body temperature will be higher than the normal people. So be sure to keep cool for your room in the sumer and keep warm in the winter for better sleep. You cannot sleep if the temperature is too hot or too cold, so improve your sleep quality by making it cool (18° C for example).

18. Redecorate Your Bedroom 

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Keep your bed comfortable enough if you cannot get sleeping easily at night. Do not launch lots of pillows, unnecessary hats, clothes, or some other junk things on your bed. The bedroom environment should be comfortable as much as possible. If possible, you can ask your husband to redecorate your bedroom. Avoid painting the color that you do not like. Add some favorite pictures or cute photos to view every day, and have the storage for junk things in your room. Generally, keep your bedroom clean and the bed is for the sleeping purpose only. Avoid watching TV, eating, working in the bedroom.

19. Take Advantage Of New Technology 

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If you have enough conditions to discover new technology for new life of a future mother. You can check some types of mattresses or pillows that can reduce lower back pain and improve your night’s sleep. Some mattresses may have the function of warming up and you may fall asleep easier in the winter.

20. Make Your Stomach Full 

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Do not go to bed without eating foods. Of course, if you are in pregnancy trimesters, you will feel hungry, probably at night. As the result, eat some healthy snacks before bedtime and remember to eat properly in the dinner. Your stomach may grumble for foods and pregnant women may take some peanuts, tuna, turkey, yogurt, etc. avoid eating sugary or high-fat foods.

21. Take A Warm Bath 

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One of the most useful tips to sleep better at night is to take a warm bath before bedtime. You will fall asleep without triggers if your body is clean and fresh. I am sure that your baby will be getting relaxed with this technique. After a long day with working, you should take a rest with some books, stories, or music.

22. Love The Darkness 

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Bright light will create a thought that you are in daytime and it will cause sleep problem worse. As the result, you should like the darkness. If your house is near the street with the light outside, you can use some curtains for the windows. You may use something to covers the light from cable boxes, LED clocks, computer light, TV light, etc.

23. Use Eye Mask 

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To increase the quality of sleeping at night, you may try to wear eye mask to reduce the light outside. This is also one of the most effective tips to sleep better when you cannot close your eyes for a long time. This is also one of the easiest and simplest tips to sleep better at night for pregnant women and you can apply for everyone.

24. Breathe Deeply 

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One of the most effective tips to sleep better at night is to breathe deeply before you go to bed. There are many reasons that make you stressed and you should remove those anxieties by breathing deeply. It is like meditation exercise and helps you relax successfully.

25. Sleep Later 

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To change your sleeping time, you may change your sleeping schedule. For instance, you may try to sleep late at night more than 30 minutes than usual plan, and then set an alarm to wake up early in the morning. Try to do this every day and you will see the result for a week passed. Among the tips to sleep better at night, this technique seems to be difficult but you should try to follow for weeks.

26. Try Different Sleeping Positions 

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Try some different positions to sleep. For pregnant women, you should sleep on the left side because it will be good for your baby. If you are tired of the same sleeping position, you may change it to make your more comfortable. Be sure that your body is middle position, your neck and head are straight. You can use a pillow under your legs or between your legs to sleep better. Do not sleep on the stomach because it will cause pains, aches, and affect badly to your baby. You should decrease the pressure on the uterus and help you breathe easier and reduce the pain in back. As the suggestion above, sleeping on the left side will bring the nutrients to the body and increase the blood amount to the baby.

27. Understand Changes During Pregnancy 

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For some cases, the changes of hormones are linked to the pregnancy so it reduces the quality of sleeping. Each trimester may cause the different problems including sleeping issue. In the first trimester of pregnancy, you will increase the time to go to the bathroom, get sleep disruption, and feel asleep in daytime. Move to the second trimester, you will have some more stresses and it may be harmful to your baby. In the last trimester of pregnancy, you will feel uncomfortable; feel leg cramps, heartburn, etc. Discovering the changes during pregnancy is also a good idea if you want to get helpful tips to sleep better. Remember to eat enough nutrition for your health and your baby’s growth.

28. Go To See The Doctor 

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Drugs or medications should be avoided when you are pregnant. However, if you feel your sleeping problem get worse and you cannot sleep well for a long time. You can go to see the doctor and receive the consultation from your specialist. If you tried those tips to sleep better and bring no results, you should go to the doctor for advice immediately. If you feel fatigue, snoring, difficult to breathe, morning headaches, difficulty moving, falling asleep always, or crawling in your arms and legs at nights, go to see medical provider for sure.

To get more tips and tricks on health, you should go to our main Home Health page. After reading my writing of top 28 tips to sleep better at night during pregnancy, I hope that you the pregnant women will enjoy the special time with satisfaction and eliminate the sleep problem naturally. If you have any question, please leave your comment below and I will respond to you. Now are you ready to sleep tonight without sleeping pills?

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