What Are Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight?

Do you know that skipping breakfast could set you up for overeating in the late meals of the day? So, the next time you rush out the door in the early morning without having a breakfast, remember this. A healthy breakfast will give you energy, set the stage for lucid decisions during the day and satisfy your appetite.

It is good for you to go for a breakfast which combines fiber and good carbs with some protein. So, this article from VKool.com will show you top 20 best foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight. Read up and make your breakfast healthier!

Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – 20 Food Ideas

1. Oatmeal 

best foods to eat for breakfast

You might have noticed a heart-shaped seal on your box of oatmeal recently. That is because oats include beta-glucan, a kind of fiber which can help in lowering cholesterol when consumed regularly. Also, oats are rich in folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium.

And, steel-cut oats taking approximately 15 minutes to cook include much more fiber than rolled oats and other instant oat varieties. However, in general, any kind of oatmeal is still a healthy option. Besides, you should avoid the flavored types, which could be artificially packed with sugar. Rather than, you should sweeten your own bowl with a little bit of honey and milk, and top it with nuts and fruit.

2. Greek Yogurt 

best foods to eat for breakfast

This creamy, tangy yogurt is jam packed with calcium and contains lots of protein – nearly twice as much as normal yogurt. Thus, consuming it could help you feel full throughout the entire morning. The idea is to choose a non-fat, plain variety, and then add some fruit to have greater flavor and sweetness.

3. Wheat Germ 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Consuming a small amount of wheat germ will help you have energy to go through the day easily. The recommendation is to add 2 tablespoons of wheat germ to your breakfast meal – that can help provide about 15% of the everyday intake and about 10% of the everyday folate. Vitamin E is usually a little low in most people’s diet, so you should make use of this food to add some additional – particularly if you do not eat a large amount of seeds or nuts, two other big sources.

It is easy to add wheat germ to you daily meals, containing your breakfast. Sprinkle it over the cereal, or stir it into Greek yogurt.

4. Grapefruit

best foods to eat for breakfast

One of the best foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight is grapefruit. It is shown that consuming half a grapefruit before your meal will help you lose weight faster, due to the fat-burning properties of this fruit and the positive effect on insulin and blood sugar levels. Also, grapefruit is filling, hydrating, and jam packed with immunity- boosting antioxidants.

To make a healthy breakfast, you pair grapefruit with protein like an egg or yogurt. However, you should check with doctors beforehand if you are taking medications because grapefruit as well as its juice could interfere with a few prescription drugs.

5. Bananas

best foods to eat for breakfast

Bananas can help to keep your mid-morning cravings at bay if consumed in the morning. It is proven that the yellow fruit are considered as one of the greatest sources of resistant starch, a healthy carbs keeping you feeling fuller much longer.

Just simply slice a banana up and add it to your oatmeal or cereal. By that way, you are adding natural sweetness to your breakfast meals without having to add sugar.

Due to the high content of potassium, the electrolyte that could help in lowering blood pressure effectively and naturally, bananas are great for those with hypertension.

6. Eggs 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Eggs are considered as a healthy source of protein as well as nutrients such as vitamin D. According to researches, the cholesterol in the food has less of an effect on the blood cholesterol than used to be thought.
In general, you need lean proteins, not tons of cholesterol and fat, so eggs are what you should go for. People with normal cholesterol level should limit the intake of cholesterol to about 300 mg each day.

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7. Almond Butter 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Almond butter is the great alternate source of protein. In addition, it is packed with monounsaturated fat among many good fats. Besides, it is actually tasty spread on the whole grain or paired with an apple or banana.

When it comes to nutrition, almond butter is rather similar to peanut butter. They have approximately 100 cal per tablespoon. However, almond butter includes rather less saturated fat.

8. Watermelon 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Consuming watermelon is a good way for you to hydrate yourself in the morning. However, not everyone knows that this juicy red fruit is considered as one of the best sources of a nutrient found in many red fruits and veggies – lycopene – which is important for the heart health, eye healthy, and cancer prevention.

9. Flaxseed 

best foods to eat for breakfast

You can sprinkle ground flaxseed into the smoothie or a bowl of cereal to get a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Just two tablespoons of flaxseed include more than your required daily intake of the heart-healthy fats. Having a nutty flavor, flaxseed is also high in lignin and fiber, thereby protecting against breast cancer.

Nevertheless, you should be careful when consuming this because whole flaxseeds will pass through the human body without being digested. Thus, make sure that you purchase them ground or simply grind them with a spice or coffee grinder.

10. Blueberries 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Frozen or fresh blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants. Studies showed that consuming blueberries regularly could help in improving different things, like memory and motor skills or metabolism and blood pressure. In particular, wide blueberries might have the highest concentration of the powerful antioxidants which are known as anthocyanins.

Also, blueberries are lower in calories than other fruits as they include just 80 cal per cup. Thus, consuming it will not affect negatively your waistline.

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11. Strawberries 

best foods to eat for breakfast

There are many benefits of strawberries that you can make use of. Fact is, berries are super foods which are rich in antioxidants and low in calories. Just one cup of the strawberries could give you the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, in addition the high content of fiber and folic acid.

Strawberries are great for women during their period, too. It is pointed out that women consuming more than 3 servings of strawberries/blueberries each week might be less likely to suffer from a heart attack. Actually, similar to blueberries, strawberries are also rich in anthocyanins.

12. Coffee 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Among many best foods to eat for breakfast, coffee might be controversial. The coffee you take in the morning has been associated with a lower risk of some diseases, and it helps people live longer. The combination of antioxidants and caffeine are responsible for a lot of the observed health benefits, according to some studies. However, the results still need to be tested more. Of course, having a cup of coffee with sugar and cream might eliminate any potential benefits. Hence, you should give up jumping into flavored beverages and go for skim milk.

13. Tea 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Tea is another one in this list of best foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight. Tea comes with many benefits, both health and beauty. As it has less caffeine, it can hydrate you and is rich source of catechins, the immunity-improving antioxidants.

Different types of tea (green, black, or white) can supply antioxidants; nevertheless, green tea might be healthiest. It is suggested that having 5 cups of tea each day could increase the metabolism of the human body and help people lose much more weight in the belly areas.

14. Cantaloupe 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Fruits are great for the human health, so they should be added to your breakfast. Cantaloupe is one of them. Just a 6-ounce serving of cantaloupe includes about 50 calories and a daily intake of both vitamin A and C, the important nutrient for younger looking skin.

Similar to most melons, this fruit has a high content of water, helping you stay hydrated and keeping your feel full longer.

15. Kiwi 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Kiwi is well-known for many benefits. It contains 65 mg of vitamin C each serving – which is nearly as much as of an orange. Also, it is high in copper, potassium, and includes much more fiber per ounce in compared with a banana, making it a good support for digestion. According to studies, eating two kiwis each day for about 1 month can alleviate the condition of constipation in those with IBS.

Actually, kiwis are slightly tart. They are tasty by themselves, yet if you love a sweeter flavor, then you should mix them with bananas and strawberries in a fruit salad or a smoothie.

16. Orange Juice 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Though fresh squeezed orange juice is a traditional morning drink, it does not mean it could not be improved on. To get more nutritional benefits, you should choose a store-bought variety which is fortified with healthy vitamin D. aside from fatty fish as well as fortified milk, the fortified orange juice is considered as one of the healthiest sources of vitamin D, thereby lowering the risk of depression, osteoporosis, and many types of cancer.

No matter which type of orange juice you love, you should stick with a small glass of orange juice each day. Fruit juice is rich in sugar and calories.

17. Cranberry Juice 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Cranberry juice can help in limiting bacterial growth, and is well-known for preventing tract infections. The healing power of cranberry juice are not limited there. It also promotes cardiovascular health and increases the efficiency of some ovarian cancer drugs.

You should go for a small serving of cranberry juice, similar to orange juice. Nonetheless, cranberry juice is high acidity, contributing to bladder problems, in addition to UTIs.

18. Cereal 

best foods to eat for breakfast

Cereal could be tricky, as there are many different types available. Choose the one which has at least 5g of sugar and 5g of fiber. This great combination is presented in many bran cereals like shredded wheat or whole-grain. Cereal has a large amount of folic acid, riboflavin, and other essential nutrients.

To get its benefits, you should top off your breakfast bowl with the skim milk and fruit. The protein included in this food will supply enough energy for you to get through the day while antioxidants can keep you immune system strong.

19. Raspberries

best foods to eat for breakfast

Raspberries are the favorite food of many people. This fruit contains allagitannins, a kind of antioxidant which can help in fighting cancer. Additionally, they are high in vitamin C, fiber (8g each cup) and vitamin K, strengthen human bones.

Though you could purchase fresh raspberries in any time of the year, during the off-season, they might be cheaper in the frozen aisle of food. This fruit is great for you to add into your yogurt or cereal, or mix with your smoothie for a go-to breakfast.

20. Whole-Wheat Bread 

best foods to eat for breakfast

The last one in this nutrition list of best foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight is whole-wheat bread. Carbohydrates are a breakfast mainstay, yet the kind of carbs you opt for could make a huge difference in your meal’s overall health. So, the rule here is that you should go for whole wheat or other whole grains because they are high in nutrients and fiber than their refined, white counterparts.

Just simply slather the toast with jelly or butter to get empty calories and fat. And, add a small amount of almond butter or an egg to get some protein.

Now, you know all 20 best foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight. So, which ones you are using for your breakfast? Consider these foods and add them into your next morning meal instantly.

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