13 Best Healthy Foods For Abs That You Should Not Skip

foods for abs

The sad truth is you could crunch yourself in a comma and still have abs flab. If you want to have a sexy, sleek midriff, you need tweak your diet. All of the best waist-whittling foods include fiber to eliminate bloat, antioxidants to enhance the effectiveness of your abs routine, and protein to assist in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Check out from VKool.com to see what best healthy foods for abs are so you will have good choices for flatter abs.

13 Healthy Foods For Abs – Best Food Ideas For Ab Flab

1. Almonds

foods for abs

Among healthy foods for abs, these delicious and versatile nuts include filling fiber and protein, not to mention vitamin E – the powerful antioxidant. Also, they are a good source of magnesium, a mineral that the human body needs to have to produce energy, build and also maintain muscle tissue, and naturally regulate blood sugar. If you have a stable blood-sugar level, then you can prevent cravings which might result in overeating as well as weight gain.

However, what makes these nuts most appreciated is their ability to block calories. It is indicated that the composition of their cell walls might help decrease the absorption of their fat, making them an extra-lean nut.

To make use of almonds properly, you should go for one ounce per day (about 23 almonds), with about 160 calories.

2. Avocados 

foods for abs

These little green guys are nutritious because they include lots of the “good” fats – monounsaturated fats – which fill you up, yet do not get stored as fat. That means you will feel full for longer, without gaining weight. Moreover, according to a study, people who consumed half an avocado for lunch felt fuller till dinner than those who did not.

3. Black Pepper 

foods for abs

Just simply add half a teaspoon of pepper to your meals could truly help keep fit. That is because pepper includes a compound called piperine that helps fight the building of new fat cells. Moreover, other studies also suggest that consuming spicy foods in general might increase the human metabolism, so your own body will defeat fat faster over time.

4. Eggs 

foods for abs

You will not find a more perfect protein source than eggs. Eggs, in fact, are highly respected by dietitians due to their balance of essential amino acids (protein building blocks used by the human body to produce different things such as muscle fibers and brain chemicals.) Many researchers found that when people consumed eggs in the morning, they tended to feel less hungry all day long than when breakfast contained complex carbohydrates like bagels. The fat and protein in the egg might contribute to the feeling of satiety.

Take advantage of one egg per day if you do not have high blood cholesterol, in which case you should consult your doctor first. Just one egg contains 213 mg of cholesterol.

5. Soy 

foods for abs

This is another one in this list of best foods for abs. Soybeans are a good source of fiber, protein and antioxidants. Moreover, they are incredibly versatile. You can make use of soy by snacking on dry-roasted soybeans, or toss the shelled edamame into your soups. A good meal replacement is liquid soy.
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Those overweight people who drank a soy-milk-based meal replacement might lose more weight than those people who took a traditional dairy-based diet drink.

You can try 25g of whole soy protein every day (not isolated type) to take advantage of soy effectively. A half cup of steamed edamame includes about 130 calories plus with 11 grams of protein. 4 ounces of tofu include 10 grams (94 calories). Opt for whole soy foods over the products packed with “isolated soy protein”.

6. Apples 

foods for abs

A recent study showed that those overweight women who ate 3 pears or apples per day for about 3 months could lose more weight than their counterparts who were fed the same diet with cookies instead of fruits. In reality, a large apple contains 5g of fiber, yet it is also nearly 85% water which can help you feel full. Also, apples include quercetin, a compound shown to assist people in fighting certain cancers, decrease cholesterol damage, and enhance healthy lungs.

You can eat one apple or two apples per day to accelerate your muscle building process. It is recommended that the Cortland, Red Delicious, and Northern Spy varieties included the highest antioxidant activity.

7. Berries

foods for abs

Most berries are jam packed with fiber – the best friend of all dieters. The more fiber you consume, the fewer calories you might absorb from all the other foods you put into your mouth. That is because fiber traps food particles and shuttles them out of your system before they are fully digested. Similar to other fruits, berries are rich in antioxidants, which can help protect people from chronic diseases like cancer and also help people get more good results from their workouts. It is because antioxidants can help promote the blood flow, helping muscles contract effectively.
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You should take at least ½ cup of berries each day (equal to 30 calories). Also, do not limit yourself to the usual varieties, such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. If you could find them, then add gooseberries, boysenberries, and black currants to the mixture for more excitement.

8. Leafy Greens 

foods for abs

Thanks to the content of cancer-preventing substance – carotenoids, leafy greens could help reduce your waistline. On the other hand, their low calorie count absolutely will score it effect. Just one cup of spinach includes about 40 calories, whilst one cup of broccoli has about 55 calories and can satisfy 20% of your daily fiber requirement. The majority of leafy greens are a great source of calcium, a necessary ingredient for the muscle contraction. Also, it can fuel your daily workouts.

Add leafy greens to your diet plan, 3 servings per day. Keep them in your refrigerator and toss a handful into salads, soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and stir-fries when you eat. And, when you get sick of the spinach, you can go for broccoli rabe, arugula, or broccoli.

9. Yogurt

foods for abs

Those who take their calcium from yogurt rather than from many other sources might lose much more weight around their own midsection. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria in most yogurts, you can keep your digestive system healthy, which also reduces the risk of bloating, gas, and constipation, which could keep your belly looking flat.

Add 1-3 cups of yogurt per day to your daily diet. Choose the low-fat or fat-free type.

Also, opt for the unsweetened yogurt which includes live active cultures. To give your yogurt more flavors and add more fiber to your diet, you can add a handful of your favorite fresh chopped fruit to your cup of yogurt.

10. Vegetable Soup 

foods for abs

According to some studies, people who consumed broth-based soups twice per day were much more successful in reducing weight than those who consumed the same amount of calories in snack food. Try to add at least one cup of low-sodium, low-calorie vegetable soup per day. This is one of the best foods for abs you can take advantage of right now.

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11. Salmon

foods for abs

In general, seafood, particularly fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. The uber-healthy fats could help enhance fat burning process by improving the function of your metabolism. Those overweight people who consumed fish everyday can improve their glucose-insulin response. That means seafood can help slow the digestion and prevent cravings. In case it does not hook you, think of this: seafood is a great source of abs-friendly protein.

Go for two 4-ounce servings each week. Though wild salmon is pricey, it still includes more omega-3 fatty acids than the farm-raised type. If seafood is not your choice, then you could get omega-3 fatty acids from the flaxseed or walnuts.

12. Quinoa 

foods for abs

Quinoa includes 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per a half of cup. This whole grain is a delicious and healthy side dish for dinner. Its crunchy-yet-chewy texture along with nutty flavor are like a cross between short-grain brown rice and whole-wheat couscous. Hence, you should try at least a half-cup serving each day and you will definitely like it!

13. String Cheese

foods for abs

The last one in this list of foods for abs is cheese. Increasing your intake of dairy foods as well as protein whilst you are trying to lose weight will help you lose weight and get lean muscle mass. The reason behind this is due to two key ingredients in dairy: calcium and whey.

Whey includes a lot of leucine, the amino acid which enhances the formation of new muscle proteins. For weight loss, it is almost about calcium. It can help excrete fat in the intestine rather than just absorbing it, meaning that you will be able to absorb less fat overall.

How many foods for abs in the nutrition list above you are eating daily? If you are serious about getting a lean body, then do not overlook these suggestions.

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