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Prolessa Duo is an appetite suppressant made by the company, Herbalife. This product was created with the intention that you’d mix it into a shake or smoothie to stave off hunger pangs throughout the day.

While this product is unique in the sense that it’s not a standalone drink mix, we were interested in finding out whether there were any benefits to using this product over a shake that has appetite suppression built in, or if this is just a means of selling more Herbalife items.

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Prolessa Duo Overview

Prolessa Duo is a powder that dieters may add to another shake, a glass of water, or a smoothie to stave off hunger pangs. It is made from a unique blend of fats and oils that work to keep you full for hours after consuming.

The product is made by the MLM company, Herbalife and it was designed to complement the other products in their weight loss line. It’s unclear why the Formula 1 shake did not come with these oils and fats mixed in to begin with—and we’re a little skeptical about the fact that this supplement claims to ramp up the effects of the rest of the line.

Because Herbalife has a reputation for taking advantage of their distributors, and is considered to be a pyramid scheme by some accounts, we were a bit leery for this product. Based on our initial evaluation, we believe Prolessa Duo is an add-on item designed for upselling purposes, not a necessary item for weight loss.

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Prolessa Duo Claims

Prolessa Duo isn’t marketed as a meal replacement shake and Vega, the company that makes the product, doesn’t necessarily state that the shake is made to be used as a weight loss tool. Instead, the shake is made for people who need some extra protein in their diets—whether that’s due to a plant-based diet or a sensitivity to whey.

So it looks like 71% of the calories you’ll find in a single serving of Prolessa Duo comes from the product’s fat content. That’s almost three quarters of a serving.
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Since the FDA considers products with single servings containing more than 20% fat to be high in fat, I’d say that Prolessa Duo definitely qualifies. Many dieters try to stick to low-fat products while attempting weigh loss.

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Prolessa Duo Ingredients

Prolessa Duo is a blend of ingredients that aim to keep dieters full longer than the Herbalife shakes would on their own. Here is a look inside this product:

  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • Palm Oil
  • Minerals
  • Ginger Root

Conjugated linoleic acid is an ingredient used to treat cancer, hardened arteries, obesity, weight loss, food allergies, and bodybuilding. Conjugated linoleic acid might help reduce body fat deposits and improve your immune system function.
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Conjugated linoleic acid is likely safe for most people according to WebMD. That said, it might cause side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue.

Palm oil is sourced from palm trees and used to prevent vitamin A deficiency and brain disease. The ingredient is thought to have an effect on weight loss and stimulating the body metabolism. Unfortunately, while palm oil does have several noted benefits, there is insufficient evidence that palm oil is an effective tool for helping users lose weight.

Ginger is linked to a number of health benefits. It’s long been used as a means of treating coughs and other respiratory issues, alleviating arthritic pain and muscle aches. The makers of Prolessa Duo claim that ginger might help users lose weight, however, we couldn’t find much evidence supporting its use as a weight loss aid.

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The Science Behind Prolessa Duo

Unfortunately, Prolessa Duo’s formula does not contain any protein or fiber at all. Without the inclusion of fiber or protein, Herbalife has made it necessary to buy more products to reap the full benefits of Prolessa Duo. 

The product is supposed to keep you full and satisfied—as the program involves skipping meals in favor of shakes and supplements. Based on the information we have about Prolessa Duo, it seems that it doesn’t quite have the right profile to do what it claims to. 

In the end, it seems like it would make more sense to invest in a shake that comes with a more reliable way to keep you full (with sufficient protein and fiber) as well as provide you with some key nutrients. We’re not here to debate the merits of fatty acids (there are plenty of studies highlighting their merits), but safflower oil does not have much evidence supporting its use as a weight loss aid.

There is no shortage of protein shakes on the market that are the whole package—they’ll provide protein, fiber, and vitamins, minerals, and other key elements that will provide you with energy and support weight loss.

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Word on the Street about Prolessa Duo

Prolessa Duo is a product with a singular focus, it’s like an add-on to what you’d find in a shake that didn’t contain much fiber or healthy fats. So, our natural inclination was to assume this powder functioned more as a way to get people to buy more products from Herbalife.

We looked at the reviews from the Amazon page, and the comments are not especially descriptive. Many consumers said this was the “best product ever” and didn’t say what made it so effective. Other reviews claimed the product was ineffective. It’s unclear why the additive worked for some people but not others—we don’t know what their rest of their diet and exercise regimen looked like—but there are such opposing views on the efficacy of this product, we really don’t have a sense of whether or not it’s a high quality product.

Finally, it’s certainly worth pointing out that HerbaLife has received a warning from the FDA, claiming that the marketing copy may mislead users into believing HerbaLife has been deemed safe by the organization.

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Is Prolessa Duo Worth a Try?

Prolessa Duo does have some positive reviews, but there were some major cons associated with this product. For one, the product is part of a multilevel marketing program. Sure, this doesn’t mean the product itself can’t be of a high quality—but Herbalife has a reputation for taking advantage of people.
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The reviews of the product were really mixed. For example, users mentioned the taste of the product was unpleasant. Yes, some people did see results from using this product, but there was no look at what other factors might have impacted the weight loss. Were those users ramping up their exercise regimen or otherwise changing their diet?

Herbalife doesn’t provide any scientific information about Prolessa Duo or how it bolsters the effects of the Formula 1 shake or any of the other products in this line. We wish there were some studies available backing these claims, but unfortunately, Prolessa Duo reads as another cash grab from a company that looks a lot like a pyramid scheme.

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Prolessa Duo FAQ

  1. This is an Herbalife product, do I need to be a member to purchase this item?
    Anyone can view the Herbalife website and look at the pricing, but you can’t just check out with relative ease like you would with a standard e-commerce website.
    Herbalife is a well-known multi-level marketing scheme. It relies on a network of distributors to sell, and as such, the company makes sure you get involved—to buy, you must select whether you’d like to be set up with someone or find someone you know. From there, you’ll create a profile and message your rep.
    That said, you may be able to buy this from Amazon.
  2. How much does Prolessa Duo cost?
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    According to the Herbalife website, this product costs users $28.95 for the 7-day program or 0.
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    30 for a full 30-day supply.
  3. Is this product safe?
    Based on our look at the ingredients, there’s nothing inherently unsafe about this product. The ingredients mainly consist of fats and oils designed to keep you full.

What Actually Works?

Prolessa Duo represents just one part of a whole line of products, we feel like it’s more cost-effective to get all your requirements from just one shake.

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