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Bitcoin may be first cryptocurrency in existence, and while it might be the only one most people can name, it’s not the only one out there. The past two years have seen an explosion of altcoins – crypto alternatives to Bitcoin – and some of them have gained a lot of traction. Not only are many of them tied to networks that offer more security and more options than Bitcoin, but they’re also easier to invest in due to their more reasonable prices.

The only problem is that there are so many different altcoins out there that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. That’s why we’ve come up with this helpful guide to get you acquainted with the altcoins we think are going to be your best bet in 2024.


Here we go.

Phore (PHR)

Phore is a blockchain platform that focuses on three main things: security, flexibility, and scalability. You have the option of sending money privately, unlike Bitcoin, where all transactions are transparent and visible. Phore also supports decentralized apps (dApps), meaning users and developers can come up with customized applications for their business or for private use. This customizability, plus Phore’s dedication to making itself easy to use and widely accessible, means that it could quickly become one one of the most tantalizing altcoins of the year. It’s also climbed from around $0.25 to almost $3.00 in only a matter of months, showing that there’s already demand for it.

Zcoin (XZC)

Bitcoin’s practice of storing transactions on a public ledger had lots of people concerned over privacy. Zcoin offers their own way to give them their privacy through their special Zerocoin Technology. You can “mint” a private version of a public coin, and then spend it without your identity having to be revealed to the person you’re sending it to. Total anonymity. Their coin, XZC, has had some ups and downs, but when it’s gone up, it’s gone way up. While some might prefer crypto with a little more stability, those that are willing to take the plunge could see a huge payoff if they invest before the next boom.


This cryptocurrency was founded not only on the idea of keeping user transactions private, but also on finding a more energy-efficient way to mine. Bitcoin’s mining algorithm consumes lots of energy, which is why specialized GPUs are needed to mine it effectively. XTRABYTES offers a system that doesn’t require large numbers of miners for consensus, meaning it uses less electricity – making it better for the planet. It offers a host of features, including added security protocols, and flexibility that allows programmers and developers to use common programming languages to develop dApps with the platform. Such flexibility could make it a popular choice for businesses and developers in the coming year. The best part? It’s cheap right now – the exchange rate is about $0.17 to 1 XBY right now, so you don’t need a lot of money to buy in.

Bottos (BTO)

Bottos is pretty new to the game – they just had their ICO on January 1st, 2024 – but they’re already off to a good start. Their focus is on creating a network for the development of AI technology, allowing people to share data and contribute development on AI-based projects, while making sure everyone maintains ownership of their own assets. Another AI-based platform, DeepBrain Chain, saw a huge jump in price early in January (from around $0.075 to around $0.64), meaning that the same could very well happen with Bottos. They’ve formed a partnership with Draper Venture Network, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, showing that even the investment world sees promise in the platform. It’s also easy to get in right now, as BTO is trading at only $0.15 (as of the writing of this article).

Internet Node Token (INT)

Internet Node Token is one of the bigger projects we’ve seen come out recently. Their goal? Create a networking standard that joins together the Internet-of-Things (IoT) – everything from smartphones to tablets to anything else with an internet connection – enabling data transmission, storage, and exchange that can lead to more robust business platforms and more effective personal transactions. All of this will use their token, the INT. Since the world is increasingly connected to the internet, INT is thinking ahead of many of their contemporaries. Recently they’ve had a lot of big announcements, including a blockchain mainnet release conference in Shanghai (early February) and the annual TokenSky Blockchain Conference in Seoul (mid March). The thing that’s got a lot of people talking? Their partnerships. While lots of blockchain platforms manage to grab one or two partnerships, INT can boast of seven, including giants like IBM, Huawei, IMECAS, and JIC Capital. The price of their coin has gone down about 75% since their all-time high in January – meaning that right now could be the perfect time to get in.

GoByte (GBX)

As we mentioned before, Bitcoin uses an energy-intensive mining system that’s not all that efficient. Enter GoByte, a cryptocurrency that has some powerful features that make it a tantalizing investment. Using a mining system that uses GPUs instead of pure processing power, it opens up mining to people who might not have a lot of money to spend on expensive rigs. They also have one of the most generous returns for running a masternode: 50%. These features, plus their InstantSend technology that enables super-fast transactions, make GoByte an attractive opportunity even for people who have little experience in cryptocurrency and little money to invest.
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Opening up blockchain crypto to more people is the only way to ensure its growth, part of why GoByte stands out from the crowd. The price has gone down from a spike in mid January (.
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95 down to $17.34), so if you’re looking to take advantage of a good opportunity, now’s the time.

Loopring (LRC)

Another crypto platform based on privacy and security, Loopring is looking to make cryptocurrency trading even better with decentralized smart contracts and increased liquidity through a process called “ring matching.” With their innovations they’re hoping to make the trading process smoother, quicker, and safer, with more anonymity and fewer chances of having your data exposed to anyone. There are lots of exchanges already – Bittrex, Binance, Huobi,, etc – but Loopring’s innovative offerings make it something that’s worth taking a look at, especially early on. If the exchange takes off, its internal token (LRC) will definitely grow in price as people look to buy it up to use it to pay for transactions on the platform. It’s not that expensive, either – around $0.64 at the time of this article – so your upfront costs aren’t as high. With so little to lose, why not take the plunge?

Rivetz (RVT)

While other platforms focus on providing a cryptocurrency for trading, buying, and selling, Rivetz is offering a tangible service: a cybersecurity protocol that gives added user security when accessing private accounts and services on their devices, allowing people to instantly access all their accounts without having to juggle multiple passwords, hints, Captchas and other annoying authentication procedures. The platform runs with the RVT token is what powers this platform. Their ICO was last September, but they received a lot of support from the user base. Combine that with the fact that their parent company reportedly has relationships with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, plus the fact that one of their advisers is Dr. Gavin Wood (one of the founders of Ethereum) and you’ve got a promising platform indeed.

Ethereum (ETH)

Only a few years old, Ethereum has risen to become the number-two cryptocurrency in the world. Why? Because the Ethereum Project isn’t just about creating a cryptocurrency – it’s about creating an entirely new way of thinking about networking and computing. They pioneered the smart contract, the technology that allows people to enter into iron-clad deals with perfect strangers with zero worries and no need to trust any third-parties to watch over the transaction. They’ve also developed a platform that allows developers to create their own dApps, allowing the platform to grow and develop organically without any central organizing force. Many other successful blockchain projects are based on Ethereum. They’ve proven themselves to be on the forefront of blockchain technology, but they’re not stopping there. Ethereum is set up in 2024 to gain even more in value: as they unveil new developments like sharding (increasing block processing time) and Plasma (which allows transactions to happen on smaller “child” blockchains), the ETH should go up in value, making it a worthy investment.
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Counterfeit products are rife on the internet and off, and it’s something that WaBi and their parent company Walimai are fighting against. Walimai offers anti-counterfeit technology that proves the authenticity of an item, while WaBi the token you can use to instantly buy any Walimai-protected product. Walimai technology is already being implemented, and as so much of the world’s consumer goods are made in China, it’s not a leap to say that there’s definitely going to be a demand for the WABI token, especially when Walimai is offering discounts on product purchase with WABI. After their price rocketed up in early January 2024, it slowly went down to settle around its current position of around $1.47. At this price, it’s possible for anyone to buy in, even if they don’t have a lot of up-front money to spend.


Blockchain technology is spreading like wildfire, and new cryptocurrencies are popping up every month. While there have been some ups and downs in the industry (most notably the recent Bitcoin bust that dragged the collective prices of almost every other cryptocurrency with it), things have begun to look up as we get further into 2024. With new developments, announcements, and innovations on the horizon for all the above cryptocurrencies we just listed, there’s no better time to get involved than now. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your exchanges and become a part of the next financial revolution. You’re not only investing for your own RoI – you’re investing in the future of commerce.

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