12 health benefits of sleeping naked

We all may know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is one of the extremely essential activities that keep our body healthy. However, have you ever thought about sleeping naked? When referring to the phrase” sleeping naked”, many people feel embarrassed. Even to some of them think that it is unacceptable. However, sleeping naked is beneficial both physically and psychologically. Therefore, on vkool.com I want to share with you health benefits of sleeping naked.

Sleeping naked can bring about some benefits such as: lose weight, improve sex, protect private parts in men and women, and remove insomnia…

What Are The Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked?

1. Boost Your Anti-Aging Hormones

benefits of sleeping naked-boost your anti-aging hormones

Stimulating the anti-aging hormones is one of the health benefits of sleeping naked. The research shows that the natural cooling that happens in body during the sleep can be prevented if sleeping in a too warm environment. Also, keeping your body overheated will interrupt the release of such hormones like: anti-aging hormones, melatonin and growth hormone. In a total dark but cool condition, melatonin is released. And growth hormone works its regeneration when the body temperature goes down.

Anti-aging hormone is an important chemical to maintain the beauty. Our body produces the anti-aging hormones when we have night’s rest at a suitable sleeping environment temperature. If your body is overheated by wearing clothes, it will disrupt the natural drop of the body temperature. It will prevent the production of anti-aging hormone that makes you look older.

2. Help You Regulate Your Cortisol

benefits of sleeping naked-help you regulate your cortisol

Cortisol is a kind of chemical that can cause damage to your body. Sleeping naked is a way to keep the body temperature at  the optimal ranges. By this way, cortisol can be produced better. However, cortisol will tend to increase if you sleep in overheated condition, even when you wake up, the level of cortisol remains high. This can cause a lot of problems such as anxiety, cravings for bad foods, or even weight gain. Therefore, sleep naked can help you lower your body temperature which results in a proper cortisol production and regualtion.

3. Protect Your Vagina 

benefits of sleeping naked-protect your vagina

As we know that bacteria develop well in moist and warm environment, especially women are at risk of vaginal infections.  Sleeping naked helps vagina become more ventilation and stay drier that can reduce the risk of fungal infection.

It is same to man.  When sleeping naked, the testes are at the reasonable temperature, therefore, it can help men to increase the fertility. Therefore, the sperm quality can be retained.

4. Better Sex 

benefits of sleeping naked-better sex

Sleeping naked can help you have better sex with your partner, because the release of the love hormone oxytocin will be stimulated. Moreover, sleeping naked can increase the skin-skin touching that reduces stress and depression and enhances a sexual responsiveness and orgasm. Moreover, more sex and orgasm are the best solutions to remove insomnia. According to a research, physical and emotional intimacy will improve though sleeping naked. As the result, couples will have a happier life.

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5. Lose Weight 

benefits of sleeping naked-lose weight

 One of the health benefits of sleeping naked that you may not know is to help lose weight. A deep sleep at night can help to get rid of stress that is the reason leading to belly fat. Moreover, Cortisol is a stress hormone which is lowest when we have night’s rest. The level of cortisol will go up when we wake up. That will create the cravings and appetite. Therefore, a good sleep can go down the production of cortisol. In addition, sleeping naked is better for blood circulation and skin respiration that help burn the fats.

6. Good For Your Skin 

benefits of sleeping naked-good for your skin

Your body is covered all day with tight clothes. And, it is same to some parts of body such as armpits, feet and private parts… So, night is time for them to breathe, especially in the summer. Therefore, sleeping naked can reduce some skin diseases.

7. Balance Melatonin And Growth Hormone 

benefits of sleeping naked-balance melatonin and growth hormone

As we know that melatonin and growth hormone are the chemicals that fight off aging. A below 70 degrees sleeping environment is an ideal condition to stimulate the production of those chemicals. In the contrary, sleeping with clothes will keep your body overheated that reduces the production of melatonin and growth hormone.

8. Deeper Sleep

benefits of sleeping naked-deeper sleep

Deeper sleep can be considered as one of the most important health benefits of sleeping naked. Your natural ability to cool down will be interrupted by covering the body with pajamas that leads to the insomnia. The optimal temperature for sleeping environment is in the range from 60 to 68 F degrees. Sleeping naked can keep the body temperature in this range. So, you will have a better and deeper sleeping.

9. Make You Feel Sexier

benefits of sleeping naked-make you feel sexier

Sleeping naked can bring you a sexy feeling, especially when you are with your partner. It drives you eager for sex. Let’s imagine waking up without clothes, you will in a sexy state of mind.

10. Make You Happier

benefits of sleeping naked-make you happier

According to a recent research, the best way to maintain a happy marriage is sleeping naked. People who sleep naked feel happier with your partner in the bed compared to those wearing clothes. Slipping the partner’s body will encourage your lust and create the intimacy between couple that makes you feel more comfortable.

11. Boost The Confidence

benefits of sleeping naked-boost the confidence

Normally, you may feel hurt in the nude condition. You may not think that sleeping naked can boost your confidence. However, this is a way for you to learn to be more comfortable with your body. And of course, it enhances your confidence https://vkool.com/tips-to-be-confident/ in life.

12. Comfort 

benefits of sleeping naked-comfort

Besides health benefits of sleeping naked that I have just mentioned above, sleeping naked makes us feel comfortable. People who are unfamiliar with sleeping naked, they will feel inconvenient. But when getting used to with that habit, it will bring the comfort. You don’t need to care about clothes: pajamas, underwear, bra that cause distractions. That makes you feel free and relaxed.

I have introduced to you 12 health benefits of sleeping naked. Do you find this information interesting? Let me know by leaving the comments and joining the discussions. I am willing to respond to you as soon as possible.

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