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What is BAT?

BAT is a token used for digital advertising in order for publishers to be compensated for their content popularity. This also offers advertisers the opportunity to have targeted ads for people likely to be interested in the provided subject matter.

It is based off of the Ethereum smart technology and each token can be used to take advantage of additional services including advertisements as well as the potential for 3rd party usage. This opens it up for a wider availability, and it can be successfully used by people looking to either get paid for watching ads, or get a return on investment when paying for ads.

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Fundamentals of BAT

The inefficiency of advertisements makes it difficult for people watching content who may not at all be interested, and advertisers end up wasting money on people who would never purchase their goods or services.

The benefit of BAT is that you can use their Brave web browser for secure browsing and in the future it will be integrated in other apps and browsers, making it a functional system that is integrate for BAT use.

Whenever advertisements are paid for, the viewer receives tokens for looking at it, instead of the funds gong directly to a company who makes money off of user’s time spend being forced to deal with advertisements.

BAT is sent also to the publisher and the Brave browser.
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This also makes it more democratic, with popular content being well-received by voting, making it more likely to view less clickbait and questionable content.  With more tokens users can also growth he network, and pay for premium content which otherwise would be only gained through fiat currency.

Since BAT is an ERC-20 token, it can be stored on many compatible wallets like hardware, paper wallets and other eligible mobile wallets.

How Brave Functions

Their webs browser is currently the only way to use BAT, but there will be integration with popular browsers in the future.

Brave offers fast and private browsers described as being “7x faster than its competitors”. This is usable by websites like Wikihow and and currently has over 150 publishers.

This free download is intended to be a major improvement over other browsers by ensuring that only ads you want to view are available, and it has integrated tools to prevent tracking and ease of use on mobile and desktop. It also allows people to provide tokens to eligible sites to support content to grow and continue to produce.

You can even read live updates which lets you know all about how much data is being protected, and what this means to you in practical terms.  This prevents bloat and greatly increases the ability to browse safely without looking at unnecessary ads.

There’s even the ability to look at what your web history in terms of time spend and how many total views you have so far.


The company is young having started in 2024, but they have already secured partnerships with many groups and they’ve been able to develop a useful web browser.

The creator Brandon Eich is the founder of BAT, and he also created JavaScript and co-founded Firefox.

They had a quick token sale due to their great whitepaper and ambitious project by securing $35 million USD in less than 30 seconds. There is a major demand for advertisements that helps the viewer and company publishing content to optimize their experience, which is why BAT has been able to secure many partnerships and high ranking tech people.

Limitations of BAT

BAT has a cap on the amount of tokens which will be produced. This makes it easier to control the possibility for inflation, and it means there will be an eventual total ownership from people. There is a total supply of 1,500,000,000 BAT and a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 BAT.

Early adopters will also be compensated with more BAT and any gained BAT has to be used within a 6 month period, otherwise it will be taken. This ensures that people are devoted to growing the community, and not just holding onto tokens as a simple way to possibly make an investment in the future.


BAT has been able to enjoy a steady rise from when it was initially related to the public. It even got close to being worth a full dollar at a time when all crypto was flourishing.

With even more need for secure browsers and advertisers not wanting to cast a wide net of possibly lost income, it makes sense why the price has increased from where it once was.

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Buying BAT

Different options currently exist including Binance, Huobi, ChaoEX, Ethfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Liqui, Upbit, Cobinhood,, Mercator, BigONE, Livecoin, Radar Relay, Koinex, and of course, on the brave browser for publishers of content.

People who decide to use Brave now can also enjoy greater amounts of tokens as there is early adopted benefits.

Storing BAT

Because BAT is an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain, it’s widely available on many different wallets. If you want a paper wallet, hardware wallet, or even certain mobile wallets, you’re able to store BAT freely.

An additional more streamlined approach would be to keep it on the Brave wallet.

They make it easy to add funds, access your balance, and see what his transaction history is like.

To access this you simply use the Brave Payments beta to look at all the information dedicated to your account.

When you decide to transfer your cryptocurrency it will automatically transfer it to BAT.

When you’re actually doing the process it’s all fairly easy to understand and is unlikely to result in any errors.

BAT vs AdEx

AdEx allows people to have targeted ads without having to worry about the possibility of fraudulent click mining. This means for advertises there’s a greater ROI, and there are no attached fees or commission. AdEx also helps viewers to get private browsing without having to worry about any unwanted advertising.


Oyster or PRL is sued as a way to block unnecessary ads and it allows proper payment for website use. The CPU and GPU computing power is used to store files while being anonymous and fully decentralized. Website owners get a cut of this and in turn allow visitors to enjoy the website without having to deal with any unnecessary ads.  All data is fully secure and prevents the storage of passwords or personal details.


  1. What is the BAT token Reddit page?
    The page is listed here:
  2. How to buy basic attention token
    The available markets include Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Liqui, Upbit, Ethfinex, and a few others you can find online.
  3. What is the current BAT token price?
    It is offered at $0.250722 USD at the time of this review.
  4. What is a reliable basic attention token wallet?
    You can store BAT on hardware like a Nano, a website like MyEtherWallet, or even a paper wallet.
  5. Where can I read BAT coin news?
    Their Twitter and official website will often have updates.
  6. Can I get BAT token on Coinbase?
    No, Coinbase focuses only on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  7. What is the BAT token Twitter page?
    You can review it here:
  8. What is a likely BAT token price prediction?
    There are far too many possibilities in the world of crypto to know for certain what may result.
  9. What can you tell me about the BAT token contract address?
    This contract address should never be used to send tokens to as it will be lost forever since the team behind it does not have the ability to make a withdrawal.


BAT is giving both advertisers and web users the ability to have a more customized, faster, less bloated, and more integrated experience. This brings back the highest potential for ROI for advertisers who want targeted ads, and it makes it easier for people to enjoy using the internet without ads of products they may not be interested in. The browsing experience is also intended to be faster and less likely of being targeted by tracking bots or spyware.

The network is heavily invested in making sure that people take advantage of the resources and use their tokens to make the community grow. There is no opportunity to hodl BAT for a period of longer than 6 months, and it makes it more functional so people are actively using the browser and either giving it to useful content publishers, or exchanging it for the many available tools and offerings.

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